Millipede or Centipede?


Yesterday we received one of the simplest questions we have ever been sent. The reader submitted a photo of a creature and asked only if it is a centipede or millipede. There were no complicating factors, so he was basically looking for a one-word answer. We think our reader found a millipede, and in what follows we explain why. In doing so, we will outline the difference between centipedes and millipedes, providing a concise guide that will help you determine whether you have found a millipede or centipede.

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Worms Under the Bathtub

earthworm on carpet

We received a long and somewhat complex email from a reader detailing a worm problem that appears to be stemming from her bathroom – from a crack at the base of her bathtub, more specifically. On multiple occasions, the reader has found worms in her bathroom and in the hallway outside the bathroom, and one has even managed to make it into the reader’s bed (her bedroom is next to the bathroom). The reader asked a few different questions, but at bottom she was wondering what kind of worms she is finding, and what she can do to get rid of the worms in her bathroom, bedroom, and hallway.

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Short and Aggressive Worms

mystery bug

The other day a reader sent us one of the most notable messages we have ever received, and by “one of the most notable” we mean “one of the most outrageously brief,” and by “message” we mean “unpunctuated sentence fragment.” Here is the question, as it were, quoted in all its cryptic glory: “what looks kinda like a earth worm but shorter and are aggressive.” That statement, sans the period, is all we received from the reader, and then he was off like a thief in the night. What indeed looks like an earthworm but is shorter and aggressive?

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Carpet Beetle Larvae on Mattress

carpet beetle larvae

A few days ago we received a question through the All About Worms Facebook page about a “brown worm” on a reader’s mattress. She also found dead worm bodies on the carpet and on a spare mattress in her bedroom. On the basis of articles we have published, she suspects she found carpet beetle larvae, and we think she is correct. Thus, she isn’t finding worms or dead worm bodies, but larvae and dead larva bodies. The reader’s problem is relatively widespread, as the carpet beetle larvae can be found throughout her entire apartment – on the mattress, carpet, and walls. The reader has already started implementing some of the elimination strategies we have written about before, but asked for further advice.

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Do You Need to See a Doctor After Swallowing a Worm?


We received a straightforward, if strangely worded, question from a reader a few days ago about eating worms, or rather inadvertently swallowing a worm. The question is quite short, and can be quoted (with some crucial punctuation added) in its entirety: “I swallowed a worm by mistake while eating dadles – I’m at risk? Do I have to see a doctor?” There’s at least a couple of questions in here, and we aren’t sure how to make sense of every part of it, but at bottom the reader is clearly concerned with the implications of swallowing a worm. We will therefore focus on whether or not it is dangerous to swallow a worm, and whether doing so mandates a trip to the doctor.

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