Woman Suffers Pain and Skin Damage from Parasitic Infestation

A woman contacted us who has been suffering from a parasite infestation. According to our reader, and the photographs provided, the parasites resemble toilet paper, and have been noticed to exit our reader’s body after taking a shower or bath.

Due to the photographs being graphic and exhibiting the reader themselves, we are not able to share them online. However, the photo we did attach appears to be of the same organism, but was sent in from another reader. This one does not include the reader, so we are using it for the sake of the first reader’s privacy. In this new photograph, we can see a two pink and yellow masses, one bigger than the other. The bigger one, which is more yellow in color, seems to be curled up on itself, and both organisms seem to be attached to this white, flat matter which is what resembles toilet paper.

ATTENTION: GET PARASITE HELP NOW! At All About Worms we get a lot of questions about skin parasites, blood parasites, and intestinal parasites in humans. Because we can't diagnose you, we have put together this list of doctors and labs who understand and specialize in dealing with parasites in humans! That resource is HERE

Furthermore, although we could not provide the actual photographs our first reader sent in, we can still provide some context on them. The original photographs exhibited the parasites themselves, as well as the damage they caused our unfortunate reader’s body. Along with these photographs, our reader provided a great deal of context, which we are grateful for. However, before we get into any of that, it is paramount that we address the fact that we will not be able to provide an identification of the parasites. This is because we are not medical professionals, and to give an identification of a parasite would be equivalent to providing a diagnosis.

It is our opinion that our reader needs to seek medical help immediately. We would advise seeking out both an infectious disease specialist and a travel disease doctor so that our reader can double her chances of finding a doctor that would suit her needs and that could provide the proper treatment required. In order to find these medical professionals, our reader can simply do a search on the internet for ‘infectious disease specialist (name of her city, or closest big city)’ and ‘travel disease doctor (name of her city, or closest big city)’. Additionally, if our reader is able to bring samples of the parasites to these physicians, then that would most definitely aid the doctors in identifying the parasites.

Now, we still think it would be important for us to share some of the context provided by our reader in the case that any of our other readers are suffering a similar problem. Naturally, regardless what parasite one has, our advice would always be the same, which would be to consult a medical professional. Once something concerns one’s health, it is vital one gets to a physician immediately. You cannot put a price tag on someone’s health or life. Lastly, before we get into the story of our reader, we want to preface by warning our other readers that even the descriptions may be somewhat graphic.

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While our reader is not sure how the larger of the parasites exit her body, she says that the smaller exit through ‘little slits’ in her skin on her feet, which are left wet with several marks. She also reports that the parasites, which she later refers to as ‘worms’, are in her toes, fingers, ‘eyes, face, mouth, teeth, arms, legs, belly, etc.’ She can feel and see the movement of the creatures as they ‘travel’ under her skin. Furthermore, she has found ’round wounds that won’t completely heal’ that ‘have a parasite in the center’, and has also experienced skin discoloration. Our reader was severely bitten by midges weeks prior to sending her query to us, but is not sure if they would have transferred the parasites or not. We can confirm that midges are able to transfer parasites, but obviously, just as our reader is not sure, we cannot be sure that this is the case either. Lastly, she adds that her friends have refused to drive her to the doctor as they believe that the parasites actually are just toilet paper, meanwhile our reader continues to suffer from pain and ‘unsightly skin damage.’

To conclude, we cannot stress enough how important it is that our reader consults an infectious disease physician and a travel disease doctor. We hope that she is able to make contact with capable physicians and get a proper diagnosis and treatment soon. If any of our other readers have recommendations for physicians specializing in parasitic infestations, please leave their names and contact information in the comments below. It would be much appreciated.

Woman Suffers Pain and Skin Damage from Parasitic Infestation
Article Name
Woman Suffers Pain and Skin Damage from Parasitic Infestation
A woman contacted us who has been suffering from a parasite infestation. According to our reader, and the photographs provided, the parasites resemble toilet paper, and have been noticed to exit our reader's body after taking a shower or bath.

Author: All About Worms

9 thoughts on “Woman Suffers Pain and Skin Damage from Parasitic Infestation

  1. I too suffer from many similarities mentioned in the comments above. The crawling of the skin, eruptions of sores on my arms, legs, feet and vision loss. I cry in agony in need of someone, anyone to help me. My own family members don’t even believe in what I’m saying and even showing them. Their advice is to stop talking nonsense before I end up committed. Finally saw an urgent care physician seeking treatment. I was diagnosed with scabies. In the past 10 weeks I’ve been treated twice. Three different physicians. Two diagnosed scabies and the other..diagnosed fatigue. Eleven weeks now and it has consumed my life just to maintain. Prior to any symptoms I was bitter by mosquitoes in the spring leaving large egg like knots on my neck. I also had been in contact with organic chicken manure while gardening.

    55 puonds lost within 3 and a half months. Still no cure in sight.. Desperately seeking treatment.

