earthworm in dirt

What is Mysterious Orange Bug?

One of our readers recently wrote to us, "I found a creature in the room that I share with my sister. It is an orange bug with brown slits through its body. It doesn't have any hairs and there is no touch of red coloring on the worm. What is this bug?" Continue reading [...]

Dead Worms Might Be Millipedes

One of our readers discovered some brown worm-like organisms in her home. We think they are likely millipedes. Fortunately, millipedes don't sting or bite, or damage household goods or furniture. Continue reading [...]

Worms in Shower are Earthworms

One of our readers has been finding worms in her bathroom over the course of a few months. We are confident these worms are earthworms, which are not dangerous or harmful! Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

Caterpillars That Darken in Color and Form Webs

A reader wrote to us about some moth larvae that are living in her new home. Although we weren't able to identify the specimens, we don't think these creatures are harmful, and we believe she should be able to get rid of them by cleaning. Continue reading [...]

Potential Parasites in Cheek, Eyes, and Hair

A reader reached out to us because of a worm-like parasite she is suffering from. Since we are not licensed to administer medical advice, we encourage our reader to see a doctor for answers. Continue reading [...]

Pile of Worms Could Be Powderpost Beetle Larvae

One of our readers might be dealing with powderpost beetles and their larvae in her home. We recommend she begin by locating the wood that they are inhabiting, and then start the process of saying goodbye to the pests. Continue reading [...]
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