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What If My Dog Ate A Wolf Worm?

One of our readers asked what might happen if his dog ate a wolf worm. There is some possibility that his dog's skin might become infected with these wolf worms, but we don't have enough information to declare if this will occur or not. Continue reading [...]

The Attack of the Screwworm

A reader reached out to us because she believes her roommates might be suffering from screwworms. We encourage them to see a doctor immediately. Continue reading [...]

Are Wolf Worms Contagious?

To summarize, a reader asked us if wolf worms in cats are contagious to humans. While we are confident that it is very unlikely in North America. Continue reading [...]

Screwworms and Humans

A reader just asked us the following question: Can a screwworm live in the human body/intestine if the human accidentally eats the egg or worm? Continue reading [...]


A reader wrote to us asking us if there is a type of worm that can get into your skin in Florida. The reader did not specify that she had worms in her skin, but anytime we have a reader with a medical question, we let them know to get the help of a medical professional first.First, we have to say that we are not qualified to speak about medical issues, and if the reader has a medical concern she should seek medical attention. What we can do is provide some suggestions as to the type of worm. Continue reading [...]

Screw Worm Infection

We received an alarming email from a reader very recently and decided we must address it before some of the other questions that have accumulated (even though we will get to all them). The reader claimed to have screw worms - that is, she is infected with screw worms (sometimes spelled as one word, "screwworms") - and she is obviously quite concerned about this. She is wondering what she should do, and the answer we give to someone with a screw worm infection is the same answer we give to anyone with a medical condition: seek medical care. Worms are our forte, so we certainly know a bit about screw worms, but anything we say should not in any way be construed as medical advice. That said, we can supply a little information about screw worms and the problems they cause, and it may be of assistance to our reader with the (potential) screw worm infection (but, again, it should absolutely not replace medical care). Continue reading [...]
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