Moth Fly Larvae in Toilet

moth fly larvae in toilet

A reader wrote to us a few days ago about some tiny larvae he is finding in his toilet bowl. He specifically asked if they are moth fly larvae, which we think is likely. The reader asked where they come from, and he also asked how to “get rid of them for good,” which perhaps suggests he has had this problem before. First we’ll discuss why we think what he found is moth fly larvae, and then we’ll move on to address where they came from and how to get rid of them.

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Worms, Centipedes, or Millipedes in the Coffee Maker

centipede in coffee maker

A reader wrote to us recently about a worm-like creature “squirming in my coffee carafe while rinsing with water.” The reader was alarmed by this because she is “truly phobic about worms,” and she also reports that she thinks what she found is a millipede. For reasons we will come to shortly, she might have actually found a centipede, but in truth she wasn’t particularly concerned about what she found. She was more fixated on where the centipede (or millipede) came from, and she also wanted to know if there could be more and how she should eliminate them. We’ll try out best to identify and address all her concerns below.

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Small Brown Worms or Larvae in Flower Bed

brown worm in flower bed

A reader in Fort Worth, Texas recently wrote to us about some small brown worms or larvae she is finding in her flower bed. The reader has never seen them before, but she has only had her house (and thus the flower bed) for a few years. The reader says that they look and move around like earthworms, and that they are as big around as an earthworm, but they are quite short. The reader wants to know what she found, and she also wants to know if they are harmful to her garden.

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Worms or Larvae in Your Sheets: Is Your Cat Responsible?

larva on sheets

We received a question from a reader a little while back about a worm she found in her sheets while using a lint roller. (To address the terminology issue up front, we should note that she probably found a larva in her sheets, not a worm, so we’ll use “larva” from here on out.) The reader shares her room with a cat, and although she doesn’t let the cat on her sheets for shedding-related reasons, she thinks the cat might be responsible for the larva’s presence in her room. If not, she suggests that it might be coming from her (the reader). In addition to the origin question, she also wants to know what the larva is, so we’ll address both of these matters below.

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Mysterious Plump Worms

plump worms

A reader recently sent us a picture and asked us one straightforward question: “what the hell is this?” What the hell indeed. The picture appears to depict some sort of plump worm, by which we mean the worm has a relatively thin posterior and anterior end, and a fat middle. However, the image isn’t very clear, and in fact it is hard to tell if the fat middle is actually a part of the worm itself, or if it is something covering the worm (like mud or something like that). Below we attempt to address our reader’s question to the extent that this is even possible.

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