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Tiny, Black Worm is a Flatworm

“What kind of worm is this?” is all this reader writes in his submission. Fortunately, our reader did send in more than one photo, which does provide some context so far as a photo of a worm is able to. But it is actually this second photo, which sees the worm flipped on its back, that tells us the identity of this worm. Now, for a worm to even have a backside, it needs to have a body which is not tubular like an earthworm’s. And when the underside is a different color than the top, this tells us one more thing: this is probably a flatworm.

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Bunches of Hair-like Organisms Found in Sink by Woman Seeking Answers

“I found this in my sink,” states this reader in her submission concerning the objects that look like bunches of wet hair photographed below. “Can you identify it?” she asks.

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Moth Infestation Spawns Concerns Over Parasites

“We seem to have an infestation of moths and what we’re thinking might be larvae,” states this reader in her submission regarding the array of photos below. Our reader wonders if the appearance of this moth and its larvae could be connected to parasites “in some way.”