Gray Worms Could be Beetle Larvae

One of our readers found some gray larvae in her garage kitchen. We weren't able to identify these little guys, but we think cleaning and sealing up potential entryways will be the most efficient ways to get rid of them! Continue reading [...]

Worm In Shower Likely An Earthworm, Not A Parasite

One of our readers discovered a worm in his shower that he thought might be parasitic. We are confident that the creature is actually an earthworm. Earthworms aren't considered to be dangerous or harmful, so our reader has nothing to worry about! Continue reading [...]

Reader Dealing With Potential Parasites Needs To See Medical Professional

Today we responded to a reader who believes she is dealing with a parasite infection. We wish her the best of luck solving this mystery and hope she is able to return to good health. Continue reading [...]

Pink Worm Might Actually Be Palm Flower Moth Larva

One of our readers sent us a photo of a pink specimen she found in her kitchen. We think this creature is probably a palm flower moth larva. We don't think these creatures should be a source of concern for her or her family. Continue reading [...]
Catawba worm

How Do Catalpa Trees Attract Catalpa Worms?

One of our readers asked why her catalpa trees have suddenly attracted catawba worms after several years. We don't know the reasons behind the caterpillars' timing, but we have explained the unique relationship between these trees and worms! Continue reading [...]

Slithering Black Worms in Toilet Probably Drain Fly Larvae

One of our readers asked us about two specimens she found in her toilet, fearing that one of them might be parasitic. We believe both organisms are drain fly larvae. Continue reading [...]
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