Mystery Larvae Infest Reader’s Home, Hair and Dog for Two Years

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An infestation of “worms or larvae” have been troubling this reader for two years, taking over her home and her own body. These larvae have been found everywhere, from the fabrics in her home, to her refrigerator, to her dog’s hair and her own!

The pictures provided by our reader are close ups of what we assume to be our reader’s hair. It is hard to make out any worms or larvae, but in some of the photos, one can make out some beige-colored specks, which we assume is the creature in question. Our reader states that she has almost lost all of her hair at this point, and she does not know if the worm is “eating” the hair itself “or sucking nutrients” from it. As previously mentioned, the worms have also been found in her dog’s fur, but she does not specify if the dog has also experienced more hair loss than what is common for a dog.

The dilemma here is that while this worm is infesting our reader’s fabrics, her “leather carpet” and her refrigerator (for all of which we could name a few larvae that would be commonly found in these locations), it is unclear if these are the same larvae which are in our reader’s hair and her dog’s fur. If they are not the same, then we would be able to discuss the worms infesting her home, but it would not be our place to identify the one’s infesting her hair. This is because, as the larvae are giving our reader symptoms, this situation is medical in nature and we can thus not provide an identification of the worms. Doing so would be tantamount to providing a diagnosis, which we are not qualified to do seeing as we are not medical professionals. What we can do is give our reader some advice as to where she can go to get a professional opinion on these larvae.

Firstly, if we are to assume that the larvae infesting our reader’s home are not the ones infesting her hair, we would say that these are clothes moth larvae. We would specifically identify them as webbing clothes moth larvae, seeing as the other common type (the casemaking clothes moth larva) leaves silken, tubular cases behind, which our reader did not mention seeing. Webbing clothes moth larvae can be white, beige or pinkish in color, with slightly transparent skin. They have orange heads and are very small. Despite this, they can wreak significant damage on the animal-based materials in one’s home and should be handled with urgency. Getting rid of them entails a mix of vacuuming up the source of the infestation (the area where the larvae are most concentrated), laundering all animal-based materials, and applying preventative measures to stop more larvae from infesting one’s home (including sealing cracks in the home through which creatures could crawl and inventorying unused garments). More information specifically on the control of webbing clothes moth larvae can be read in our previous articles on the subject.

Secondly, with regard to the worms infesting our reader’s hair, we always recommend seeing a parasite specialist over seeing one’s doctor/GP. This is because the majority of doctor’s do not receive training in the field of parasites and would thus likewise not be qualified to help anyone infested with one. Further to this, going to the ER is likewise not necessarily going to ensure immediate treatment. ER doctors also have a limited and focused scope of knowledge, and are there to treat life-threatening conditions (which they typically do very well), but they are not trained to identify or treat parasitic infections. On the other hand, an infectious disease specialist is trained to identify whether a given medical issue is the result of a parasite, fungus, bacteria or virus. They are going to be an expert in this field and should be able to provide an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. To find one, our reader can simply search for ‘infectious disease physician (name of her closest big city)’ or ‘travel disease doctor (name of her closest big city)’.

Finally, taking samples of the larvae to one’s local county extension office or to the entomology department at a nearby university might also be a good idea so that one can gather as many opinions on the identity of the larvae as possible. Doing this prior to a visit with a specialist might also help the specialist narrow down the suspects and reach a conclusion on the identity of the larva faster. Plus, if our reader brought samples of the worms from her home, as well as the ones from her hair, it may determine if the worms are one and the same, or not.

In conclusion, provided the assumption that the worms infesting her home are not the same worms in her hair, the worms infesting our reader’s home are webbing clothes moth larvae. That said, we are not able to identify the larvae that are infesting this woman’s hair and dog. Given our lack of medical expertise, it would be a disservice to our reader if we even began to try to identify the critter, as any information given without qualification can be dangerous to those who use it. Regardless, we hope that our reader does seek medical help and that this issue is resolved quickly. Best of luck to her!


