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Discovering Case Bearing Larvae and Carpet Beetle Larvae Together

We have explained why case bearing moth larvae and carpet beetle larvae are sometimes found together or near each other. Neither of these creatures is actually harmful, but they can be destructive and are therefore both considered to be pests.

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Both Case Bearing Clothes Moth Larva and Carpet Beetle Larva Found on Bed

One of our readers discovered two specimens on her bed: case bearing clothes moth larvae and carpet beetle larvae. Both of these larvae are considered to be household pests, so it is important that our reader begin cleaning to get rid of them ASAP to keep the damage to a minimum.

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Moth Larvae Infestation in Closet and Garage

Our reader is dealing with clothes moths and case bearing moths, and their larvae. Clothes moths and case bearing moths are actually both types of clothes moths, and both are found in North America.

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Case Bearing Moth Larva Found On Wall

A reader wrote to us freaked out by a teeny-tiny visitor she found in her house. First, she saw a strange thing on her wall, near the ceiling. It looked like a bit of fluff or debris, but then it moved. She took a picture for us:

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“Worms with Shells” are Case-bearing Moth Larvae

Today, we will discuss an email from a woman who has found an unusual creature in her room. She describes the creature as being less than an inch long. She also says that it has a single black line around that head, which she describes as black or dark brown. The oddest thing, she says, is that seems to be carrying some sort of shell with it. This shell appears to be hairy and looks a bit like a cocoon.

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Do Bedroom Worms Exist?

While there are no specific worm species that live only in bedrooms, there are quite a few types or larvae that prefer to live near fabrics, in storage bins, in grains, cupboards, around drains, and in dark damp places.

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Carpet Worms

The larvae of the case-bearing clothes moth are white and they look like worms. They carry a case that can reach up to 10 mm in length. The case is usually made from a combination of self-made silk and the materials they feed on.

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How to Get Rid of Worms in Your Ceiling

If you have seen any type of creature crawling in and around your drains, pipes, or ceiling, there is a good chance it was the larvae of the moth fly.

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Clothes Moth Larvae

Clothes moth larvae are the beginning life stages of the unusual case-bearing clothes moth. They feed on carpets and clothing – even bedding, as well as debris around the home, dried cereal, and vegetable matter.