terrestrial flatworm

Worm Found Near Feral Cat is a Flatworm

A reader asked us to identify a worm she discovered in her feral cat's territory. We believe the worm is a terrestrial flatworm and that it is not harmful to her or her cat. However, if she is worried about the cat's well-being she should take it to visit the vet. Continue reading [...]
golden millipede

Husband Finds Millipede Under Keyboard

A reader just sent us a video of a creature he discovered under his wife's keyboard. The video is quite short, but we can see that the specimen is light brown, almost golden, segmented, has two antennae, and moves as if it has legs. Continue reading [...]

Maggots Feast on Leftover Pepperoni

We recently heard from a reader who returned from vacation to find some creatures crawling out of a pizza box that was left on the counter. She thought the pizza box was empty, but there was a single pepperoni slice that must have attracted visitors. Continue reading [...]
worm in india

Worm Near Toilet is Probably Earthworm

A reader found some worms around his bathroom, specifically in the toilet. We thought these might be bloodworms since he described them as red colored, but we settled on earthworms after seeing the photo of one of the creatures. Continue reading [...]

Worm Found in Bread

We just received a cryptic message from one of our readers: "Why was this worm we found in my bread?" The reader didn't include a photo with her question, so we have no idea what the worm in question looks like, or if it is even a worm. Continue reading [...]

Tapeworm in Dogs and Humans

A couple of weeks ago, a reader commented on one of our posts about tapeworm with significant concern. She wrote that she has a toddler and they had a puppy but they had to get rid of the puppy because they could not treat it properly for tapeworm. When they were still trying to treat it, the puppy was staying on the porch. She is worried that her porch is now covered in tapeworm eggs and isn't safe for her daughter to walk on. She wants to know how she can kill the eggs and make her porch safe. We are happy to provide some information to put our reader at ease! Continue reading [...]