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Mystery Larvae Infest Reader's Home, Hair and Dog for Two Years
Article Name
Mystery Larvae Infest Reader's Home, Hair and Dog for Two Years
An infestation of "worms or larvae" have been troubling this reader for two years, taking over her home and her own body. These larvae have been found everywhere, from the fabrics in her home, to her refrigerator, to her dog's hair and her own!

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Author: Worm Researcher Anton

15 thoughts on “Mystery Larvae Infest Reader’s Home, Hair and Dog for Two Years

  1. I too have this ‘crawling’ or should I say, sliding around on my scalp. They seem to be everywhere. My cats suffer from the same. I ve been to the Dr and he treated me for acne. Ugh …ive searched and searched for others like me. This is the first time I’ve found the exact same concern. My pics are identical to the one attached to this post. Tea tree oil, deluttuted hydrogen peroxide solution, apple cider vinegar, and fungal shampoos…ive tried them all. While they all seem to help, nothing gets rid of them.. Need oil has held them at bay by far the longest. But I can’t use that on cats. We got rid of our carpeting, I do laundry for everything , all the time. I use a steamer,bleach, tea tree oil, and vinegar to clean my house. ( Never mix any household cleaner with another, it may produce toxic fumes).I’m on my 4th year of silently suffering because previously when i brought this up…i was considered mentally unstable. Such b.s.! Currently I’m taking supplements that help to rid parasites. . It’s not working either.
    If any of you have found out anything new, please let us know. I will do the same.

  2. OK back in the day the doctor would place the patient in a milk bath as it draws the worms out. If these doctors aren’t willing to observe this nor read up on what parasites look like then I think it’s time they retire. This works. Also Ivermectin is not effective on all parasites. The fda just approved q new antiparqsetic for humans in 2021
    I personally want to take bravecto but I don’t know how safe it is. Or I would take it. I read not even a mosquito will bite you. I am very unhappy with the medical workers. We need doctors that have the agenda to protect us put family or coworkers and other members of the community from infectious disease. Instead they love to believe we are stupid. Guess they need to feel better about themselves. You would think they would want to gain our trust during a pandemic. Let’s face it. They are stupid.

  3. Some people call this worms Morgellons. Unfortunately, doctors don’t want to listen patients.
    I also have this problem and I really don’t know how to handle it.

    I am getting alopecia.

  4. I have them to every body thinks I’m crazy to at work every ody sees them cause I have to ware a hair net and they come to surface

  5. So how do you get rid of the mystery larvae from hair like worm mask in human hair and dog.coats also in your household

  6. Hi, iv had this for two & half years, I dread night time, my dog has them also & like everyone else I’m seen as mad, sooo frustrating.
    I’m in the UK England London
    Can you please please still help me ?

  7. Yes they are Horse hair worms larvae and eggs That is exactly what my hair looks like before all My hair fell out. I have been bald for a year They look like your hair but it’s not and they lay eggs and egg strings that’s why all the hair is stuck together. It’s every hair on your body your eyebrows your arm hairs the peach fuzz around the side of your face it is all the worms. If anyone is interested in pictures you can email me at CMT060976 at gmaildotcom still trying to get into see an infectious disease or parasite specialist but it is really hard as all the people that do crystal meth swear they have things coming out of them and now none of the doctors want to listen to us because they lump us in with the people that use drugs. Same with the Sudafed you have to sign it out of the pharmacy with an ID and they look at you like you’re a druggie. Really sad we all have to suffer because of that. I have them so bad I even have a hole in my tongue and I no one comes out of there it’s pretty much a living hell. The other bad spot or my feet all the way across right under my toes I can literally pull out egg strings and larvae out of my feet The other bad spot or my feet all the way across right under my toes I can literally pull out egg strings and larvae out of my feet. There were so many larvae in my bronchial tubes that I had to go to the ER and get breathing tube and I was in the hospital for three days. Yes they affect all pets it’s in all furniture and clothes and if you sit and look outside you’ll see a piece of foliage blow back-and-forth but the only one so if it was really wind it would all be blowing they are hanging of the end of the bushes and grass trying to get to a host. Normally they are in crickets grasshoppers praying mantises and then go to the water when they’re in adult I was trying to figure out how many that we see everywhere but yet they have to be in a host and water did some research found out a professor from New Mexico University discovered a new species of guardian worms or horse hair worm and it is terrestrial which means it never goes to the water. Look up gordius terrestris yes I believe that’s what these are they can be white cream colored brown black normally they all have a white calotte on the tip followed by a dark black or brown band and then the rest of the worm continues in the other color. What freaks me out they look at you they Nictate which is weaving itself around kind of like trying to flag down a taxi they also jump And glide through the air it’s almost too crazy to grasp. If anyone else gets a diagnosis please let us know and I will do the same

