brown larvae

Tiny Brown Larvae on Couch

One of our readers found very small brown worms in her home. She said they were on her couch, among some dirt that was sprinkled around. Continue reading [...]

Cat Flea Larvae or Tapeworm?

One of our readers asked us about cat flea larvae in bowel movements. We think what she described sounds more like a tapeworm than flea larvae. We encourage her to see a medical professional as soon as possible. Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

Worm That Disguises as Blade of Grass

A reader asked us "Is there a sub species of worm or insect that uses mimicry and stays for long periods in a grass-like form?" Continue reading [...]
bug in the bathroom

Are Fruit Flies and Bathroom Worm Related

A reader who had what he thought was a fruit fly problem he’d been managing with sticky traps sent us this picture of a worm he found in the bathroom. He also recently found a moth-like bug in the bathroom and infestations near the floor and ceiling grout lines.The moth like bug and worm that he found in the bathroom point to drain flies, also known as “Clogmia,” (named by a pun-lover, obviously.) The Clogmia are a tiny fly, measuring only about 1-2 mm and often mistaken for fruit flies or fungus moth flies. They have a hairy body with large wings for their size which leads to them being called moth flies.As you might guess, drain flies breed in the slime that coats drains in bathrooms, kitchens, and garages. Typically we find them coming from drains in the basement or garage Continue reading [...]
lawn grub

Grub in the Basement: May Be(etles) or June Bug

A reader would like help identifying what the worms she’s finding on her basement floor are. From the picture provided, we think that this is a lawn grub, possibly the larva of a June Bug or Masked Chafer Beetle, (Cyclocephala) which are members of the scarab family.The Masked Chafer Beetle larva is a white grub with a dark stripe on its back with a brown head capsule and legs. When full grown, white grubs are about 1 inch (2.5 cm) long grubs and if our reader stretched one out, she'd find it has irregularly arranged spines on the underside of the last body segment (raster). They are commonly found curled in the C shape and are considered agricultural pests, in part because they really enjoy eating the roots under new turf and can kill lawn installations pretty handily. June bugs Continue reading [...]
carpet beetle larva

Are Carpet Beetle Larvae the Enemy of Bed Bugs?

A reader thinks he may have found a carpet beetle larva or a bed bug in his carpet. Without a photograph or description, we cannot determine which one it is. Continue reading [...]