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Worms that Eat Leather

In a series of short, descriptive sentences, a reader recently wrote us asking if any worms eat leather. The reader was in a secondhand store and came across a leather dog leash that looked as though it had been eaten by small worms. There were tunnels in the leash, possibly caused by some worm or worm-like creature, which made it look a “bit like furniture that was attacked by woodworm.” Overall, the leash lacked the structure of leather, however this is to be conceived, which made the leash look like a “uniform grey mass.” Continue reading [...]

Lamaze Musical Inchworm

The Lamaze Musical Inchworm makes sounds such as jingle, rattle, crinkle, and squeak to keep babies engaged and it features colors such as bright yellow, green, purple, red, and white to keep babies focused and calm. Continue reading [...]

Worms That Eat Books

The larvae of cigarette beetle are cinnamon-colored and it has a taste for rare manuscripts. It also eats drugs, leather, spices, dried vegetable matter, herbarium collections, cornhusk dolls, chocolate, breakfast foods, and other types of books. Continue reading [...]

Dirty Worm Greenhouse NH

Dirty Worm Greenhouse is located between Upper Ox Bow Road and Huckelberry Road. This full service greenhouse & nursery sells trees, shrubs, perennials, bedding plants, herbs, vegetables, and growing supplies. Continue reading [...]

Lair of the White Worm

The Lair of the White Worm is also commonly referred to as The Garden of Evil. The book was published in the United Kingdom the year before Stoker died and it was made into a movie in 1988. The book itself is not generally considered a Stoker masterpiece. Continue reading [...]

How to Eat Fried Worms Activities

The popularity of the How to Eat Fried Worms book amongst grade school children has not diminished in the years since it was published. A movie based on the book was made in 2006 which has successfully increased interest in the book once again. Continue reading [...]
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