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Wax Worms Infest this Man’s Living Room After a Bee Swarm

A man who experienced a bee swarm inside the brick wall of his house later discovers worms in his living room. According to our reader, the worms are small, maggot-like worms, and they seem to be coming from under the "plates" of the living room, which we assume refers to the floor of the room. Continue reading [...]

Waxworms Need to be Happy, but Not Too Happy

Today, we will address a question from a reader in Germany. She raises waxworms to use as bait when trout fishing. She’s having no problem keeping them alive. The issue is that the wax worms start to spin silk for cocoons before she has a chance to go fishing! Once the worms start their journey to moth, they’re no longer useful as trout bait. She wonders if we can give her some advice as to how to persuade these little guys not to continue on to their next life stage. Continue reading [...]

Waxworms or Root Weevils Near and on Cat?

A reader sent in a picture of two worm-like organisms that he found on a wooden table inside his house. He mentioned there was also one spotted on his cat. After looking at our site he is curious if these could be root weevils? Continue reading [...]

Worms on Kitchen Ceiling

A concerned son recently wrote to us about some worms his mother found on her kitchen ceiling. His mother vacuumed them off, but they reappeared. He said that when he tried to knock them off, the worms appeared to be hanging by a piece of web. He described the worms as being light colored and less than half an inch in length. He is hopeful that we can identify these pests and advise him on how to get rid of them in order to give his mother peace of mind. Continue reading [...]

Pink worms with red head in kitchen

A reader recently reached out to us about some worms that have invaded her home. She hopes we will be able to identify these worms and help her get rid of them. The reader describes the worms as slightly resembling mealworms, between ¼ and ½ inches long. In addition, she says they have a blood red “head” and a pinkish body supported by many legs. Finally, she concludes that when she has removed these worms from her kitchen ceiling, they have left behind a web-like substance. Based on the reader’s description, it is safe to assume that the reader is not dealing with a type of worm, but a type of larva. This is a common misconception because larvae are often referred to as worms. Continue reading [...]

Interesting Facts About Wax Worms

Wax worms look like dull white caterpillars. They have thick bodies and a dark head. After mating, the female wax worm will lays her eggs and the cycle will begin again. Continue reading [...]
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