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Worm with 3 Legs is Wireworm

A reader just sent us the picture featured above and asked us to identify the specimen in it. As you can see from the photo, the creature has 13 tan segments, a distinct head and tail end, 3 legs on a thoracic segment, and antennae coming from its head. We are quite eager to solve this mystery! Continue reading [...]

Tiny Worms are Pantry Fly Larvae

A reader asked us to identify tiny larvae she found in her home. We believe she has located pantry fly larva. Continue reading [...]
drain fly larva

“Worm” in Toilet is Moth Fly Larva

We heard from a reader about a "worm" she found in her toilet. We are confident that it is a moth fly larva, a.k.a. drain fly larva. Continue reading [...]
brown caterpillar

Brown Organism is Probably a Caterpillar

Some readers just sent us a 5 minute video featuring a tiny brown creature crawling around on a paper towel. They wonder what it is. Continue reading [...]
black soldier fly larva

Dark Worm is Black Soldier Fly Larva

A reader discovered this brown creature and was curious about what it could be. We are confident that this is a black soldier fly larva. Continue reading [...]
garden worm

White Worm Found in Dirt

A reader asked us whether a white worm she found in her garden was a parasite or if it was normal. We believe it is some sort of insect larva, but we can't rule out it being a parasite because we are not veterinary professionals. Continue reading [...]