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The lovable Oscar the Grouch who lives in a trashcan has made friends with adults and children alike around the world. Oscar the Grouch is one of the primarily cast of characters that had made the television show Sesame Street popular for more than 35 years.

Oscar’s worm has also found its way into the hearts and minds of viewers. Slimey the Worm (Slimey) is Oscar’s pet. His light and dark stripped orange body is a well-known sight as he often perches on the edge of the trash can, on Oscar’s shoulder, or on Oscar’s hand. For a grouchy Muppet with few friends, Oscar has found a companion in Slimey showing viewers that everyone needs a true friend.

Slimey has accomplished many things during his time on the show. At only 2 ¼ inches tall, Slimey won a gold medal in the Worm Olympics, taken a trip to space and jumped out of a plane. In the beginning, Slimey did not speak. Instead, Oscar would hold him up to his ear and speak for him. Today, Slimey and his family have digitally enhanced voices to share their thoughts with the world.

Oscar the Grouches worm Slimey lets kids see the importance of not giving up no matter what your size. He represents the underdog in many situations and yet, he continues to prove that he can do anything he wants.

Slimey is the only character on Sesame Street that Oscar the Grouch will admit being friends with. Together the two work together to accomplish their goals. They do not speak of their emotions but they do support each other and do many different things together. One popular pastime of the two is to take mud baths. Oscar reads to Slimey at the end of each episode – a ritual that began during the show’s 35 season.

Slimey is in love with Glo, a Glowworm firefighter that shares Slimey’s love of adventure. The two worms have been seen kissing while being shot out of a canon and dancing.


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