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What to Do if You Have a Parasite (Don’t Wait to See a Doctor!)

Parasites are a huge medical problem across the globe and especially in third-world countries. We get quite a few questions from readers in the Western world who are infested with parasites, but do not seek medical help, despite having the privilege to do so.

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Woman Suffers Pain and Skin Damage from Parasitic Infestation

A woman contacted us who has been suffering from a parasite infestation. According to our reader, and the photographs provided, the parasites resemble toilet paper, and have been noticed to exit our reader’s body after taking a shower or bath.

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Man Says He Suffers from Parasite-Induced Pain and Scabs

A reader says that parasites are plaguing his life, and he hopes that we can help identify the parasites for him. He has been experiencing severe pain in his leg and later realized he had “a row of small scabs” on his shin, which he proceeded to scrape off.