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Two Black Worms Found Amid Hammerhead Worm Infestation are New Guinea Flatworms

“I found two black flatworms”, states this reader about the creature pictured below, which indeed has a glossy black body, with a light gray/white underside. “I already am infested with the hammerhead worms, now what is this worm?”

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Thin Black Worms Appearing on Dirt May Be New Guinea Flatworms

“Small, thin, black worms” of approximately 1-2-inches have been showing up in our reader’s backyard. This is a new occurrence for our reader, as it has only been happening for the past “couple of months”, and our reader wonders if they are “good worms or bad worms.”

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Creepy, Glossy Black Worm is Likely a New Guinea Flatworm

“Can you identify this creepy thing? Thanks!!!” is all this reader writes in his submission to us. The “creepy thing” he is referring to is the long, black worm pictured below, with bulbous bulges protruding from the length of its body.

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Flat, Black Worm Found in Toilet is a New Guinea Flatworm

Finding this creature in his toilet caused this Floridian to “freak out a bit.” The creature in question appears to be a dark brown/black on its topside, and has a lighter, grayish underside. He asked his “biologist friend” to take a look at it, who said it looked like a New Guinea flatworm.

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Common Misconceptions About Flatworms

Flatworms are a topic often discussed within the world of worms; there are 25,000-odd species of them and they come in all sorts of colors and are extraordinary creatures. Unfortunately, their odd, flat shape alone has given them a bad reputation and has spawned a lot of awful, and a lot of times false, rumors about them.

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Gray Worm in Texas May be an Underdeveloped New Guinea Flatworm

A reader in Texas recently sent in this image of a worm she found on a dead twig in the dirt after rain. The worm appears to be black/gray in color, and extremely tiny.

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Little Black Worms Annoy Reader in Florida

A reader reached out to us about little black worm-like organisms that have suddenly appeared in her apartment. We think these creatures might be New Guinea flatworms or brahminy blind snakes, although they could be something else.