Worm With Forked Tail and Antennae is Centipede

One of our readers discovered a specimen in her home with antennae and a split tail. We are confident that she found a centipede. Continue reading [...]

Worm in Bathroom with “Strange Tail and No Legs” Is Carpet Beetle Larva

One of our readers discovered an orange creature in her bathroom with a strange tail and no legs. We believe the specimen is a carpet beetle larva. Continue reading [...]

Keeping Mealworms Away From Radishes

One of our readers asked for advice to get rid of mealworms. We have supplied a few solutions that don't include pesticides! Continue reading [...]

What Worm “Came Out of a Human Being”

One of our readers wrote to us about a worm that came out someone he cares for. We encourage them to visit a doctor since we aren't licensed to give medical advice. Continue reading [...]

Red Worms in Pakistan Probably Just Earthworms

A reader discovered two red worms on his shoulder while taking a shower. We believe these worms are earthworms, but they might also be bloodworms, as it can be hard to tell the difference between the two in a photograph alone. Continue reading [...]

Are Hookworms Alive in Reader’s Yard?

One of our readers reached out to us because his dog has hookworms. We encourage him to clean up any feces in his yard to prevent future infestations! Continue reading [...]
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