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Bookworm is a great game offered by MSN. It is free game that allows players the opportunity to use their understanding of the English language while being entertained. The Bookworm feeds on words. Players must link letters together to form words as quickly as they can.

The board is a mess of letters that is visually similar to the more traditional Scrabble game. When players successfully link letters together to form a word, the Bookworm eats the letters and they disappear from the board. The eaten letters are then replaced by new letters. This keeps the board (screen) full at all times so there are always options to create new words.

The longer the words a player is able to form the more points they earn. There are two different modes to choose from: classic or timed action mode. The full version features unlimited game play, special bonus words, and a hall of fame that features high scorers.

It is simple to begin playing the game. All a player needs to do is go to the MSN website, sign-up, and download the game. Many websites, including MSN, offer the Bookworm game. Some of these websites charge for the game and some offer additional ways to play including the ability to participate in competitions against other Bookworm players. Players race against the clock to see how many words they can create in five minutes and continue to play to see how often they can beat their previous scores.

MSN also offers a forum where players can chat, learn tricks, and just simply have fun. And, an advanced version of the game is available called Bookworm Adventures. This version still focuses on the creation of words from tiles, but there are additional twists to make it more challenging. Players will need to navigate through a world of monsters and villains while trying to create words from the available letter tiles. Building words is the key to getting rid of the bad guys and advancing through the game. The longer the words, the faster players are able to move to the next level.


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