Tiny White Worms in Ham

The other night a reader found “a tiny white worm with what looked like a reddish brown head” in some precooked ham she bought. The reader bought and cooked (or technically recooked) the ham for dinner, and the following day she found the worm when eating leftovers. She looked through all the ham, but was only able to find one of the worms. The reader was wondering if we have any idea what the tiny white worms with the red or brown head might be.

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Small White Worms in the Bathroom

small white worms in bathroom

A reader wrote to us with a question about a few small white worms she found in her bathroom. Actually, no question was explicitly asked, but she clearly wants to know what she found, also wants to get rid of the worms in her bathroom. She reports that the worms “creep me out,” and also that she has children and doesn’t want the worms in her home, like basically every person who ever has or will exist. What kind of small white worms did our reader find in her bathroom, and how might she get rid of them?

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Do Worms Have Platelets in Their Blood?

earthworm in dirt

A reader wrote us the following brief message: “Do worms have platelets in their blood? It’s a simple question, but I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere.” It is in fact a simple question, at least in form. However, seemingly basic questions are often hard to answer, particularly when they require a fairly advanced understanding of worm physiology. In this instance, though, we were able to find the answer with relative ease: no, worms do not have platelets in their blood.

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Piss Worms or Pissworms: Are They Real?

mystery bug

We received a very strange question from a reader about whether or not there is “such a thing as a piss worm.” Her mother’s neighbor in Southern Illinois reported that she saw a “piss worm,” which we suppose you could just as easily write as “pissworm,” and said that it was very poisonous. The reader was also wondering about this second point, so the question we are confronted with is this: are there such things as piss worms (pissworms), and if so, are they poisonous?

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Hammerhead Worms on Ceiling of Carport

Hammerhead Worm

A reader wrote to us recently about “what appears to be hammerhead worms stuck to the ceiling of [her nephew's] carport.” The reader only asked us if we “have ever heard of this,” so she evidently is only curious about the very limited matter of whether or not we have ever heard of hammerhead worms on the ceiling of a carport. We’ll limit ourselves to this question, but since we have written about hammerhead worms several times before, we will also point to some additional articles about these creatures.

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