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Pink & Brown Worms Crawling Up From Shower Drain are Earthworms

A concerned woman recently wrote to us about her mom’s discovery of worms in her bathroom. The worm in the picture below appears to be pink and brown in color, and is a long, tubular shape.

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Brown Worms Found Around Home Might Be Earthworms

We think the worms our reader has discovered in her home are probably earthworms. If our reader is concerned about her son’s health or worried that the worm she found in his bed came from him, then we recommend that she take him to the doctor immediately.

earthworm in dirt
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Earthworms Coming into the House

One of our readers emailed us about some worms that have been getting into her home during the spring and fall. She said “Every spring and every fall usually after the rain I get a crazy number of earthworms in my house. (I picked up 37 earthworms off my carpet Saturday evening.) I have French doors with rubber seals on the bottom in my basement family room, they aren’t drafty and rarely opened. That is their point of entry. I can’t understand what would drive them to push their way in. Once they get in why they don’t sense it’s a bad idea and leave. They end up like dried spaghetti all over the carpet. I have small children, and the joke around here is get the worm jerky cleaned up before the babies eat it!” We are unsure exactly why the earthworms are coming into the home, but it could be possible that there is a crack in the sealing of the door somewhere. This could possibly be the way that the worms are getting into the basement.