Man Seeks Help for Potentially Parasitic Worms After People Online Tell Him They are Horsehair Worms

“I’m scared to death,” states this reader, who writes to us in a call for help. After consulting people online, he has been told that he has “horsehair nematomorpha”, even though doctors have told him that it is impossible.

To begin with, we need to warn our other readers that there are graphic pictures in this article, as well as detailed descriptions of symptoms that may disturb some. Reader discretion is advised. Following this, we need to make clear to our reader that we will not be able to identify whatever organisms may be plaguing him. As his situation is medical in nature, it calls for a medical professional to diagnose the problem. As we are not medical professionals, this is not a service we are qualified to provide. What we can do is recommend some resources that our reader can utilize in order to find a medical professional who can diagnose and treat our reader’s problem.

ATTENTION: GET PARASITE HELP NOW! At All About Worms we get a lot of questions about skin parasites, blood parasites, and intestinal parasites in humans. Because we can't diagnose you, we have put together this list of doctors and labs who understand and specialize in dealing with parasites in humans! That resource is HERE

Before we do that, we think it pertinent to lay out the context surrounding our reader’s situation, so that if any of our other readers identify with this symptoms, they too might benefit from the resources we are going to list later on. With that in mind, our reader states that his symptoms include having mild and intermittent stomach issues (like diarrhea), crawling sensations throughout his body (which started in his feet a few months prior to him sending in his submission), painful sensations in his lower body (when the worms exit or start pushing on the skin) and “hard zap[s] or vibration[s]”. He adds that he has seen “tiny white slivers or larvae” form and exit [his] skin”, and that they “seem to affect hair and hair follicles, clumping it together in a sticky film.”

What we will say is that our reader should not take anyone’s word for it online that the “worms” are horsehair nematomorpha. Technically, it is not impossible for these creatures to inhabit a human’s body, but horsehair worms only purposely infect insects. That is probably why his doctor said it was impossible for these to be horsehair worms. What we can recommend is that our reader do one or more of the following: 1) Search for a medical parasitologist in his area using this directory of medical parasitology consultants: 2) Search for a local parasitologist by doing a Google search for “medical parasitologist (name of the closest big city)” or “tropical medicine specialist (name of the closest big city)”. 3) Get in touch with Dr. Omar Amin at the Parasitology Center at 4) Contact Dr. Vipul Savaliya of Infectious Disease Care (“IDCare”) at We should note that the two physicians mentioned will consult with patients online, so one does not have to be close to their offices to get diagnosed and treated.

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In conclusion, we are not qualified to identify the worms that have been plaguing our reader. We sympathize with him, and understand his fear, and so we hope that he makes use of the sources above in order to find the medical help he desires and may require. We wish him the very best of luck and welcome any updates he can provide us in the future about the state of his situation.

Man Seeks Help for Potentially Parasitic Worms After People Online Tell Him They are Horsehair Worms
Article Name
Man Seeks Help for Potentially Parasitic Worms After People Online Tell Him They are Horsehair Worms
"I'm scared to death," states this reader, who writes to us in a call for help. After consulting people online, he has been told that he has "horsehair nematomorpha", even though doctors have told him that it is impossible.

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4 thoughts on “Man Seeks Help for Potentially Parasitic Worms After People Online Tell Him They are Horsehair Worms

  1. Hi. Its Bree R,
    This is to Nathaniel Compton, I totally agree that we all need to get in contact. I have been dealing with the same stuff. Anton wrote my article, headline “woman asks for help with potential parasite and captures in amazing detail” thats me. I am awaiting a appt at U.C.S.F…..infectious disease dept…..I belive it is waterborne myself. I had my sample done thru the recommendation on this cite.paratology center in Arizona. Came back positive for round worm. But I believe I have a separate thing going on in my skin. In my hair and in my mouth..Its almost like a giant conspiracy theory..everybody has proof but the so called “professionals” will lie to your face, call you crazy, make you feel stupid and degraded and say its impossible…just flat out won’t help. Yet there’s overwhelming evidence that something is happening to all of us. In so many of these articles there’s so much similarity. I would definitely be willing to step up and do something so another person doesn’t have to go thru this he’ll. My number is 209-672-8436. Bree. If anybody wants to talk. Your not alone!

