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Worms as Fish Bait: A Brief Look

“I am seeking insight into how common it is for fish to encounter earthworms and/or aquatic worms”, states this reader in his submission. “I am aware that fish use a keen sense of smell to find food and are often triggered by movement to prey on organisms.

hammerhead worm
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Fishing with Hammerhead Worms

We recently received a question from a reader about whether or not it is possible to fish with hammerhead worms. The reader didn’t actually ask about hammerhead worms specifically, but she sent us a picture of what we are basically certain is a hammerhead worm, and then asked if she can fish with it. We’ll first provide some basic information about these creatures, and then we’ll move on to the more specific topic of fishing with hammerhead worms.

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Mann’s Jelly Worms

Mann’s Jelly Worms fall into the “soft bait” category. Mann’s is considered the original jelly worm, with a patented flat paddle tail and unique pattern. The flat paddle tail allows for the perfect amount of action, even in slow currents.