  8. Same for me ! It’s been three years. What started with what I thought to be an ear infection has left me deaf in that ear . I suffer with chronic deformity of the same ear . I’m losing everyone I love I feel they along with our family pets are at risk . I m lost. I’ve visited the doctors nearly 30 times a couple specialist several e.r and walk in clinics. I’m thinking it’s possible that this could be an endoparasite type thing. I can say for myself at least that chamomile aloe and tea tree help (not cure) my ailments . I believe this is a nocturnal parasite mainly however in the day or night time it is very difficult to actually depict the whatever from lint or debris fibers or hair everyone feels we are nuts because like me I had nothing to draw from imagine anyone telling you the same things but I pray we all get help . I’ve checked out bird mites as well everything from black ticks to my new thing is this ecto or endo parasites study. Gods best to us all . I wish everyone experiencing this nightmare resolution proper care and insights healing…… I think also apple cider vinegar the kind with mother helps also but anyhow best of luck to us all . At least I know others are experiencing this not that I wish this on anyone but we aren’t alone in it at least there is someone somewhere that understand s

  9. Hey, guys, I at this very moment am going through the same thing!! Everyone thinks im nuts, but they aren’t with me at 2am. Apparently these things are night owls. I’ve tried everything, even ivermectin (docs orders), and nothing has brought me any relief. My dog too also suffers. Any info or advice would me greatly, no imfaticly, appreciated!

  10. I have this Now!!! For Months I’ve been saying something is crawling in My Skin!! No One I mean No One believed Me!! Well tonight I sat down with a mirror, rubbing alcohol magnifying glass, tweasers and a needle. So I put alcohol on a paper towel and wiped it on My face instantly it started burning. Sitting watching and after the alcohol evaporatd still watching I see a little Black dot appear and itching started and this dark hair started coming out further!!! I about Shit Myself thiswoletime I was thinking I was going Mad!!! Dr. First thing in the morning!!! So Grossed out right now! I’ve pulled All of One Eyebrows hair completely out! But Damn It I told Everyone I had Bug crawling under Y skin!!

  11. I have this!!! ITS IS SO F#$%&#@ ANNOYING OMG ! No one believes me, I can feel it coming out of my skin and it drops tiny specks of like a tan sand, I can’t keep it off my face! I’m gonna shave my head i sware to god!!!!

  12. We recommend contacting the Parasitology Center (PSI) at, 480-767-2522, which is run by Dr. Omar Amin. Another resource is Dr. Vipul Savaliya, founder of Infectious Disease Care (IDCare) at, 910-729-6552, who also has a great deal of experience with parasites that affect humans. Each of these doctors will work with people remotely, and neither of them will consider you crazy – they understand that people actually get infected with these things.

    If you want to try to find a local doctor who will understand what you are going through, you can try consulting the directory of the American Society for Tropical Medicine here:

    Good luck!

  13. I have been suffering this EXACT larvae/worm/parasite infestation for 3 months. My dog too! He is currently at an old country vet as the city vets treated his “skin irritations” the same way the ER docs treated me for acne! Really, medical people? Really?
    All you have to do was actually look instead of simply dismissing an uncommon condition.

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