  2. unfortunately i have this same issue and had those same experiences and a few more i will add that you may notice over time i consider strange , but definitely true,. i first noticed these ( parasites ) under my skin sometime after dealing a severe infection on my ear, , i was given( cypro) forgive my spelling…. which is typically used used to treat anthrax … i narrowed it down the two ways i think may caused them …the first instance was is when i was working with installing floating docks hwere relocated from a fresh/brackish water area constructed of cedar . i a cut on my toe i thought as was swollen beside the to nail on big toe .. i kept working in the water and in time seemed infected ,, i pulled the swollen skin away from the bail and poured paroxide in that wound .. i saw small white flat fleshy things deep in the infected area , shaped like an arrow with a split tail on one end and at the other two black pinhead dots .. they were about one quarter of an inch in length at that time .. as i poured the peroxide on clean out the infection i thought i saw some of them move and one appeared to bore through my toenail was painful ..i researched parasites then and pointed t9 a fresh water variety snail that i invaded that opening in my skin.. … it was years later when i encountered the similar nut larger parasites under my skin after the strong antibiotic i took for an ear infection ,, i don’t know if they are the same snail larvae i was hosting a few tears earlier but it seemed plausible . the side effects from cipro can be tough on you also .. i had joint pain and pain at my finger tips where small hard black specs appeared that were sensitive and my dexterity was a little off .. .. example if i were to catch a tennis ball that was gently tossed tom me i might hiy it with tips of my fingers rather than catch it and was painful to touch …i thought was side effects from drug .. i did not feel very well in general .. in the shower i noticed these things shedding out of my skin and many were left in the tub i had to rinse them toward the drain .. these were larger, than an inch and shaped all little different .. just like the ones in the picture of the mans arm .. as i dried i looked into the mirror and i have a blondish mustache which appeared almost white .. the hairs were also filled with these same fleshy things although s bit smaller than the ones i had just rinsed down the drain … it was full of them and were sticky when i wiped them off ,, then i saw them on my eyebrows and opened my mouth and saw them inside cheeks and one sticking halfway out of my toungur .. i started taking some pictures ,, this went on for days getting worse each day foe nearly a week , i could wipe my scalp and face and see them on the towel .. i agree with you they are moving beneath the skin . they exit out of the skin and around facial hair and scalp ….. at the worst stage , i looked in the mirror ..I saw them under the skin on my upper body ,,, they appeared even larger in some areas up and down my arms and chest as much as four inches long , an inch wide at each end shaped like an open end wrench , one end always larger than the other .. they appeared to be connected to each other as if links in a chain. the areas around joints e banded and felt very tight and my joint movements were more difficult and painful. ,,it is possible these were compressed under the skin making them larger . they we clearly visible and appeared at times to be even longer in some areas and the links appeared less noticable. ok, all that detail to i shared tp let you know i have made a few conclusions that i know now are facts ,, one) taking strong antibiotics causes these parasites to come to the surface of the skin and exit the body .. it has happened three times to me over the last seven years …. they not only leave the body by taking a hot shower ,, but ive witnessed on three occasions they exit in masses ,, i think as you sleep.. ive found 50 or more at the base of my bed at the floor piled on top of each other ,,,, they do move inside the body and outside as well . i dont think they very fast ive watched them moving under my skin and leave a trail … ,,, so help me God they move further than the bed frame ,, some maer it to a wall.. the record so far is one made it to the ceiling on the wall ne to my bed others to top of the door ion the bedroom …. o cant tell if they IF THEY MOVING TOWARD WATER OR AWAY FROM IT … THEY DRY UP APPEARTANTLY AND LEACE A RESIDUE LIKE A SLUG AND FLATTEN OUT MORE As they dry uo and then stick to what ever surface they stop their movement and presume to die ..,,, two) ive been to the hospital on four occasions , each time i was visited by a psychiatrist each time I mentioned parasite… at some point in the visit…. i had pictures , dead ones , stool samples , it does not matter what you say t or bring .. they refuse the facts .. i even brought several i just plucked from my mustache and had placed in saline solution ,,i exp[aiined what i had experienced and the doctor said … ” too bad you did not bring one with you so i could examine it :” i said as a matter of fact i did and handed him the small medicine vile containing the five or so i had brought with me ,,, he took the vile and talked a little more with it unopened in his hand.. he then set it down and politely walked away .. never saw him again ,, in comes the psych… he would not look either of course and refferred to them as ” bugs ” as he tried to write me a script for some anti psychotic med witch i declined .. i think we should collaborate on this together and get in touch as a group with John Hopkins university or some other leading authority to consult on fungal diseases like yeast type infections . please email me to get things started .. i think this is more serious than we first ; believed .

  3. Oh my goodness! I’ve been experiencing similar issue s for over a year now! I believe I have a combination of things going on, and have narrowed down some of the skin issue to a probable Candida infection. At this point it has become system wide as my doctor simply dismissed any notions of actual parasites from the beginning. I now have dental issues, hearing issues, and the gastrointestinal issues I began with have worsened!!

  4. I have the same issues I live in zion Illinois and i tried going to two different er n both told me I was losing my mind even though I had video it’s crazy because I go the feeling of them going through my skin getting lighter as they pass thru and I can feel when the pop out from skin some sting a lil I have tried peroxide bath very uncomfortable I found getting straight out shower and putting vaseline on helps for them to come out a hot as u can stand bath with a rinse of shower so u dont reinfection your safe I have it bas cause it comes out of every part of my body my hair moves and grows by itself I am really looking to get some help please

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