Red Caterpillar with Eyes

red caterpillar with eyes

A few days ago we received a question from a reader who sent us a picture of what appears to be a red caterpillar with eyes. (Just a few days ago, we answered a question about a yellow worm with eyes, and the “worm” in question was in fact a caterpillar, so evidently people are seeing lots of caterpillars with eyes recently.) Along with the picture, the reader asked one question (slightly edited for clarity): “What kind of animal is in the photo?” Presumably, he is wondering what the red caterpillar with eyes is, so we will limit ourselves to the matter of identification.

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Long Worms with Black Stripes and Flat Heads

Hammerhead Worm

A couple of days ago we received a question from a reader in Northern California who found a six-inch “worm-like being with black horizontal stripes and a flat, fan-shaped head.” By “fan-shaped head,” we are assuming our reader means the worm’s head is, first, clearly distinct from the rest of its long, striped body and, two, somewhat flat and spread out, perhaps in half-circle shape. If this is true, we have a pretty good idea what our reader found: a hammerhead worm (sometimes spelled “hammer head worm”).

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Black Worm Roof Infestation

black worm infestation

A few days ago we received a question through the All About Worms Facebook page about some black worms (or blackish, brownish worms) that have infested the reader’s neighbor’s roof. The reader reports that there are “millions” of black worms around the neighbor’s roof and his house, so we aren’t using the word “infestation” lightly. (We are not being so careful with our use of the word “worm,” however, as the reader’s black worm infestation is probably a black larvae infestation, but we’ll address this in a moment.) The reader’s message is fairly long and quite detailed, but at bottom he wants to know what creature is causing the infestation, and he also wants to know how to get rid of the problem. What black “worms” are behind the infestation, and what can be done to eliminate the infestation?

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Are Small, Brown Larvae Dangerous?

Small brown larvae

Earlier today, we received a question from a mother about a small, brown larvae that was crawling on her daughter. Actually, she didn’t ask a question, but rather exclaimed a couple of things – “Found this crawling on my daughter! Help!” – and sent us a picture of the creature in question. Since she is obviously concerned, we thought we’d answer her right away, addressing what we presume are her concerns, namely, what is the small, brown larvae she found, and is it dangerous or in any way harmful to her daughter.

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Yellow Worm with Eyes

yellow worm with eyes

Via the All About Worms Facebook page, we recently received a question about a “kind of worm” that appears to have two eyes. Overall, the worm is yellow, but on one end of its body it has black spots that look exactly like eyes. The eyes on the yellow worm are quite large, to the point that they look somewhat cartoonish. The reader sent a superb picture of the creature and only asked what kind of worm it is. So, we are tasked with a question of identification: what kind of worms are yellow and have large eyes?

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