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The Fictional Worms of British Legend

Most of the articles we write are on the very much real worms that our readers find around the world. However, this article will take a look at some of the fictional worms that have been presented throughout history.

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The Mongolian Death Worm: Fact or Fiction?

We have written articles previously on the myth that is the Mongolian Death Worm. This article will provide updates on the supposed existence of the Death Worm, and inform any new readers of this strange and terrifying creature.

Dune Sandworm
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The Sandworms from Dune

We spend a lot of time answering reader questions about various sorts of worms. Most frequently, we try to identify…

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Can of Worms Movie

“Can of worms” can refer to many things, as a previous post about the multiple uses of the phrase “can of worms” makes clear. When spelled “Can-O-Worms,” it refers to a composting system. When written as “can of worms,” it is often being used as part of a popular idiom, although it may just be referring to a literal can of worms.

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The Multiple Uses of “Can of Worms”

The phrase “can of worms” (sometimes written as “can-o-worms,” depending on the context) can refer to a number of things. There is an idiom involving a “can of worms”, where the “can of worms,” or rather the worms within the can, are being understood as a piece of information or conversation topic that will cause problems. Hence, one often hears statements like “don’t open that can of worms,” meaning one should not bring up a certain subject – the contents of the “can of worms” – because of the problems it may bring about.

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Effing Worms

The effing worms game is an action video game that features a giant worm that can dig fast tunnels, and sneak up on unsuspecting pedestrians, cops, cows, and many more. The worm eats as many of these people and animals (which look like stick figures) as possible while growing at a rapid rate.

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What is Worm Art?

Worm art may be found under science & technical, nature, or animals. If you would like to browse through worm art (clip art), please visit the official Microsoft Office images site.

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Worm Software

Worm software comes in two different forms. If you want to be entertained, you can try any number of worm computer games from “Worms Game” to Bookworm MSN Games, or if your computer system has been infected with worms, you can download a number of effective worm software removal tools.

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Thanksgiving Day Desserts: Banana Worm Bread

We don’t expect you to eat worms on Thanksgiving so we’ll give you the wormless version of this delicious dessert.

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Dirty Worm Greenhouse NH

Dirty Worm Greenhouse is located between Upper Ox Bow Road and Huckelberry Road. This full service greenhouse & nursery sells trees, shrubs, perennials, bedding plants, herbs, vegetables, and growing supplies.

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Banana Worm Bread

Yes, banana worm bread is actually made with real worms. If roasted worms are not your thing, there are several other versions of the real deal that might be more suitable for the human palate.

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What is Worm Clip Art?

Other programs may have similar categories and an even larger collection of worm clip art. If your project requires more than “animated’ looking worm clip art, there are a number of websites that offer striking images of worms.

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Dog Worm Photos

If you don’t find what you are looking for at Pic Search, Photovalet or Photo Vault, there are several ways to determine which type of worm your dog might have. You can check for specific symptoms as listed below or you might be able to identify the worm by comparing the way it looks to any of the physical descriptions listed here.

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Are Tequila Worms Real?

Most tequila available in America is not real tequila. To be designated real tequila, the drink can only be made from the blue agave plant and it can only be produced in five regions of Mexico, these regions are mostly in the northwest part of the country.

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Fear Factor Worm Stomp

The Fear Factor Worm stomp goes something like this. Contestants use their bare feet to stomp on nightcrawlers in a large vat. This produces a disgusting mixture of sweaty bare feet and the guts and juices from more than 6,000 worms.

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Lair of the White Worm

The Lair of the White Worm is also commonly referred to as The Garden of Evil. The book was published in the United Kingdom the year before Stoker died and it was made into a movie in 1988. The book itself is not generally considered a Stoker masterpiece.

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How to Eat Fried Worms Activities

The popularity of the How to Eat Fried Worms book amongst grade school children has not diminished in the years since it was published. A movie based on the book was made in 2006 which has successfully increased interest in the book once again.

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

At the end of his feasting, the very hungry caterpillar ends up with a stomachache which does not surprise most readers. However, this small tidbit of amusement brings laughter to the littler readers or listeners of the tale daily.

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Oscar the Grouches Worm

Oscar the Grouches worm Slimey lets kids see the importance of not giving up no matter what your size. He represents the underdog in many situations and yet, he continues to prove that he can do anything he wants.

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Glowworm Glow Worm Toy

Another popular glowworm glow worm toy made by Fisher-Price is the Ocean Wonders Soothe & Glow Seahorse. The toy lights up and plays music as well. The musical selections are more varied than other toys.