Catawba worm

How Do Catalpa Trees Attract Catalpa Worms?

One of our readers asked why her catalpa trees have suddenly attracted catawba worms after several years. We don't know the reasons behind the caterpillars' timing, but we have explained the unique relationship between these trees and worms! Continue reading [...]

Slithering Black Worms in Toilet Probably Drain Fly Larvae

One of our readers asked us about two specimens she found in her toilet, fearing that one of them might be parasitic. We believe both organisms are drain fly larvae. Continue reading [...]

Reader Finds Mealworm And Palm Flower Moth Larva

One of our readers found two organisms that we have identified as a palm flower moth larva and a mealworm. Saying goodbye to these creatures primarily involves cleaning! Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

What If My Dog Ate A Wolf Worm?

One of our readers asked what might happen if his dog ate a wolf worm. There is some possibility that his dog's skin might become infected with these wolf worms, but we don't have enough information to declare if this will occur or not. Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

What Are Maggots Doing in Bed?

One of our readers wrote to us about finding maggots in her daughter's bed. She mentioned that her daughter had recently wet the bed, and we believe the urine is the food source for these maggots. Continue reading [...]

Are Worms Found on Mattress Related to Dog?

One of our readers discovered a strange organism on his mattress encasement. Sadly, we weren't able to identify the organism. If any of our other readers recognize this specimen, we invite them to comment below! Continue reading [...]
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