Moth Larvae “Take Over” Reader’s Car

One of our readers found a ton of small worm-like organisms in her car. We are confident these are moth larvae. They are not harmful or dangerous and she can get rid of them by cleaning! Continue reading [...]

Clumped Up Worms Could Be Yellownecked Caterpillars

One of our readers discovered a clump of yellow and brown caterpillars on a branch and wanted to know what they were. We believe that these specimens are yellownecked caterpillars! Continue reading [...]

Is Worm Wiggling In Toilet Horsehair Worm or Parasite?

We think the thin white worm our reader found in her toilet could be a horsehair worm. These worms are not harmful or dangerous towards humans! Of course, if we are wrong about when she discovered the worm in her toilet, and think there is any possibility that the worm came from her, then she should seek medical attention immediately. Continue reading [...]

Bugs Found While Removing Sheets Are Likely Carpet Beetle Larvae

We believe the worm-like organisms our reader found on her son's mattress are carpet beetle larvae. Although these organisms are considered to be pests, they typically aren't thought of as harmful or dangerous. Continue reading [...]

If Not a Bed Bug, Then What?

One of our readers asked us to identify some bugs she found on her bed. We think the creatures could be carpet beetles, which require intense cleaning to get rid of. Fortunately, they are not considered to be harmful or dangerous towards humans. Continue reading [...]

Long Brown Worm Is a Centipede

We believe the worm-like organism our reader found in her room is a centipede. Centipedes are known to bite, so our reader should act with caution when handling this specimen! Continue reading [...]
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