Moth Infestation Spawns Concerns Over Parasites

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“We seem to have an infestation of moths and what we’re thinking might be larvae,” states this reader in her submission regarding the array of photos below. Our reader wonders if the appearance of this moth and its larvae could be connected to parasites “in some way.”

Our reader and her fiance, who live in Alabama, have been experiencing “symptoms of what appears to be parasites” and she desperately seeks help for their situation. From the pictures alone, we can tell that a lot of these organisms clearly are moths. Infestations of moths are not unlikely, especially of those species whose larvae like to feed on things commonly found in the home, such as the pantry moth and the webbing clothes moth.

Furthermore, there are indeed parasites which take insects as their hosts, such as the horsehair worm. For that reason, it is not impossible for moths to carry parasites. That said, it is improbable that a moth would transmit parasites to humans. Parasites are almost always transmitted through ingestion, secretions of faecal matter and/or vomit into an open wound, or biting. Now, unless our reader and her fiance are eating the moths, it is not likely that the moths or their larvae are connected to any parasitic infection, as moths do not bite nor do they tend to land on humans and secrete things into their wounds.

With all of this in mind, we are not saying that our reader and her fiance are not experiencing a parasitic infection: as we are not medical professionals, this is not a conclusion we can draw. All we are saying is that it is not probable that the moth infestation caused this infection. If our reader wants answers concerning her symptoms and a possible parasitic infection, then we suggest that she consult a medical professional, specifically a parasitologist.

What we can recommend is that our reader do one or more of the following: 1) Search for a medical parasitologist in her area using this directory of medical parasitology consultants:

Search the Clinical Parasitologists Directory.
2) Search for a local parasitologist by doing a Google search for “medical parasitologist (name of the closest big city)” or “tropical medicine specialist (name of the closest big city)”.
3) Get in touch with Dr. Omar Amin at the Parasitology Center at asites-7-300×173.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”173″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-15674″ />

To conclude, it is highly unlikely that an infestation of moths has anything to do with a parasite infection, but that is not to say that our reader and her fiance’s experience is invalid. If they have cause to believe they are experiencing a parasitic infection, or if they are simply concerned about their health, then they should definitely consult the opinion of a medical professional, who will be qualified and capable of providing the answers they seek, as well as the help they may require. We hope that this article helps, and we wish our reader and her fiance the best!


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Moth Infestation Spawns Concerns Over Parasites
Article Name
Moth Infestation Spawns Concerns Over Parasites
"We seem to have an infestation of moths and what we're thinking might be larvae," states this reader in her submission regarding the array of photos below. Our reader wonders if the appearance of this moth and its larvae could be connected to parasites "in some way."

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Author: Worm Researcher Anton

5 thoughts on “Moth Infestation Spawns Concerns Over Parasites

  1. I have been dealing with the same issue! It’s been a little over five years since my horror story began, which started out with an itchy scalp and crawling sensations. I thought my granddaughter might’ve possibly brought head lice over, well it’s five years later and thousands of dollars spent trying anything and everything even moved and walked away with nothing but the clothes on our back, sadly I am still at square one absolutely no answers or an explanation :( … After relentless searching on the internet for answers I found that I am not alone. The groups I have joined over my five year’s researching continue to grow as the days go on with people experiencing the same kinds of issues. I just don’t understand how an our government can let this go on and not do something about it, at the least seems like there would be some active testing and investigating into this matter with so many complaints. My 13 year old son now has the same symptoms and it’s so hard being his mother not being able to fix the problem. After all in a Childs mind they alway’s look up to mom to fix everything make it better. Unfortunately I am at a dead end road when it comes to fixing this problem.

  2. I have been going threw this for 8 months. My daughter thinks I’m crazy or on drugs. I’ve shown her pictures in every stage i have shredded all my clothes. Bought very expensive bottles of things that claim to get rid of mites, bed bugs ect. I clean and shower everyday. I have holes in my legs and arms. Apparently they don’t spread to other people because my daughter and friend don’t have them. I’ve gone to my dr and got treated for pin worms it didn’t work. Has anyone tried dr. Amin or Dr. Vipur like mentioned in all about worms. I know were all desperate there has to be answers and treatment. Im holding on by a string but know theres answers out there somewhere. If anyone finds anything out or just needs to talk about it please email me at
    [email protected].
    Praying for all of us, as many of us that are dealing with this there’s got to be a solution somewhere. Hang in there everybodie

  3. I too suffer from a multitude of parasitic disgusting creatures and have also had issues with getting a doctor to take me seriously. I am starting to believe that the reason for this is the same reason that Morgellons Disease is diagnosed as a mental health problem. Several years ago I was told first hand by a reputable doctor that his medical license, as well as the license of any other doctor in the US, would be taken away and their career ruined if they told any of their patients the truth about Morgellons. He wouldn’t elaborate but it’s not hard to figure out why that is. Our own government performs”tests”, “experiments”, or whatever you want to call it on us without our knowledge and have been for awhile; considering it for the greater good. One can only assume that what I’ve been experiencing is some of the same. Especially considering that not a single doctor or dermatologist will even bother to test for anything. It’s public knowledge that scientist are genetically altering all sorts of things. But even if it’s not our government this time, just think about how easy it would be for China to douse the clothing it sends this way to infect us with anything they wanted to and none would be the wiser. I mean how much of what you’re wearing right now comes from there? We’re going to have to diagnose and treat ourselves. And also spread the word. I know I may seem a little out there but I speak the truth. I can’t help who’s ready or not ready to hear it. Thank you very much for the information at the end of the articles that offers options for help.

  4. I have a feeling that there’s more to this story that science hasn’t yet identified because I too have been suffering parasites and also these very annoying moths. I was dumbfounded and disgusted last night when I soaked my feet in Epsom salt water, because my skin is being affected by whatever is infecting me (some roundworm, Ascaris or hookworm potentially, test negative because it was done after three lots of treatment but they’ve now returned albeit much smaller than the giant aliens I was dealing with – thank God!) Anyway last night I took my feet out of the water expecting there to be worm larvae in there possibly invisible to my naked eye but lo and behold there was a caterpillar in the water! omg I freaked and didn’t sleep all night worrying about it. I know no doctors will take me seriously and I’m astounded that despite parasites affecting the majority of humans on Earth, no doctors want to admit they’re an issue in the west. Which they are. But clearly not a problem that gets attention or funding for studies. I think we’d find that some moths do turn parasitic or possibly have a relationship with parasites in some way, not sure how. Maybe pheromones attract them so they mistake humans for something else and become more of a problem. But whatever it is please don’t brush this off I believe there’s others suffering but no one knows what it is because it’s not a recognised problem at all. More needs to be done in the field of parasitology.

  5. Ugh !! I find the things that are in picture number one all over my house. I have dealt with it for 2 years. I am so sick and feel like I’m dying a slow painful death. Been to several doctors and hospitals. They tell me to see a psychiatrist. I’ve done that. They say a dermatologist, I’ve done that. But NOT ONE DOCTOR will look at anything I have to show them. Nobody !! I’m tired of being nice and staying home so other people don’t get sick, but enough is enough !! Two years is a long time to itch uncontrollably, have these all over your clothing, bedding and floors of your house. I know they are gross but they are also a reality. The only dillusional person or people are the damn doctors who keep telling me that I’m the crazy one. If I were actually crazy, why pick the most disgusting thing ever and then go tell people I have it ? If that’s the case then I should be locked up where I’m not a danger to anyone else. THIS IS SERIOUS !!

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