Worm that Looks Like Black Thread Could Be Horsehair Worm


One of our readers sent us a picture of a worm-like creature under the microscope. He said that it was about a quarter of the thickness of a hair and it was not possible to see it with the human eye. He wonders what it is, and we think that one possibility is that it could be a horsehair worm.

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Tiny Worms in Mattress


One of our readers found some tiny worms that she said go in and out of the threading in her mattress. She did mention that the mattress was purchased secondhand. She is extremely worried about what these worms could be. After looking at the pictures that she sent, these worm-like creatures are probably carpet beetle larvae.

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Thread-like Worm on Bathroom Floor

Horsehair worm

A reader of ours found a worm on the bathroom floor that he thought looked a lot like dental floss or thread. We do not have a picture of the worm, but there is a possibility that this worm is a horsehair worm.

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Worms by Dog’s Bowl Probably Grub Worms


A reader of ours sent us a picture of what appears to be a white grub worm. He said it found it next to his dog’s food bowl and was curious if it was a worm or a larvae. After looking at the picture that he sent, we have determined that it is a grub worm which is a larva and not a worm at all.

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Inchworms Eating Trees


A reader wrote to us about some inchworms that are eating their trees. The reader hasn’t dealt with inchworms in the past, but in the last month the inchworms have eaten 4 large Royal Poincianas. The reader has several Banyan trees and is concerned that the inchworms will eat those also. The reader is curious if the inchworms have specific tree preferences or if they eat everything. They would also like to know how to prevent these worms, and is curious how these worms suddenly appeared after never being around before.

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