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The Mongolian Death Worm: Fact or Fiction?

We have written articles previously on the myth that is the Mongolian Death Worm. This article will provide updates on the supposed existence of the Death Worm, and inform any new readers of this strange and terrifying creature.

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Effing Worms

The effing worms game is an action video game that features a giant worm that can dig fast tunnels, and sneak up on unsuspecting pedestrians, cops, cows, and many more. The worm eats as many of these people and animals (which look like stick figures) as possible while growing at a rapid rate.

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What is Worm Art?

Worm art may be found under science & technical, nature, or animals. If you would like to browse through worm art (clip art), please visit the official Microsoft Office images site.

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Worm Software

Worm software comes in two different forms. If you want to be entertained, you can try any number of worm computer games from “Worms Game” to Bookworm MSN Games, or if your computer system has been infected with worms, you can download a number of effective worm software removal tools.

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What is Worm Clip Art?

Other programs may have similar categories and an even larger collection of worm clip art. If your project requires more than “animated’ looking worm clip art, there are a number of websites that offer striking images of worms.

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Dog Worm Photos

If you don’t find what you are looking for at Pic Search, Photovalet or Photo Vault, there are several ways to determine which type of worm your dog might have. You can check for specific symptoms as listed below or you might be able to identify the worm by comparing the way it looks to any of the physical descriptions listed here.