Lamaze Musical Inchworm

It’s soft, it’s colorful, and its safe for babies. The Lamaze Musical Inchworm isn’t a real worm, of course, but a 24-inch “superworm” that helps stimulate your baby’s vision and develop and stimulate an infant’s auditory skills. The Lamaze Musical Inchworm makes sounds such as jingle, rattle, crinkle, and squeak to keep babies engaged and it features colors such as bright yellow, green, purple, red, and white to keep babies focused and calm.

The Lamaze Musical Worm product features include:

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-Color variations such as the yellow faced multicolored Inchworm or orange faced multi-colored Inchworm
-Plush soft body makes it perfect for napping and playing
-Recommended for babies from birth on
-Soft velour body
-Stimulating crinkles, squeaks, jingles, and rattles
-Unique textures to chew and touch
-When hugged, plays the song “If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands”

The Lamaze Musical Inchworm was created by Learning Curve. According to the Learning Curve website, the company:

Offers developmental toys that engage children, and provide parents with peace of mind, knowing their children are being inspired and enlightened by safe and quality playthings. And our care, safety, feeding and soothing products provide you with solutions to day-to-day needs at mealtime, bedtime, at home and on-the-go..

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We offer a wide range of age-specific brands to choose from, including: The First Years®, Lamaze®, John Deere Kids™, Thomas & Friends™ and Bob the Builder, to name a few. And all toys are thoroughly researched to nurture young minds in a wholesome, non-violent environment. Learning Curve products are designed under the direction of educators, child development authorities, parents like you and children like yours..

Our goal is simple, yet of utmost importance: Learning Curve is strongly committed to providing classic, high-quality toys that encourage your child’s imagination, pique their never-ending curiosity, appeal to their strong sense of adventure and enrich their playtime experience.

Learning Curve also sells other musical Lamaze toys such as a sea carousel, elephant tunes, elephantunes, octotunes, and a chime garden. Lamaze Musical Inchworm, and all Lamaze toys feature a 90 day limited warranty. Theses toys can be purchased for $17.99 online through the official Learning Curve website at
or at stores such as Kohl’s, Target, and Babies R Us. A number of independent toy stores also carry Learning Curve products, so visit the Learning Curve website to locate an independent retail shop in your area.

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Learning Curve Corporate Contact

Learning Curve is owned by RC2 Corporation, which has offices in Dyersville, Iowa; Canton, Massachusetts, and Logan, Utah. The company headquarters is located in Oak Brook, Illinois. International offices are located in Victoria, Australia; Dongguan, China; Koln Germany; Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, and Exeter, United Kingdom.

RC2 Corporation
1111 W. 22nd Street
Suite 320
Oak Brook, IL 60523
Phone: 630.573.7200
Fax: 630.573.7575
Toll-free Customer Service: 800-704-8697
Monday – Friday, 8:00 a m – 5:00 p m CST

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