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Man Plagued by Parasitic Worms Seeks Help

“So I got a rental home in Glendale, AZ, and the first month me and my family were fine”, starts this reader in his submission regarding the long, thin, black worm-like critter pictured below. “Well, the second month being in this home, the city of Glendale decided to clean out the sewers. Ever since then it has only been me and my dog and I feel like we are the ones being infected by these things. I honestly think I have a few that I have in mind. I think it’s microflair or lymphatic filariasis, and the other two I think are a Guinea worm, which I contracted from my dog, and horsehair worms, AKA Gordian worms. So I see black and white thin-like parasites, but the black ones are a lot bigger and huger, I guess you can say. And then, when they, like, go over each other, they produce a greyish little one – well, that’s what it looks like to me. My husband and the people I live with honestly think I’m going crazy.”

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Worms Found on Deck Could be Horsehair Worms, or Just Dry Grass

“Can you tell me what this is?” asks this reader in her submission regarding the long, white objects pictured below. “I found it on the steps to my deck in Mansfield, Ohio. They look like long blonde hair but some of it moves like a worm. Thank you for your time!” Now, if we were to assume that these are organisms, and look only at the photograph our reader sent in, we would suggest these could be horsehair worms, as they can look like this – like long strands of “blonde hair”.

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Long White Worm Thick as a Thread Could be a Horsehair Worm

“What is this?” asks this reader about the long, thin, white worm pictured below slithering over some big rocks. “It is a live worm as thick as a thread of cotton. Many thanks.” She does not provide more context than this, though based on the photo alone, we would say this most resembles a horsehair worm. Unfortunately, the horsehair worm has garnered an unsavory reputation that is founded in a lot of misinformation. Also referred to as a Gordian worm, because of its tendency to tangle in on itself like the mythical Gordian knot, the horsehair worm is a parasitic worm that only takes insects and other smaller invertebrates as hosts.

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Segmented, Gray Creature Found on Bathroom Floor is a Black Soldier Fly Larva

“I found this on my bathroom floor!” states this reader about the gray, segmented creature pictured below. “Pretty large! I live in Anderson, California.”

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Horsehair Worms in People (Nematomorpha Infestation in Humans)

Horsehair worms are one of the most common parasites found in nature, and also one of the most misunderstood. Between the myths that surround them, as well as the vast claims that many make about them, this article intends to clear up any of the misinformation about horsehair worms, particularly their relationship to humans.

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Bunches of Hair-like Organisms Found in Sink by Woman Seeking Answers

“I found this in my sink,” states this reader in her submission concerning the objects that look like bunches of wet hair photographed below. “Can you identify it?” she asks.

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Hair-like Organisms Surrounding Stick May Be Horsehair Worms

“What kind of worm is this?” asks this reader in Dallas Texas regarding the long, thin objects pictured below. At a glance, the photo seems to display hair-like strands of matter that lay scattered around a big twig.

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Long, Black Worm Found in Toilet is a Horsehair Worm

A long, black worm-like organism was found in the toilet after this reader flushed it. Our reader, who is based in Chennai, India, asks us what this “worm or creature” is.

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Thin, Clear Worm-like Organisms Infest This Reader’s Clothing in Oklahoma

“I really hope you can help us” pleads this reader in Oklahoma, who is concerned about the “long, very thin, clear worm things” she has been finding in her clothes. “I don’t think that they are parasitic, but they are seriously horrible.”

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Man Seeks Help for Potentially Parasitic Worms After People Online Tell Him They are Horsehair Worms

“I’m scared to death,” states this reader, who writes to us in a call for help. After consulting people online, he has been told that he has “horsehair nematomorpha”, even though doctors have told him that it is impossible.

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Dark-Red Worm that May be a Horsehair Worm Found Alongside White, Cloud-like Matter

“I need help please” starts this reader in his query in which he asks for our “thoughts on these” organisms pictured below. The first photograph shows what looks to be a long, thin, dark red worm-like organism tangled in hair and other debris, and the second photo displays what we can only describe as white, cloud-like matter.

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Black, Hairlike Organisms Cause Welts on Woman’s Skin; What Resources She Can Use to Find Help

A woman in Sydney, Australia recently moved house and has been finding all sorts of bugs and creatures in her home, including the organism pictured below. She describes it as a “little, black hairlike thing” and she has found it all over her house; she wonders what it might be and seeks our answers.

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Woman’s Home Overrun with Organisms and Strange Matter Due To Moisture Problem

“My life has been severely [and] adversely affected by these,” says this reader about the multitude of creatures she has been finding in her home. She reports finding “black hairlike creatures”, but there are clearly all kinds of critters affecting her life as seen in the array of photos she sent in.

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Noodle-Like Gray Worms in Swimming Pool May Be Roundworms

“I just found these after vacuuming my pool” says this reader about a tangle of gray worms pictured below in the photograph our reader sent us. “They are quite long and active” and are “at least two inches” in length. “What are they?” our reader asks.

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Multiple Parasitic Organisms Infect this Woman; Where She Can Go for Help

A woman who is in desperate need of help has reached out to us as she thinks she is experiencing multiple parasitic infections. From finding scab-like worms on her back to larvae-looking creatures, our reader is overwhelmed with the sheer number of organisms she is finding on herself.

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Jet Black Parasites that Resemble Human Hair Trouble Woman

Photographs of “jet black”, “as well as translucent”, organisms have recently been sent in by this reader, who wonders if there are any worms or parasites which look “exactly like human hair” and “completely removes hair.” From the photos, we can discern a head of human hair (with the parasites presumably hidden among the strands of hair), as well as a black insect-looking creature.

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Worms You Can Find in Your Food

Although worms make up the cuisine of several cultures across the globe, we Westerners typically do not regard worms as a tasty source of sustenance, especially if they were not supposed to be a part of our meal in the first place. Being surprised by a worm in your food can be an extremely unpleasant experience, and this article is going to provide some examples of the types of worms one can potentially find in their food.

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Black, Thread-like Worm is Either a Horsehair Worm or Parasite

In response to a previous article we had written in 2017, this reader writes to us about her experience with a seemingly similar worm. The worm in question, as photographed by our reader, is described as being a ‘black thread-like thing.’

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Horsehair Worms and Casemaking Clothes Moth Larvae Discovered Among Various Organisms by Concerned Woman

What seems to be a variety of organisms of various appearances have been found by this reader, who sent us screenshots she took from a video showcasing the organisms moving. The first pictures displays what looks to be a collection of brown and/or tan pieces of matter, the second showcasing the worm that “looks like a piece of hair but isn’t”, and the third shows the “fuzzy” “sack” that is taken through the lens of a microscope.

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Knot of Gordian Worms Captured by Reader in Iowa

Recently we received a query about a “bug/parasite/worm” that one of our readers in Iowa captured, who went on to elaborate that there are “actually […] two different ones.” The first photograph looks to be some kind of pink creature, with long appendages that snake out from the main body, and the second image showcases what looks to be a tangle of dark brown/black colored worms.