  2. I am 100% going thru the same things as all who posted above. I see so many comments beyond here even describing the exact same symptoms, no way they are all imagined or crazy. I have found some solutions if you are interested just respond to the comment,

  3. I suffered from what looks similar in nature. I went to the doc & they treated me for scabies. I was furious. So with that, I went into Urgent care because I just could not handle the crawling of my skin. Some sores I would just dig & dig in to expel whatever was inside & they hurt. They really hurt & they didn’t heal. Well I asked for the scabies pill. I again would see a dermatologist 2 weeks after treatment. He assured me nothing can live in our skin with that pill being taken. I didn’t believe him. Week 5 now, I’m finally starting to heal. Last week or week before right before bed my skin started erupting from the sores. They were all moving out. I was 1/2 psychotic. If not 3/4. I do not wish this on my worst enemy.

  4. Omg I also have been suffering for 2 yrs now from this multiple health problems and hospitalizations just to be told I’m delusional anyone find any answers I spend all my time researching what they could be

  5. I feel all your pain and know the exact way you feel! Good luck finding hope because there simply isn’t any!
    We are all categorized as crazy,delusional, an illicit drug users, etc just to name a few!
    We need to be featured on Dr Oz or some news channel somewhere. I feel the threadworm and pinworm have made a strong come back in the United States and doctors simply do not want to deal with the whole gross, nastiness of it all.
    Several of my family members are very unwell- experiencing extreme tiredness, no appetite, seizures, sudden deaths after minor surgeries, strokes and skin issues.
    My home is filled with these- they literally are everywhere. I don’t know if our gov’t released one nematode to eat other bugs that destroy crops or what- is it coming from the packing in furniture like the fluffy stuff, IDK, clothes from third world countries?
    I would love to do missionary work and travel to help others in need but I not only look so unsightly but fear spreading this nastiness to others.
    I am in the Chicago area and will love to get a group together to talk about what the common link is- I even believe our hospitals in the States are filled with them and are trying to keep that as quiet as possible.
    I am about at the end of my ropes as well- I am tired of explaining my scenario over and over to get snickered at! It disgusts me as my schooling was in the medical field- rendered absolutely useless now!
    You can send samples to a University in Michigan for 10$ – the sample must be in alcohol in a sealed container and IDK if they allow actual samples from your body.
    Look up a book about germs by a Canadian Author- he is smart with useful info.
    Please email or send me a text with name and & “same situation” if interested in working together somewhere.
    Jackie at 7082545152
    Thank you kindly
    FB Jackie bounds labedz

  6. I TOO AM SUFFERING exactly everything you girls describe!!! It’s a bad day, 25 minutes prior to finding this sight, I fought the tears, asked God for insight, & swore I was done obsessing for answers & direction. I’ve literally been a Google freak today,
    putting in over 18 hours searching. I’m moving 80% of my things out of storage into my apartment. It’s been there in attempts to not infest it& tried desperately to pinpoint it to treat cats, myself, & eradicate anything infectious in this apartment!! But NO LUCK, Don’t know how to kill what I don’t know what I’m up against. Ok in tears again, think I’m tired need to rest my brain. Just want the cats & I to have a fresh start. It’s been a year & a half I’ve been suffering, patronized twice in ER, consoled for my *unnecessary * anxiety, asked if there was history of mental illness & abuse in the home… its absolutely ludacris how uneducated our medical field is & should be ashamed to not listen & classify us as Delusional or Drug abusers. They are so arrogant & pompous thinking they have learned everything in med school, that there’s nothing new they may encounter. Covid should’ve been an eye opener.
    Shame on those who have committed their lives to helping people, just to turn their backs on us. I mean our pets are too be treated yearly for protection of parasites & how many of those are zoonotic…we didn’t have to travel to Tasmania… I’m praying for you ALL! Please let me know if you’ve found a diagnosis, I’m desperate, I just want my life back as we all do?? I’m sorry for the tangent, I don’t talk to anyone about this…& my head has been up in it deep for hours… Frustrated, exhausted, sad, scared, health deteriorating, but gotta keep going…. sending it up for now, please Heavenly Father lead those suffering like myself to the answers of healing & let OUR TEMPLES shine again???????????

  7. Omg I have this as well and the ER and doctors all think im crazy. I dont know what to do either but I cry everyday. Have you guys found anything out that can help me?

  8. This is me I’ve tried to get help and have had everything but. I think I’m dying and no one will help me

    I’m so tired parts of my body are falling apart

  9. I’ve had exact thing for 3 months. Down to resembling toilet paper and coming out feet. Today I cant walk flat footed because I feel them squishing under socks. I went to ER, 2 primary’s, eye dr, obgtn, infection control. They all said if I havent traveled in last year parasites impossible. Primary put delusional in chart so now I wont get any help. Feel I wont be alive much longer. Mayby you can do a seperate story on the parasite that would include its name and characteristics. Impossible to find dr. Praziquentel nor albendazole hasnt worked. Ivermectin caused a great die off, did it twice but helped a little.

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