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The Food Sources on Which Larvae, Bugs, and Insects Feed in Your Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, and Living Room

Every week we hear from readers who find worms and worm-like organism in their houses. Sometimes we are able to identify these organisms by their appearance alone. However, often times we must rely on clues to figure out what creature a reader is dealing with. A helpful clue is what room in the house the organism is found in. Since different creatures rely on different food sources, we can often figure out what the creature is based on what room it is found in, and what food sources are available in that room. In this article we will discuss some of the common organisms found around a house, where they often reside, and what they eat.Bedroom or Living RoomThe most common pest we write about is carpet beetle larvae. These rust colored larvae eat animal products (wool, linen, fur, and Continue reading [...]

“Worm” On Kid’s Bed is Carpet Beetle Larvae

A reader sent us a video of a small worm-like organism she found in her kid's bed. We believe the creature is a carpet beetle larva. Continue reading [...]

Black Plastic Fishing Lure Worm with Yellow Stripe

A reader asked us about where he can purchase a plastic worm fishing hook that is 3 inches long, has a black body with a yellow stripe from head to tail, and has two hooks. Continue reading [...]

“Creepy Crawlers” are Caterpillars

A reader sent us a video of a yellow caterpillar. We aren't sure of the exact species, but we think it is probably about to mature into a moth or butterfly! Continue reading [...]

Teensy Tiny “Worms” Are Likely Larvae

A reader discovered some small dark larvae in her home. We don't have enough information to determine which type of larvae our reader is dealing with. Continue reading [...]

“Worms” Found Under Couch are Carpet Beetle Larvae, Not Mealworms

One of our readers found some brown worm-like organisms in his home. We believe these are carpet beetle larvae. Continue reading [...]
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