tubifex worms

Worms and Eutrophic Waters

One of our readers recently requested that we share all the information we have on small black worms that live in eutrophic water. Eutrophication is a form of water pollution that occurs when excessive fertilizers run into lakes and rivers. This encourages algal bloom (the growth of algae), as well as the growth of other aquatic plants. This "bloom" sounds positive, but there are some negative environmental effects. Eutrophication usually leads to depleted oxygen levels and generally poor water quality. In addition, the sudden growth of algae and aquatic plants causes overcrowding and competition over resources like sunlight, space, and oxygen.There are a lot of worms that thrive in an aquatic environment. However, we don't know of many that prefer polluted water. Tubifex worms, or sludge Continue reading [...]
carpet beetle larva

Carpet Beetle Larva on Toilet Paper

A reader found a tiny creature on his toilet paper roll. We are confident that he has discovered a carpet beetle larva. Continue reading [...]
heron eats worm

Blue Heron Devours Worm

One of our readers was visiting the University of Texas Southwestern bird rookery in Dallas when she snapped some fantastic photos. They show a blue heron fledging eating a a creature. She said there are some shallow pools in the rookery so the specimen might be enjoying a freshwater worm. She hopes we can identify the creature in question. Continue reading [...]
black and gray larva that bites

Grey Worm Bites Man in Germany

We recently heard from a reader writing us from outside of Germany. He explained that he was bitten by a small grey worm in an outdoor restaurant. Continue reading [...]
carpet beetle larva

Carpet Beetle Larvae are Mistaken For Worms

One of our readers found several small brown creatures in her home recently. She asked us if we know what kind of "worm" they are. These aren't worms, they are carpet beetle larvae! We recognized the creature at once after glancing at the photograph. Continue reading [...]
drain fly larva

Drain Fly Larvae Photographed With a Microscope

A reader took some fantastic photos using a light microscope of some creatures that were living in the crevices of her bathroom. We believe these creatures are drain fly larvae, which are easy to get rid of by cleaning! Continue reading [...]