How Many Hearts Does an Earthworm Have?

earthworm in dirt

A reader recently asked us, “Do worms have 3 hearts?” There are many different types of worms, and he didn’t specify which worm he was curious about. We assume he is inquiring about earthworms, but if he is curious about another type of worm we encourage him to write to us again!

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South African Worm is Mopani Caterpillar

mopani caterpillar

A reader from South Africa sent us a photo of a caterpillar and asked us to provide the name. A simple request and we are happy to oblige!

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Questionable Caterpillar is an Elephant Hawk-Moth Larva

elephant hawk moth caterpillar

A reader just sent us a photo of familiar caterpillar and asked us to identify it. She said they found it underneath some Arum Lilies, and described it as looking like a snake. The creature does indeed resemble a snake. It is dark brown with tan stripes and two black spots on its head that look like eyes.

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Screwworms and Humans


A reader just asked us the following question: Can a screwworm live in the human body/intestine if the human accidentally eats the egg or worm?

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Classroom Crickets Accompanied by Carpet Beetle Larva

carpet beetle larvae

We heard from an elementary school teacher who ordered some crickets for her students. The box of crickets contained what she was told was a “wooly worm”. She would like to know if this identification is correct and how to take care of it.

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