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Getting A Worm Infestation Abroad and How To Deal With It

A woman wrote to us about getting infested with horsehair worms while visiting Costa Rica, and wanted advice on how to permanently rid herself of them.

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Tapeworm in Man’s Brain Found to be Cause of Headaches

No one likes a headache, and each kind of headache is bad in its own way, but you would probably be especially disturbed if your headache was caused by a parasitic worm crawling around your brain for several years. Such was the fate of a British man who recently found out that a one centimeter tapeworm (more precisely, Spirometra erinaceieuropaei) has been living in his brain for the past four years.

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Long, Skinny Worms: Horsehair Worm or Tapeworm?

We recently received several photos of a fairly long, skinny worm that a reader found in his backyard. We have received many questions about long, skinny worms, and every time we do our first thought is that the reader has found a horsehair worm (sometimes incorrectly written “horse hair worms”), as horsehair worms are indeed long and skinny. With respect to our present reader’s question, we also think there is a good chance he found a horsehair worm. However, the reader specifically asked about tapeworms (which is also incorrectly spelled frequently – as “tape worms”) and was wondering if the creature he found could “burrow” into a body. So, we’ll address the reader’s concerns concurrently, explaining why we think he found a horsehair worm (and not a tapeworm), and in so explaining it will be clear why there is no need to worry about this worm burrowing into a body.

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The Life of Tapeworms

At the end of the tapeworm lies a sac of eggs. Several segments become detached at a time and pass out with the host’s feces. The tapeworm, much like the fluke, may have more than one intermediate host.

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The Broad Tapeworm

If a human consumes an infected, uncooked piece of fish, larvae are released into the body. Using small hooks, the worms attach themselves to the wall of the gut and develop into adult worms in three weeks.

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Signs of Worms in Dogs

In addition to recognizing signs of worms in dogs, it is important to recognize what the different types dog worms look like. Round worms look like spaghetti and tapeworm segments look like grains of rice.

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Pin Worms in Children

It is common for children to become reinfected several months or so after being treated for pin worms. If this happens, call your doctor to get started on another round of treatment immediately.

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Symptoms of Tape Worm

While the tape worm can grow up to 15 feet or more in length, most are around 3-5 inches long. If left untreated, they can live up to 25 years.

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Human Tape Worms

Certain types of parasites are found more often in animals, such as the bloodworm, which typically infects horses. Other types of parasites may affect humans more often.

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Tapeworms in Cats

Tapeworms can be treated with antibiotics, diet changes, and exercise. While tapeworms are rarely fatal if treated early, another type of worm called “heartworm” can cause sudden, serious, and even fatal disease in the cat.

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The Tapeworm

Tapeworm can infect any mammal, including humans. Fortunately it is not usually serious, and is readily treated.