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Glowing Worms in Your Grass?

Before becoming flies, the larvae look a bit like worms and glow through a process called “bioluminescence.” Bioluminescence is the emission of light by a living organism.

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Glow Worms and Fireflies

Rhagophthalmidae, a family of beetles that live in Asia, have organs that glow. These beetles might be relatives of the firefly but it is not presently confirmed. Very little is actually known about these beetles. The females are wingless and look like larvae when at their final stage of development in the lifecycle.

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Worm Joke

Most of the worm jokes listed here have been around for ages and others are fairly new, but common knowledge. The list below represents a compilation of some of the best worm jokes on the Internet and beyond.

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Glow Worm

Not to be confused with glow worm beetles, the glow worm has the amazing ability to produce light naturally and they can only be found in Austrailia and New Zealand. The process that the glow worm uses to produce light is called bioluminescence. During this biochemical reaction several components work together to emit light.

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Glow Lure or Artificial Lure?

We all know that there’s more than one way to catch a fish, but some ways just might be more…

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The Catalpa Sphinx (Black and Yellow Worm)

The glow worm may attract the most attention when it comes to intrigue and beauty, but there is another worm that may attract attention for an altogether different reason. This worm is so odd looking, that one can’t help but wonder “what kind of worm is that?” The black and yellow worm dangling from a lone leaf or making its way up the trunk of a tree is commonly called a Catalpa Sphinx. Cool name for a cool worm, huh?

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Glow Worms (Arachnocampa)

If you think you can make an average, everyday worm glow in the dark by feeding it certain foods or poking it with a stick, think again! Not to be confused with glow worm beetles, glow worms have the amazing ability to produce light naturally and they can only be found in Australia and New Zealand.

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Glow Worms: Green Nightcrawlers are Easy-to-spot Bait

Nightcrawlers, a popular brown fish bait, are now sold as glow worms. The glow-in-the-dark green nightcrawler worms are quite attractive to catfish and other game species.

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The Glow Worm (a/k/a Glow-Worm)

The glow worm is actually not a worm at all. The glow-worm is a beetle, although female glow worms never progress past larval stage, and as they are the ones that glow, people mistake them for worms.