grub larva

Brown Worms in Rice Probably Flour Bug Larvae

One of our readers discovered small brown maggots in the rice in his home. We believe these specimens are rice weevil larvae, and even if not, the same method for getting rid of these unwanted guests will likely work. Continue reading [...]

Worm with Interesting Movement Pattern is an Inchworm

A reader sent us photo and a fabulous description of a tiny worm-like organism he found on a wall in his home. We are confident that he is dealing with an inchworm! Continue reading [...]

Toxic Flatworm or Leech?

A reader's dog accidentally transported a terrestrial flatworm into his kitchen. We are confident that this creature isn't a threat to him or his dog. Continue reading [...]
parasitic worms in stool

Are Worms in Stool Parasitic?

a reader wrote to us about some mysterious worms she found in her stool. We aren't medical professionals and therefore aren't licensed to give medical advice of any kind. Continue reading [...]

What Are Clear/White Worms in Bed?

A reader found some tiny worms in his daughter's bed. We can't provide a identification with 100% certainty, but based on our reader's description and the location of discovery, we believe the worm-like organisms could be flea larvae. Continue reading [...]

Is Worm on Toddler’s Cardigan Dangerous?

A reader found a small specimen on a clothing item of her daughter. We don't have a picture to confirm, but based on the description she provided, we think she might be dealing with a millipede or a caterpillar. Continue reading [...]
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