Worms on the Bathroom Floor

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A rather distressed reader wrote to us the other day about some worms he found on the bathroom floor. To his further chagrin and disgust (the word “yuck,” all letters capitalized, appeared twice in the reader’s email), he also found one of the worms in the basket of his dirty laundry. The worms are small, about one centimeter in length, and they are a clear brownish color. The worms also have several horizontal lines on their body. What are these small worms on the bathroom floor, and what can our reader do to get rid of them?

Three possibilities come immediately to mind, and interestingly none of them are actually worms. We’ll begin with the most likely culprit, the larvae of the moth fly. We’ve written about the larvae of moth flies before (in fact, we’ve actually written about them in the context of finding them on the bathroom floor!), so we won’t go into too much detail. Moth fly larvae match the description that our reader sent us almost perfectly. They are a clear brownish color (if that sounds contradictory, think of muddy water), and they do have distinct dark lines that run horizontally across their bodies. These larvae often appear on bathroom floors and near sink drains, as they thrive in moist environments. (What about the one they found in the dirty laundry? It probably got there by latching onto a piece of clothing worn by someone using the bathroom.) Given all the details that align, it is very likely that our reader is dealing with moth fly larvae. So, how do you get rid of them?

The way to rid yourself of moth worm larvae is mostly preventative, although, of course, your first step should be to remove all the larvae you find. After this, it is best to focus on two things: moisture and organic debris. More to the point, you should focus on eliminating both from your house. Fix leaky faucets, open windows when you shower, and make sure to clean the muck that tends to accumulate around anything in your house that frequently comes in contact with water, like sink drains and the tops of drain pipes. (Good products to accomplish this include Bio Drain gel and Bio Clean powder.) Also, it is good to make sure that your windows and doors are properly sealed by using, say, screens. This will help keep moth flies out, and of course moth flies are the source of the moth fly larvae.

As we said, it is overwhelming likely that our reader is dealing with moth fly larvae, but for the sake of completeness, we’ll mention two additional possibilities, both of which are larvae. The first are carpet beetle larvae, which are also brownish color with stripes, although their stripes are pale. They are found not only in bathrooms, but also on walls, floors, and other areas of your house. They are best dealt with by thoroughly vacuuming the area in which you find them. It is also possible that our reader found maggots, the larvae of flies. Maggots thrive in unsanitary places around the house, like a bathroom floor that hasn’t been cleaned in awhile. To get rid of maggots, the best thing to do is remove the conditions that attracted the maggots to begin with – in other words, clean the maggot-ridden areas thoroughly.

So, the “worms” that our reader found are very likely one of the three larvae mentioned above. Follow the advice we presented above to help get rid of the problem.


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6 thoughts on “Worms on the Bathroom Floor

  1. I found a worm in the bathroom, specifically on the floor. It was half cm or more and it looks pale and brownish. I don’t know if those were pinworms or some larvae. If any of you knows what kind of worm is it, please let me know. Thanks!

  2. Found worms on my kitchen floor and foyer. They are brown with antennas, and 2 to 3 inches long. My apartment is on the bottom level. I have lived here 13 years and have never seen this before. Where are they coming from and why are they appearing? HELP!!! How do I get rid of them?

  3. I found a very tiny green worm that moved very fast in my bathroom, I been trying to find out what it is I see similar pictures but no name . Not the 1st one I seen but the first I got to catch an get a good look at , it also scared my cats too I hope their at no harm in my apartment can you help an tell me maybe what type of worm it could be ?

  4. We keep finding little black an white worms in the bathroom like tiny they look shiney an there seriously fast! When squished there looks to be not much to them but it’s difficult catching the things! We’ve only just moved to the property aswell, I think our plans just to take the bath cover off an have root cos they seem to shoot to under there or the panneling around the wall at the floor, I hate things like this I have to stand ten mins at the door to make sure I can’t see anything before I go in then I think there gunna eat my feet a can’t deal with it haha

  5. Correction: IDK what color this is. In the light, looks like alternate body sections are colored as red-sand, taupe..repeats

  6. Found 5 inch tan or beige worm on kitchen floor not too far from sliding door an not too far from kitchen appliances. Not sure where originated. Lately, it’s been raining heavily and lots of flooding. Been searching identification online and no success. Want to identify it so I can properly choose chemical to kill it!! Freakin out for real.

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