Worms Coming Out of Carpet are Carpet Beetle Larvae

A reader discovered carpet beetle larvae in her mattress. Unfortunately, she will need to dedicate several hours to cleaning in order to say goodbye to these pests. On the bright side, they are harmless even if their presence is annoying. Continue reading [...]

Could Worm in Bed Be Carpet Beetle Larvae?

One of our readers found a brown worm-like organism in her bed. Despite the lack of bristle-like hairs that are typical for most carpet beetle larva, we still believe that this is what she is dealing with. Continue reading [...]

Lyme Disease Patient with Potential Parasites

A reader found worm-like organisms coming from several places in her body. We understand this is an unpleasant experience for her, but we can't offer any advice since we aren't qualified to weigh in on medical matters. Continue reading [...]

Worms Coming From Tile Cracks Might be Earthworms

A reader sent us photographs of some long worms he found crawling between the cracks on his tile floor. We believe he is dealing with earthworms, and he might need to caulk his tile floor in order to get rid of these organisms. Continue reading [...]
grub larva

Brown Worms in Rice Probably Flour Bug Larvae

One of our readers discovered small brown maggots in the rice in his home. We believe these specimens are rice weevil larvae, and even if not, the same method for getting rid of these unwanted guests will likely work. Continue reading [...]

Worm with Interesting Movement Pattern is an Inchworm

A reader sent us photo and a fabulous description of a tiny worm-like organism he found on a wall in his home. We are confident that he is dealing with an inchworm! Continue reading [...]
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