Small Red Worms that Shed Their Skin

Molted skin

A reader wrote to us via the All About Worms Facebook page to ask us about some small red worms that she recently found on her bedroom wall. The worms appear to have a cocoon or shell, or perhaps they just shed their skin (the reader mentioned all three as possibilities). The worms also seem to be legless and hairless. The reader reports that she has seen the small red worms before when she was younger; they were generally under stuffed animals that were on the floor, and again she noted that they seemed to leave behind their molted skin. In light of their repeated appearance in her life, our reader wants to know what the small red worms are, if they are even worms at all.

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How to Get Rid of Small Worms that Infest Towels in the Closet

brown worm under couch

We recently received a question from a reader who found three worms in a stack of towels in her closet. She reports that the closet is almost never opened – it is “only used to take a big stack of towels out or to put them back” – so she is first of all wondering how the worms got in her closet. However, her more pressing question has to do with getting rid of the worms in her closet. She has so far found three worms nestled between the strands of the towels, clinging to the threads, but hasn’t exhaustively searched the closet because she is scared as to what she might find, leading her to believe that there could be more worms tucked away. She wants to get rid of the worms in the closet “completely,” and that’s where we come in.

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Are Worms that Smell Bad Dangerous?


We recently received a question from a reader about the “horrible stinking odor” her dogs bring into the house after digging around in dirt that contains a worm, caterpillar, or millipede. (The reader technically wrote that she found a “worm/caterpillar/millipede,” so we went ahead and assumed this means that she found one of these creatures, as opposed to a chimerical hybrid of all three creatures.) Even after the reader washes her dogs, the bad smell of the worm (or caterpillar or millipede) doesn’t go away. However, after two hours, regardless of whether the dogs have been washed, the unpleasant odor is gone. The reader wasn’t really concerned about the smell, however; she only wanted to know if her dogs were in danger. So, the rather specific question before us is this: are foul-smelling worms, millipedes, or caterpillars harmful to dogs?

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Big Green Caterpillars with Body Segments in the Yard

big green caterpillar

A reader recently wrote to us about a big green caterpillar with distinct body segments, body segments that make the caterpillar look like the Michelin Man, to give our reader’s comparison. He included an excellent picture of the caterpillar he found in his yard with his email, which contained a number of terse, difficult-to-decipher bits of information. From what we can gather, the reader is wondering what the big green caterpillar is, and he is also wondering if it is responsible for some of the lawn problems he has been experiencing. So, we are tasked with identifying the caterpillar and investigating whether this type of caterpillar can do damage to your yard.

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Red Caterpillar with Eyes

red caterpillar with eyes

A few days ago we received a question from a reader who sent us a picture of what appears to be a red caterpillar with eyes. (Just a few days ago, we answered a question about a yellow worm with eyes, and the “worm” in question was in fact a caterpillar, so evidently people are seeing lots of caterpillars with eyes recently.) Along with the picture, the reader asked one question (slightly edited for clarity): “What kind of animal is in the photo?” Presumably, he is wondering what the red caterpillar with eyes is, so we will limit ourselves to the matter of identification.

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