Worm Found on Leg is Probably a Flatworm

One of our readers noticed a black worm on her leg. We think this is probably a land planarian, or it could be a leech! Continue reading [...]

Caterpillar Could be Pipevine Swallowtail Larva

One of our readers asked if the caterpillar he found was a Pipevine swallowtail. We think this is a possibility, but cannot say for certain. Continue reading [...]
hammerhead worm

Thin Red Worm in Toilet

A reader found a worm in her toilet, and wondered if it could be a parasite. We believe the worm she discovered is a hammerhead worm. Continue reading [...]
worm in vial

Creature in Vial Remains a Mystery

One of our readers asked us to identify the creature he held in a vial. We weren't able to say with confidence what this specimen was, but it could be a mealworm. Continue reading [...]
carpet beetle larva

Carpet Beetle Larvae Hide in Bedding

One of our readers found these creatures on her bed sheets:In fact she has been finding them sporadically for several months. She has a few questions for us: What are they? Why and how are they appearing? How can she get rid of them?We are very familiar with these creatures, and we are happy to answer our reader's questions. The creatures are carpet beetle larvae! Carpet beetle larvae feed on carpet, linens, upholstered furniture, bedding, clothing, dust, and other fibrous materials tucked away in a home. They usually inhabit a primary food source, and then are discovered near that area. Since our reader has been finding these specimens in her bed sheets, some of her bedding is likely the primary food source for these larvae. Finding and removing the food source is the first Continue reading [...]
worms on driveway

Could a Pile of Worms on Driveway be From Dog?

One of our readers was walking her dogs when she noticed a pile of something on her paved driveway (photo shown above). She believed that the pile, which was the size of her hand, was composed of dead worms. These worms were about a centimeter long with a black dot on the end Continue reading [...]