Tiny, Skinny Brown Worm in Carpet

tiny, skinny brown worm in carpet

A reader in Indiana recently sent us a question about an extremely tiny, skinny brown worm that her neighbor found in her carpet. (That is, the small worm was found in the carpet of our reader’s neighbor’s house, and our reader is evidently writing to us on her neighbor’s behalf.) The reader described what she found as a “worm like thing,” so it isn’t clear if we are in fact dealing with tiny brown worm in the carpet at all, although she did say it looks a bit like a horsehair worm. What kind of tiny, skinny brown worms can be found in the carpet, or is our reader’s neighbor not dealing with a worm at all?

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Grub Worms in Mulch Pile on Lawn

grubs in mulch

A reader wrote to us a few days ago about some large, plump white worms that he found in a mulch pile on his lawn. The reader thought they were grubs, which are often called “grub worms” or “grubworms” (even though they are actually larvae), but thought that they might be too big to be grubs, in part based on information he read on this website. The creatures our reader found are in fact quite large – they are about three inches (7.5 centimeters) long and one inch (2.5 centimeters) wide – but they nevertheless appear to be grubs. Did our reader find grubs in the mulch pile on his lawn, or are the creatures he found too big to be grubs?

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Black Millipede Beside a Penny

millipede by penny

Today we received an excellent photo of a black millipede beside a penny, and the photo was accompanied by one simple question: what is this? Presumably, the reader didn’t know that he found a millipede, so we have more or less answered his question, but we’ll say a couple of more things about millipedes below, and also explain why we think he found millipedes.

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Long Line of Small White Larvae or Worms Gathered Together: Fungus Gnat Larvae Snake

fungus gnat larvae

We received an excellent photo a while ago of what a reader described as two large groupings – or “packs” – of small white worms or larvae that were formed in lines. Since we are pretty certain she found fungus gnat larvae, or more specifically what are sometimes called “fungus gnat larvae snakes,” we will refer to them only as “small white larvae,” and not hedge by writing “small white larvae or worms.” The reader found the lines of white larvae – or we suppose they are actually more like see-through larvae with black heads – on her concrete patio, and was merely wondering what they are. As we said above, they look like gnat fly larvae, so the reader’s question has technically already been answered, but below we provide a little more information about these strange configurations of creations. What exactly are fungus gnat larvae, and why do they group together to form “snakes.”

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Fat, Brown Worm or Larvae that is Half Encased in Cocoon

brown encased larvae

We received an interesting question from a reader recently about a brown worm or larvae that is half encased, by which we mean one end of the creature’s body is covered in some sort shell, cocoon, or other encasing, and the other end isn’t covered at all. (The picture below shows what we mean.) The worm or larvae appears to be in a middle state, as half of its body moves and wriggles around when touched, and the other half is wrapped up, seemingly prepared for a period of dormancy. The reader first found the worms next to a plant inside, but he also saw them when he was cleaning out his gutter, so evidently they are fairly common, at least in whatever part of the world our reader lives. What might these fat, brown, and partially encased worms or larvae be?

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