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Many-legged, White Worm Found Inside Book is Likely a Beetle Larva

“Is this an inch worm or a bookworm (if that exists)?” asks this reader in his submission concerning the tiny, white worm-like creature pictured below. “It had legs (maybe 4-6) and as shown in the picture I found it in my book.”

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White Grub-like Larvae Fall from Ceiling and Crawl Along Bathroom Floor

“I found one of these crawling on my bathroom floor” states this reader about the glossy, white creature in the photograph below. Our reader’s husband reported that two more of these segmented critters fell from the ceiling and onto his chair.

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Brown and White-speckled Bug with Six Forelegs and a Pronged Rear is a Beetle Larva

“What type of worm or bug is this?” asks this reader in her query concerning the brown and white, speckled bug in the photograph below. Our reader found it on top of her bed cover, and we will do our best to identify this critter for our reader.

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Worm Found on Puppy’s Paw is a Beetle Larva/Grub

“Can you help me identify this worm found on my puppy’s paw after going outside?” this reader asks of this white, larva-looking critter crawling around on the floor in a video she sent in with her query. Her puppy recently had a tapeworm and so our reader is understandably “freaking out”.

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Webbing Clothes Moth Larvae Found Between Clothing in Basement

“Please help!” this reader exclaims about the white, larva-looking creature pictured below. “I found these between my clothes that were in the basement” he states, before asking us what he should do about his situation.

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Creepy Maggots Found in Bathroom Could Be Housefly or Drain Fly Larvae

“Every once in a while I’ll find a maggot or 3 on the floor in the bathroom” says this reader. She asks us if we can tell her what to do, how to get rid of said maggots, and what might be causing them to appear.

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Colorado Potato Beetle Larvae and What To Do About Them

The Colorado potato beetle is a common garden pest that many have to deal with. This article will outline the biology and behavior of potato beetle larvae and give some insight into how to deal with infestations of this pest.

grub worm in house
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Grub Worms in the House

We received a question from a reader who found some sort of larvae in his house. One was found in the hallway, and the other was found on the carpet by the baseboard. The reader says the larvae are white and red on top and green on the bottom, and this can more or less be seen in the photo he submitted along with his question. The reader also reports that the larvae has eight to ten legs. We think our reader found grub worms, which aren’t worms but scarab beetle larvae, so that answers one of his questions. However, he was also curious where the larvae came from, so we’ll address this topic as well.

grub worm
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What Do Grub Worms Look Like?

We received a picture the other day from a reader requesting an identification. The image depicts white (or more like whitish) worm-like creatures that are quite plump, and the reader thought he might have found worms or caterpillars. In fact, we are quite confident the reader found grub worms, also called “lawn grubs” or simply “grubs.” Even though one of their common names is “grub worms,” they are not actually worms, but the larvae form of beetles – generally scarab beetles, but “grub” is a fairly loose term. Thus, they are not worms or caterpillars, but insect larva. Below we explain why we think our reader found grub worms.

lawn grub
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Fat, White Larvae with Brown Heads in Lawn

A reader wrote to us recently to inquire about some gross “things” she found in her yard. The things might more precisely be described as fat and white with brown heads, and the reader was wondering if she found some sort of worm or larvae. We are basically certain she found grubs, which are also called “lawn grubs” or “grub worms” (even though they are larvae), and below we provide a little more information about these creatures. The reader also mentioned that she is concerned about the “dangers they may pose for humans and pets,” so we’ll address this matter as well.

grubs in mulch
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Grub Worms in Mulch Pile on Lawn

A reader wrote to us a few days ago about some large, plump white worms that he found in a mulch pile on his lawn. The reader thought they were grubs, which are often called “grub worms” or “grubworms” (even though they are actually larvae), but thought that they might be too big to be grubs, in part based on information he read on this website. The creatures our reader found are in fact quite large – they are about three inches (7.5 centimeters) long and one inch (2.5 centimeters) wide – but they nevertheless appear to be grubs. Did our reader find grubs in the mulch pile on his lawn, or are the creatures he found too big to be grubs?

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Dogs Eating Grubs: Is this Harmful or Dangerous?

A few days ago we received a question through the All About Worms Facebook page from a reader whose dog had recently eaten several grubs, or beetle larvae. (“Grub” is a generic term that could theoretically refer to any of the hundreds of thousands of species of beetle larva, but it is often used by people to refer to the fat, white larvae on their lawns – “lawn grubs” – in particular.) The reader was made aware of her dog’s recent dietary choices after she (the dog) threw up grubs all over her back porch. (What is more disgusting than vomit? Larvae-filled vomit.) Not surprisingly, the reader was wondering if it is harmful or dangerous for dogs to eat grubs, which we now turn our attention to.

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Small, Red Worms in Plants

A reader from Philadelphia wrote to us a while ago about some small, red worms he found in a “tree” (although the reader’s description suggested it was more like a bush). He said the worms looked a bit like earthworms, but that they were smaller, measuring about one or two inches in length. The reader also said the worms were thin. This is an instance where we really wish we had a picture. We are not only having difficulty imaging what this worm (or whatever it may be) looks like, but we also can’t picture the type of plant on which one of these creatures might be found. Based on what little we do know, it seems that our reader might have found grubworms (often spelled “grub worms,” and they are also known as “white grubs” or simply “grubs”). Grubworms are very common and are frequently found consuming plants, especially turfgrasses. We don’t know for sure if our reader found grubworms, but we can at least supply a little information about these common, plant-eating creatures.

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Grubs and Composting

If you plan to find your own worms, then you should examine the soil and the worms for grubs. Simply sift through the worms and soil to look for larvae.