Pink Worm

Pinkish Worms Go Unidentified

A reader commented on our site that he found some “pinkish worms” in his home. There are many potential worms that could fit this description, so we don’t feel we have enough information to make a solid identification. Continue reading [...]
strawberry flatworm

Thin Brown Worms Discovered in Strawberry

One of our readers grows strawberries on the ground in her yard. Recently, she found a cluster of worms inside one of the strawberries. This is the first time this has happened, and while she is curious about what kind of worm this is, she is more eager to learn if these worms are dangerous if consumed by humans or animals. She has dogs and cats and she isn't sure if this is a cause for concern. Continue reading [...]
carpet beetle larva

Reader Finds Three Carpet Beetle Larvae

A reader discovered three small brown creatures on his floor and sent us a photo of one of them. We are confident that our reader has found carpet beetle larvae. Although he said he has found this creatures in his home about a year ago, we think that their return is just a coincidence. Continue reading [...]

Reader Wakes Up To A Millipede In Her Bed

A reader posted a picture of critter that she found in her bed. She guessed it was a centipede, which is a great guess! However, we believe this is a different arthropod, a millipede! Continue reading [...]
worm in toilet

Red Worm in Toilet Bowl

One of our followers recently contacted us by means of messaging our Facebook page. She sent us the photo pictured above and asked if we could offer any assistance in identifying the creature in it. She found the "little red fellow" in her toilet. Continue reading [...]
carpet beetle larva

Another Reader Discovers Carpet Beetle Larvae

We just heard from a reader who found two "worms" on his bed. He requested that we respond as quickly as possible, which we can understand since finding unwanted creatures on your bed is never ideal. Continue reading [...]