Are Worms (Worm Oil) and Maggots (Maggot Oil) Healthy to Eat?

Larvae on counter

We received a peculiar question a little while ago about eating worms and maggots, or more precisely about consuming worm oil and maggot oil, which we presume is just the oil produced by worms and maggots when they are cooked. The reader is wondering if this oil is a healthy fat, and also whether it is okay to consume at night. The reader seems to use the word “maggot” to mean “edible worm,” so we think he is mostly curious about the oil of any worm that can be eaten (which are in fact almost always larvae), not about maggots specifically, at least as we might understand the word “maggot” (the larval form of flies). Basically, the reader seems to be asking for nutritional advice about worms and worm oil (or larvae and larvae oil).

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Hairy Caterpillar with Black and Yellow Stripes

mystery bug

We received the following email a little while ago: “it’s black with yellowish stripes and hairy. What is it?!” That is the entire message, and no picture was sent with the email. We presume our reader found some sort of creature that he wanted us to identify, and just decided to convey this desire in the most concise manner possible. Based on its description, it sounds like our reader found a caterpillar, so below we explore some caterpillars that are hairy and have black and yellow stripes.

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Parasitic Worms and Mental Health

mystery bug

A reader wrote us a concerning email a little while ago insisting that she has “parasitical worms,” even though doctors have told her she is actually suffering from a delusional infestation, and that she should see a psychiatrist. Over the last four years, the reader has been on a quest to discover what is afflicting her, and she recently concluded she has “Lyme Disease and microfilaria worms.” The reader has taken some rather extreme measures to address her condition. She has sprayed everything in her house, including herself, with “Ortho home defense bug killer,” and “10 UV light air purifiers and two large IQ Air Hepa air purifiers” are at work in her house. Despite these measures (although we hesitate to use the word “despite” in this instance), the reader can’t seem to improve her condition, and thus she asked for our help.

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Carpet Beetle Larvae on the Walls

carpet beetle larvae on wall

A reader asked us about some worms or larvae that he found on the walls of his house recently. Over the past two months, he has found three worms/larvae, so he doesn’t seem to be dealing with any sort of infestation, but the issue persists. The reader sent in two pictures and asked us if we are able to identify what he found. We are fairly certain he is finding carpet beetle larvae, which are of course larvae, not worms, and below we explain why we think this is the case.

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What Do Grub Worms Look Like?

grub worm

We received a picture the other day from a reader requesting an identification. The image depicts white (or more like whitish) worm-like creatures that are quite plump, and the reader thought he might have found worms or caterpillars. In fact, we are quite confident the reader found grub worms, also called “lawn grubs” or simply “grubs.” Even though one of their common names is “grub worms,” they are not actually worms, but the larvae form of beetles – generally scarab beetles, but “grub” is a fairly loose term. Thus, they are not worms or caterpillars, but insect larva. Below we explain why we think our reader found grub worms.

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