Can of Worms Movie

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“Can of worms” can refer to many things, as a previous post about the multiple uses of the phrase “can of worms” makes clear. When spelled “Can-O-Worms,” it refers to a composting system. When written as “can of worms,” it is often being used as part of a popular idiom, although it may just be referring to a literal can of worms.

Can of Worms Movie

“Can of Worms” is also the name of a movie and a book by the same name, and it is this use of “can of worms” that concerns us in the present article. Can of Worms the movie (or, if you like, Can of Worms the film) was made in 1999 and was filmed in Vancouver, British Colombia. It is a Disney Original Movie that was made for Halloween. For the record, Disney Channel Original Movies are made for the Disney Channel specifically, so they are not played in movie theaters, which means that Can of Worms was probably not very widely viewed by those who are not Disney Channel viewers. However, some popular Disney Channel Original Movies are released on VHS, DVD, or Blu-ray, which expands their viewership. Can of Worms was released as a VHS tape, and several used copies are still available for purchase on Amazon. (Whether you should consider buying a copy is a completely different question, and the mere fact that we mention that copies of Can of Worms are available on Amazon should not be taken as a recommendation to buy it, nor should this sentence be taken as a recommendation to not buy it.)

Can of Worms, as we mentioned, is based on a book that is also titled Can of Worms. The book was reasonably successful, as it was a nominee for the 2001 Rhode Island Children’s Book Award and a Young Reader’s Choice Nominee in 2002.

The plot of Can of Worms centers on Mike Pillsbury, a bright young man who never felt like he belonged to the planet Earth. He tries to get the attention of his love interest, Kate Sandman, by helping out with the school’s Halloween Dance, but Mike’s rival, Scott, disrupts his plan. Upset and disillusioned, Mike sends a message to outer space requesting rescue from the planet he has always known as home. An alien named Thoad actually gets the message and comes to earth to capture Mike and take him (Mike) to his (Thoad’s) zoo. However, Mike’s friend’s brother is captured and taken to the zoo instead. The rest of the movie chronicles Mike’s effort to rescue his friend’s brother, an effort that is aided by an alien disguised as a dog named Barnabus. Mike experiences some frightening and trying moments, but we’ll omit the specifics and the conclusion of the movie in case our readers want to watch this film and discover the ending on their own.

You can purchase a used VHS copy of the film on Amazon:
Can of Worms


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