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Striped, Worm-like Creature in Bathroom is a Drain Fly Larva

Ami writes to us about a segmented, black and gray worm-like creature (pictured below) that she found in her bathroom. She writes that she is “not able to figure” out what the worm is. “Please help.” Based on the location of the creature’s discovery, as well as its physical appearance, we have concluded that Ami found a drain fly larva. These creatures are not harmful to humans or pets whatsoever, but they can be quite the nuisance as they tend to infest bathrooms in large numbers. How this happens is that the adult drain fly (which is often mistaken for a moth given its round and furry body) lays eggs on the organic film that forms on the lip of a drain, where the larvae eventually hatch and begin roaming the bathroom.

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Strange, Yellow Worm on Bathroom Floor May Require a Medical Professional’s Eye

“I found this on my bathroom floor”, writes this reader about the strange-looking, yellow creature pictured below. “I’m unsure if it came from a person, a cat, or a drain. We’ve all had some illness and my dad, whom I care for due to brain atrophy, had a stomach/bathroom issue earlier that day. This was found all by itself, however, on the bathroom floor. Can it be identified? Also, obviously the photo is zoomed in. I believe it measured around an inch long. Also, if it matters, I live in rural south Texas on the San Marcos river and have many livestock and wildlife in my yard and around me, as well as cats that stay inside and had an infestation of fleas but finally got rid of them completely!”

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White Grub-like Larvae Fall from Ceiling and Crawl Along Bathroom Floor

“I found one of these crawling on my bathroom floor” states this reader about the glossy, white creature in the photograph below. Our reader’s husband reported that two more of these segmented critters fell from the ceiling and onto his chair.

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Brown-Striped Larvae and Fuzzy, White Bugs Infesting This Reader’s Bathroom and Bedroom are Duff Millipedes

“I have found these larvae/worms mostly crawling in my bathroom and gable bedroom” states this reader about the organisms in the photos below. The creatures appear to come in various shapes and colors, ranging from one with dark brown segments, to fuzzy, white creatures.

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Dark Worm Found in Toilet Bowl is an Earthworm

“I just saw this in my toilet bowl. Help?” asks this reader in her submission. She is referring to the seemingly dark brown creature photographed below, who is sticking out into visible part of the toilet bowl.

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The Unclear Identity of the Clear Worm Found on the Shower Floor

This woman found a clear worm on her shower floor and hopes that we can “shine a light” on what they might be. According to our reader, the worm is about a fingernail’s width in length.

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Worm Discovered in Shower is a Millipede or Centipede

We believe the creatures our reader found in his bathroom are probably millipedes. Millipedes are harmless and not usually classified as household pests, which means they don’t cause damage or destruction inside a home, so our reader has nothing to worry about!

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Long, Thin Red Worm in Air Vent of Bathroom

A reader wrote to us a couple of days ago about a long, thin red worm that she found in the air vent of her bathroom. The worm is about three or four inches (seven to ten centimeters) long and “about half as thick as your typical earthworm.” The head of the worm had two “‘horns'” on it. (The reader put the word “horns” in quotes, of course indicating that she is using the word loosely, and hence the double quotes in the preceding sentence.) The reader had only one question: what is the long, thin red worm (with some sort of horns) in the air vent of the bathroom, assuming it is even a worm?

carpet beetle larva
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Tiny Brown Worms in Laundry, Bathroom, and Kitchen

A reader wrote to us about some tiny brown worms she has been finding in various places around her house, including her laundry basket, her bathroom, and her kitchen counter. When the reader says “tiny,” she means it, as she only estimates the worms to be about a quarter of an inch (or six millimeters) in length. The reader says that the worms look like the “ones found in old baking flour,” although she herself hasn’t found them in baking flour. She is wondering what the tiny brown worms are, and she is also wondering how she can get rid of them.

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Worms (Larvae?) in the Bathroom

We received a question recently about a worm that a reader found in his bathroom. More precisely, the worm was found in the “gunk” between the tub and sliding door. The reader actually said he “found a ‘worm’ in the bathroom,” which we call attention to only because of the reader’s use of scare quotes. The reader acknowledges that he might not have found a worm at all, and in fact he probably didn’t. The “worm” in the bathroom could be a larva (or something else – it’s hard to say, as you’ll see). The reader was wondering what he had found, and also if a mere cleaning could address the problem.

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Worms on the Bathroom Floor

A rather distressed reader wrote to us the other day about some worms he found on the bathroom floor. To his further chagrin and disgust (the word “yuck,” all letters capitalized, appeared twice in the reader’s email), he also found one of the worms in the basket of his dirty laundry. The worms are small, about one centimeter in length, and they are a clear brownish color. The worms also have several horizontal lines on their body. What are these small worms on the bathroom floor, and what can our reader do to get rid of them?

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Small Worms in the Bathroom

A reader wrote to us wondering what the “thin wiggly worms” found in his bathroom might be. Unfortunately, “thin” and “wiggly” are the only adjectives used to describe the bathroom worm, and we’re not sure what part of the world the reader wrote in from. Given these facts, we can only speculate, but in speculating, we can at least point out a couple of worms – or rather larvae – commonly found in bathrooms.

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Worm Like Bug in My House!

The different types of pests that invade homes include the larvae of the moth fly, the larvae of the millipede, or the larvae of the case-bearing clothes moth.

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Worms in My Ceiling, Help!

The larvae of a case-bearing clothes moth look like worms and they are white in color. They carry around a case that can reach up to 10 mm in length — a case that’s usually made from a combination of self-made silk and the very materials they feed on.