Worms Take Over Patio In The Pacific Northwest

One of our reader's reached out because her patio, driveway, and garage have been taken over by hundreds of worm-like organisms. Continue reading [...]

The Perfect Temperature for an Earthworm

One of our readers reached out to us with this question: Do earthworms have a temperate gland? To answer this question, we will dedicate this article to exploring the ideal environment for an earthworm and discussing how an earthworm regulates its temperature. Continue reading [...]

Tiny Worms Hiding Under Couch

We recently heard from a reader in Trenton, New Jersey. She explained that she took the cushions off of her couch and was horrified to find some "tiny worm-looking things." Continue reading [...]

What is Long White Worm?

One of our readers sent us a photos of a long, thin worm in a jar. We believe that this is a grasshopper nematode. Thank you to our reader who helped us solve this mystery! Continue reading [...]

Arthropods Discovered Near Toilet

One of our readers discovered two creatures in her bathroom. We believe the creatures are either centipedes or millipedes, but we couldn't figure out which they were based on the photograph alone. Continue reading [...]

Flea Larvae Discovered on Cat Bed

A reader found small black organisms on a bed where his cat sleeps. We are confident that these creatures are flea larvae. Continue reading [...]
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