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Green Worm with Prickles is an Emperor Moth Caterpillar

A green, segmented worm was found by one of our readers this summer, and she wonders what it is. According to our reader, this critter was similar to a tomato worm in its color, texture and possession of a "pincher mouth", but was much larger, and had "little blue and yellow" knobs patterned along its body with black prickles sprouting from them. Continue reading [...]

Green Dock Beetle Larvae Crawl Up the Walls of this Man’s Home

Multiple black worms were found crawling up the walls in the home of this concerned man. The worms appear to have segmented bodies, with six legs near their bulbous heads. Continue reading [...]

Scarlet Malachite Beetle Larva Found Inside a Glass of Apple Juice

The brother of this reader found a worm in his cup of apple juice after leaving it to sit for half an hour. From the picture and our reader's description, we can tell that this worm is tiny in size, orange in color, with a black head and a set of prongs at its rear. Continue reading [...]

Caterpillar on Window Screen in Illinois is an Ilia Underwing Moth Caterpillar

A woman discovers strange-looking worm on her window screen in Illinois and wonders what in the world it is. From the image sent in below, the worm appears to be brown or gray in color, with a grainy texture/pattern that makes it resemble tree bark. Continue reading [...]

Black-Spotted Caterpillars in Woman’s Couch are Figwort Sawfly Larvae

White caterpillars with black spots were found in this woman's house in Ypsilanti, MI, and she would greatly appreciate our assistance in identifying them. She has found three so far, crawling under and on top of her couch, and even under some cushions. Continue reading [...]

Mother Fears for her Two Year Old Upon Finding a Horsehair Worm

A concerned mother wonders if this worm pictured below is harmful to her two year old son. The worm appears thin and long, and although its coloration is difficult to tell from the photograph, we would propose that it is pink or tan in color. Continue reading [...]
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