We are confused about a few details of our reader’s situation. From what we have heard from our reader, it seems as though her worm issues are skin-related. We have come to this conclusion because of the actual worm-like organism physically on her skin in the photo above and the itchiness she mentioned. We are confused about why she is taking pinworm medication. Pinworms are intestinal parasites that can cause itchiness, but the itchiness is usually in the anal area. Also, while pinworms can “emerge from the skin” they don’t come out of the pores of someone’s face as these creatures are. We aren’t sure if she is dealing with pinworms in addition to these black worms on her skin. Unfortunately, even if we were better informed about this situation, we still wouldn’t be of much help to our reader.  We can’t offer assistance for a few reasons. The first and foremost being that we are not licensed medical professionals and are therefore not legally able to provide medical advice. Legality aside, we don’t feel comfortable analyzing symptoms and speculating on anyone’s health since we don’t have the experience or knowledge to safely to do so. Therefore, we think it would be best for our reader to visit a doctor about these black worms.

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Our reader didn’t mention if she had already met with a doctor about these worms, but if she hasn’t then she might consider visiting a specialist rather than a general doctor. Travel infectious disease doctors are often more familiar with strange cases such as this one. To find one of these specialists our reader can do an Internet search for “travel infectious disease specialist [her location or nearest big city.]”

In conclusion, one of our readers wrote to us about some black worms that emerge from her skin and make her itchy. We recommend that she see a doctor who will be able to diagnose and treat her much more effectively and safely than we could even attempt to. We hope she finds herself back in good health soon!