Tiny Thin Worms in Lobster Sandwich

Horsehair worm in pool

A lobster sandwich is a beautiful thing until you find a tiny, thin worm in it, as a recent reader did who wrote to us via the All About Worms Facebook page. The reader purchased the thin worm-infused lobster sandwich at “a food fayre,” which we are assuming is a food fair that took place sometime in the 1800s for spelling-related reasons. After a few bites of the sandwich, the reader “saw a tiny (almost like a hair) sized worm that was striped black and white (ish) wriggling around on my lobster.” The reader said that it wasn’t a maggot, and again mentioned that the worm was “really thin like a piece of hair.” Naturally, the reader took the sandwich back, but was still worried about what she had found. What type of small, thin worms might be found in a piece of lobster?

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Tiny Worms Hanging from Silk Thread in Kitchen

red inch worm

Over the last few days, we have received two questions about tiny worms that hang on threads. In a separate article, we addressed one of the thread-spinning worms, which were found outside, and now we will address the question from a reader who found the tiny worms hanging on threads in his kitchen. The reader had several questions, but they primarily concerned what the tiny worms are and how to get rid of them, and thus we will direct our primary attention toward the following question: what kind of small worms can you find hanging from silk thread in your kitchen, and how do you get rid of them?

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Small Worms that Spin Threads and Hang on Trees

red inch worm

We received a question a few days ago about small worms that spin a “thread like line from vegetation.” (The worms’ threads are probably found mainly on trees, and hence our title, but they could be on other plants as well.) The reader lives in Arizona, and only sees the thread-spinning worms at night, or at least this is when the worms are believed to be creating their threads. (The reader is ambiguous on this point.) The reader was only preoccupied with identifying the small worms, so we’ll limit ourselves to this matter, only concerned with the question “what are the small worms that spin threads and hang on trees?”

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Tan Worms with Brown Stripes and Legs – Fleas or Flea Larvae?


We received a question through the All About Worms Facebook page the other day about some tan larvae with brown stripes and legs that were found on a reader’s cat. (We write “tan larvae” to keep things simple, but the reader referred to them as “Beige/tannish,” so essentially the larvae are some sort of off-white color.) The larvae are quite small, about the size of an “I” on a keyboard, to use the reader’s helpful comparison. The reader said the larvae had legs “like a centipede,” by which she might mean the legs are clearly noticeable, and she also reports that the larvae jump. The reader was wondering if she had found found flea larvae, but worried she might have found something worse.

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Tiny, Skinny, Black Worms Found in Salt Water Pool

tiny skinny black worm

We received a question through the All About Worms Facebook page a few days ago about “a tiny black skinny worm in my salt water pool,” to use the reader’s exact wording. The reader lives in Florida, and also reports that the worms are unsegmented and appear to have “diamond shaped scales,” but she concedes it is hard to tell if this is an accurate description of the worm’s exterior. The reader was having trouble figuring out what she found, so she asked us to identify the tiny, skinny, black worm that she found in her pool.

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