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Small, White Worms in Toilet May Be Flea Larvae

“I keep finding these small worms in the toilet”, states this reader concerning the minuscule, clear-white organism pictured below. “Can you confirm what they may be?”

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Short, Brown Worm Found in Shower May be a Bloodworm

“I live in Austin Texas and found this worm in my shower. It was about 2 inches long”, states this reader with regard to the long, pink-brown worm-like creature photographed below. “Do you know what kind of worm this is?”

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Dark Brown Worm Found in Toilet May Be a Drain Fly Larva, Though Concerns About Parasites are Raised

“What are these worms and should we be worried?” asks this reader, who is worried that the worms are inside her and the people who have used the toilet. The creature, who was found “swimming in [her] toilet”, seems to be a dark-brown color, with a brighter, yellowish tail/head (though it is difficult to tell).

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‘How Do Earthworms Get Into Our Toilets?’ Wonders Reader After Finding One in His Bathroom

“I would like to know how [this worm] could have gotten in the toilet?” asks this reader in Medway, Kent, who found this worm in his upstairs toilet. The worm looks to be thin and long, with a pink-brown body and no obvious appendages or bristles.

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Cream Colored, Tailed Worm in Toilet is a Rat-tailed Maggot

“What is this worm?” asks our reader about this cream-colored creature she put in a glass jar. The creature looks to be an ovate shape, with a thin tail emerging from one end of its body.

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Dead, Pink-Brown Worms by Kitchen Sink are Tubifex Worms

“What on Earth are these worms?” asks this reader, who found a batch of pinkish, dead worm-like creatures beside her kitchen sink. She has since cleaned the worms up and bleached her entire counter and sink.