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Small, White Worms in Toilet May Be Flea Larvae

“I keep finding these small worms in the toilet”, states this reader concerning the minuscule, clear-white organism pictured below. “Can you confirm what they may be?”

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How to Handle Finding Bugs in Your Bed

“What are these?” asks this reader in the submission she sent us. “They are in my bed as well”, she continues, referring to the tiny, brownish creatures photographed below.

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Translucent Creatures, Black Markings and Snakes Terrorize This Reader Who Desperately Seeks Help

“I keep getting attacked at night by something” states this reader in his lengthy query about the creatures that have been bothering him since “August of 2020”. Our reader is concerned about his health and is currently not getting any medical treatment that is helping his issue.

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Structure-forming Cluster of Black, Worm-like Bugs are Bagworms

“What are these big clusters of tiny worm-like bugs hanging from my gutters and outside ceiling?” asks this reader concerning the black organisms pictured below. “Should I be concerned about these coming inside and take swift action?”

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Dark Brown, Segmented Worm Found by Children May Indeed Be a Mealworm

“One of my children found a worm in a bed,” states this reader about the segmented, dark brown worm-like creature seen below. “From the pictures on your site, I think it is a mealworm.”

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Short, Brown Worm Found in Shower May be a Bloodworm

“I live in Austin Texas and found this worm in my shower. It was about 2 inches long”, states this reader with regard to the long, pink-brown worm-like creature photographed below. “Do you know what kind of worm this is?”