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Small Gray Bug Found Inside Vehicle is Some Kind of Caterpillar/Larva

“Why do I keep finding this bug in my vehicle?” asks this reader in her submission concerning the small, gray, spiky bug on the face mask in the photo below. Our reader states that she does not allow eating in her car, which she just purchased and keeps very clean.

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Finding Silver Worms? They are Probably Silverfish (Silver fish), a.k.a. Fishmoths (Fish moths)

A little while ago, we received a question from a reader who is seeing silver worms at night. He is wondering what the silver worms are – or, technically, what the silver worm is, as the reader seems to imply (correctly or incorrectly) that he is seeing the same worm every time it emerges – so we’ll cut to the chase: they are probably silverfish, or fishmoths, which are also commonly spelled as separate words (“silver fish” and “fish moths”). Again, all of these terms could be singular (making it fish moth, fishmoth, etc.), but this doesn’t change anything we’ll say on the matter, so we’ll switch between plural and singular forms.

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Is a Silverfish a Fish or a Worm?

When found in the home, silverfish can be observed hunting for food and moisture. While they can be found anywhere in the home, silverfish are commonly found in the bathtub, washbasin, or sink.

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Getting Rid of Silverfish

Much like plants and flowers, pests are also seasonal. During the warm summer season, you might notice swarms of gnats flying around outdoors and towards the end of the summer or early fall, you may notice an increase in the number of centipedes crawling around on your kitchen floor. There are a number of house pests that can invade your home seasonally or even year round. One such house pest is the silverfish.