Man Says He Suffers from Parasite-Induced Pain and Scabs

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A reader says that parasites are plaguing his life, and he hopes that we can help identify the parasites for him. He has been experiencing severe pain in his leg and later realized he had “a row of small scabs” on his shin, which he proceeded to scrape off.

First and foremost, we wish to warn our readers that the following images are quite graphic, so we want to provide a trigger warning for blood. Secondly, it is of utmost importance that we make clear to our reader that we will not be able to identify these creatures. That is because the situation is clearly medical in nature and calls for a medical professional to provide an accurate diagnosis, which is something we cannot do. Therefore, all we can really do is redirect our reader, and encourage him to seek out a medical professional. There are various options here.

Our reader can consult a doctor, and that might be naturally be the first place one goes for a consultation on any health-related issues. However, we have found that many readers who are certain they have a parasite go to their doctors, who then tell their patients that they cannot identify the parasites. This has usually left our readers frustrated, which is understandable, but at the same time, it should be noted that doctors, for the most part, are actually not trained to identify parasitic infestations, and often are not equipped to respond to these types of situations. That is not to say we do not recommend going to one’s doctor, as that is still a viable option and might be a good place to start, but we also want to clarify that there are other options.

For example, consulting a physician who specializes in parasitic infestations and infectious diseases is another idea worth considering. To find one, our reader can simply do an internet search of ‘infectious disease specialist (name of his city)’ or ‘travel disease specialist (name of his city)’. If any of our other readers have any suggestions or recommendations for infectious disease specialists that have helped them, they should feel free to comment down below their name and contact details. Furthermore, another option our reader might consider is taking a sample of the creatures to his local county, or the entomology department at a university nearby. Although these places will not be able to directly provide treatment, they might be able to identify the parasites, which could help our reader in receiving the proper treatment he needs from a medical professional.

In conclusion, because we are not medical professionals, and providing an identification would be equivalent to providing a diagnosis, which we are not qualified to do, even if we knew what parasites our reader is dealing with (which we do not), we would not be able to provide much information. However, we hope that the information and advice detailed in this article has been helpful nonetheless and that our reader may be free of this issue soon.


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Man Says He Suffers from Parasite-Induced Pain and Scabs
Article Name
Man Says He Suffers from Parasite-Induced Pain and Scabs
A reader says that parasites are plaguing his life, and he hopes that we can help identify the parasites for him. He has been experiencing severe pain in his leg and later realized he had "a row of small scabs" on his shin, which he proceeded to scrape off.

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Author: Worm Researcher Anton

6 thoughts on “Man Says He Suffers from Parasite-Induced Pain and Scabs

  1. @Jessica Sprouls Did you happen to have your pictures? This seems like an epidemic. I uploaded picture on this site but my story hasn’t been published yet. And yes my “scab looking/parasite escaped from a urine sample size container. My doctor said I had acne scars. Prescription for keflex. God help us, my life is no longer normal. No bath towels, paper towels that cost a lot of money. I wish there was a forum we could talk to each other in. My Pictures are also on Quora , reddit,and twitter if anyone is interested. Under Sharon Arnold. Hope you all begin to find answers. No human being should suffer. God bless you and continue to keep you. ??

  2. I have one of these in a container right now. I have horsehair worms and the fact that I have hair swimming in water and can’t be killed except by fire. Some of these have been washed and dried and resume life as normal. I have circle scabs that are identical to each other. Round, darker edge with a dot in the middle. Will bleed to death if even a month later. I know it’s coming from bad plumbing landlord won’t fix. These circle scabs are as small as baby bean all the way to two half dollars put together. In my private area are larvae, head, anywhere to hide. Sometimes black hair or chopped up bugs will erupt from a scab or new outbreak. I’m going crazy dealing with parasite infection. I use paper towels to dry off afraid regular bath towels will become infected. I buy a bag of rags at discount store and toss after bathing. I started using something called ParaGaurd to kill them inside my gut and mucus full of tiny eggs and larvae swam away into the toilet bowl. I need emotional support, it effects me so bad that I’ve stopped living. Morgellons is what I know it is now that I’m seeing red and blue fibers swimming around just like my own natural hair. God give me strength. Please let me know how to send pics, I would appreciate it.

  3. I’ve been battling the medical community in my area about this for 7 years now. The rows of scabs have came and left only to keep returning, in a row like Russian dolls over my whole body. Thing is… its not scabs because scabs dont have even ribbing and legs! Furthermore, late autumn I was spraying ants out the back with pesticide and all of a sudden my nasal passage felt like a firework had gone off inside it.
    (doctor) “here’s some prozac”

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