Hundreds of Skinny Worms on the Patio After it Rains

earthworm in dirt

A reader wrote to us recently about the hundreds of skinny worms that appear on her back patio after it rains. The worms are a little over an inch long (about three centimeters), and they are coming from planter boxes nearby. The worms not only spread out over the tiles on her patio, but also on the walls and doors of her house. Once the rain stops and the worms dry out, they produce an unpleasant odor, so the reader is left to clean up a ton of dead worms that smell bad. She is understandably keen to remedy this problem, and wants to know what to do to discourage the worms from invading her terrace. Interestingly, the reader has a front patio that is unaffected by the problem, even though planter boxes are near this patio as well. What can our reader do to get rid of the hundreds of skinny worms that are overwhelming her patio after it rains?

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Extremely Small White Larvae with Black Heads

extremely small larva

A reader wrote to us recently about some extremely small larvae that appear to have white bodies and black heads. She found a “few dozen” white-bodied, black-headed larvae in her bathroom; they were in a damp towel that was on the edge of the bathtub, and larvae fell on the floor when the towel was unfolded. The reader speculated that she might have found moth fly larvae, but she wanted to check her tentative identification with us because the larvae she found seem even smaller than moth fly larvae. Given where the larvae were found, we think it is possible she found moth fly larvae, but because of their appearance, she also might have found Indian Mealmoth (pantry moth) larvae. Below we discuss both possibilities.

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Brown Worms on the Patio with Tentacles


A reader wrote to us about a brown worm on his patio that was crawling toward a leaky water pipe. The reader was quite taken by the worm, and said “it was amazing!” The worm is about four inches (10 centimeters) long, and it had “titticles that parted.” While we find the word “titticles” to be excellent, not least because of is sexually confused connotations, we presume our reader meant tentacles. What could this brown worm with tentacles on the patio have been?

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Huge Earthworms in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California

Huge African Earthworm

A reader wrote to us recently to report that he saw a huge earthworm (in his words, a “HUGE earthworm”) high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of eastern California. The large earthworm came out after a light rain and made its way under the tent our reader was sleeping in. He was wondering if it was native to this region of the California, or if it was “someone’s escaped fish bait” (lots of people fish for trout in this region), and he wanted to know if we could identify the exact species of earthworm he found. What might this enormous earthworm be?

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Short White Maggots Inside Crickets

Horsehair Worm in Forest

We received an interesting question from a reader the other day via the All About Worms Facebook page about “some sort of short white maggot” crawling out of the abdomen of a cricket. The reader feeds the crickets to his chameleon, and recently gnats have been found in the “chameleon’s habitat.” The reader speculated there might be a connection between the gnats and the short white maggots – indeed, he thought the maggots might be the gnats themselves – and asked us to weigh in on the matter. What type of short white maggot could be inside a cricket?

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