Woman Plagued with Parasites for Two Years Expels String-like Worms Through Throat

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“I have been ill for two years” says this reader, who started noticing worms in her faeces in December 2019. Since then, she has started expelling “little red/brown” things as well as worms through her throat, and she asks that we help identify the worms for her.

According to our reader, she went to visit an infectious disease doctor, who has seen these photographs, and determined that she would need to take a medicine called praziquantel, a prescription anti-worm medication. It is not clear whether or not the worms she has been expelling from her throat are the same ones that she found in her faeces two years ago, and we were not informed as to whether or not the photographs were from December 2019 or were taken presently. However, the photos that exhibit the aforementioned “little red/brown things” (see below) are likely from a recent time, since these were specific to the symptoms she has been experiencing now.

Now, with regard to identifying the worms, this is unfortunately not something we are capable of doing. This is because this is a situation that is medical in nature. As we are not medical professionals, this is not something we are qualified to help our reader with. In fact, giving an identification would be tantamount to providing a diagnosis. What we can do is give some advice as to where our reader can go for help.

It is good that she has already consulted an infectious disease doctor, as this is usually what we recommend doing when one of our readers is faced with a parasite. If our reader had a good experience with this doctor, we recommend that she goes back to the doctor she consulted with and gets another diagnosis and treatment. If not, there are other infectious disease doctors that could help our reader. For example, one of our other readers wrote to us and informed us about Dr. Vipul Savaliya, an infectious disease physician and founder of Infectious Disease Care (“IDCare”). Upon communicating with him, he has expressed his sympathy for all who are suffering from a parasitic infection and offers his help to anyone in need. And although he is based in North Carolina, he is open to online consultations as well, meaning you can be anywhere in the world and consult with an infectious disease doctor!

If not Dr. Savaliya, our reader also has the option of trying to find a different infectious disease doctor that she could potentially consult with in person. To find one, she can simply do a Google search for ‘infectious disease physician (name of her closest big city)’ or ‘travel disease doctor (name of her closest big city.’ Either way, we recommend that our reader not only brings these photographs to her consultation, but also that she brings samples of the worms (if possible; it depends on her circumstances, as well as if she decides to do an online or in-person consultation).

To conclude, although we are not qualified to directly help our reader with her problem and identify the worms that have been bothering her, we hope that the suggestions we did give will be of some help. We also hope that any of our other readers who have seen these photographs and heard this reader’s story, and potentially identify with it, now know where they might go for some help. We wish the best of luck to our reader and she may be free of parasites soon.


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Woman Plagued with Parasites for Two Years Expels String-like Worms Through Throat
Article Name
Woman Plagued with Parasites for Two Years Expels String-like Worms Through Throat
"I have been ill for two years" says this reader, who started noticing worms in her faeces in December 2019. Since then, she has started expelling "little red/brown" things as well as worms through her throat, and she asks that we help identify the worms for her.

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Author: Worm Researcher Anton

5 thoughts on “Woman Plagued with Parasites for Two Years Expels String-like Worms Through Throat

  1. I understand completely. Unfortunately I have been dealing with the same thing for 2 years. I feel like I’m going crazy and driving everybody around me crazy in the process. I lose a lot of sleep cuz I wait for everybody to go to bed too try to get rid of them. I feel like if I don’t get it diagnosed soon one way or another if I do have the parasite or not I’m going to lose my mind. I’m scared to talk to a doctor cuz I don’t want to look like I’m crazy because when you talk about it people look at you like you’re insane. And it feels like a little part of your dyes everyday. You feel nasty and dirty. I love taking hot showers and baths but now I dread taking a shower or bad because I have to go through so much and I feel like everything it’s infected around me. And I worry about my kids and my friends cuz I feel like I’m watching them go through it too they won’t admit it. And it scares me I went to the emergency room the other day and I have copied and I asked them to check me for parasites and he told me I wasn’t showing signs even though I had a stool sample and you can clearly see tapeworms but he wouldn’t look at it. But while I was there I found out I have one large heart and apparently some kind of spot on my lungs. And when you look things up about parasites it says that they can affect your pancreas and lungs and your heart I don’t want to die because nobody believes me. So people don’t feel alone don’t think you’re crazy I understand how you feel but you need to go to the doctor don’t be so worried about how you come off cuz you’re like can be on the line I will pray for y’all if y’all will pray for me thank you

  2. I have been to 6 doctors and the hospital 2 times. They did nothing to help me. I thought I had some kind of mites at first. It’s been 2 years for me as well
    I was sleeping with a flashlight, lint roller and a magnifying glass bc I was feeling things moving under my legs and back. I downloaded an app called cozy magnifier and and I could finally see what I was dealing with… I have parasites really bad !! Nobody will listen to me. They diagnosed me with delusional parasitosis and they referred me to psych. I take vistaril for the itching and I have been using off mosquitoes repellent to get them off of my skin. I discovered that by accident and I was able to run my hands over my skin and they slightly off, sometimes in big piles. I’m so depressed and afraid to go anywhere bc I don’t want to infect anyone else. Screw covid, this is contagious, I am sick and I am watching my mother getting sicker, she won’t let me say anything about parasites and tells me I’m disgusting. My sister says that I’m crazy and so does my son, but I watch them all getting sick, losing weight and just feeling like shit in general. This is scary and I wouldn’t wish this nightmare on anyone !! All of my clothing is full of these things. I put my clothes on and I can pick them off and show them to you. I have thought of pictures the app really does a great job if you are brave enough to take a look. I called the infectious disease doctor desperate and pleading for help because I feel like I’m losing my mind and I lay in bed thinking this has to end, but who will win, them or me ?? Its a sad and lonely time for me. The nurse at infectious disease doctor was super rude, what’s your diagnosis ? I have parasites, who told you that, do you have a referral ?? Then she told me to stop acting crazy. Call a dermatologist and tell them I have a rash. Nothing else. After they see them they will referral me to go to their office. She said once the dermatologist sees the worms crawling on and coming out of your skin then you can show them your pictures, thousands of lint roller sheets full and bottles of samples that I have picked off that clearly show the worms. I feel awful going in like that. I feel like I am about to ambush this poor doctor and possibly infest his office, staff and patients. I am calling an attorney and I will be suing the doctors who ruined my life and were rude, told me to call an exterminator, gave me dirty looks and laughed at me behind closed doors. Yes, I was freaking out, but they have no idea what its like to have your body, mind and entire life taken over by a parasite. They haven’t lost sleep, time with family and friends or stood naked in the shower with a scrub brush and a bottle of bleach begging God to make them go away. I am going to make sure that nobody else has to suffer like I have, and the others who are in the same boat as me. I was spraying my front steps because of the flies and I got some on my foot. I look down and I felt something moving. I picked it off and I took pictures with the app and did a Google search. It came back to be a tapeworm, other times it has said filiarial worm, and I picked up the mat on my porch last week and there was a Guinea worm under it, moving its flat and slimy body trying to get away. I Google searched it, and it is apparently an invasive species here in Florida and you are supposed to notify the county health department immediately. I went inside and tried to talk to my mom about it and she said that I was gross and I better not say anything to anyone about it because we will lose our home. So that is my experience. Hang in there because I am going to make sure that they mandatory test people who come for help. This is rapidly spreading and its affecting a lot of people. These doctors need to be educated on what to look for, and not treat patients like they are disgusting, crazy or dirty. I have so much evidence that I can give it to anyone who has any interest in studying this epidemic. This is serious and it should be treated as such. Thanks for letting me vent, now it is time for my 4 hour nightly ritual of rolling my bed and clothing and spraying the bed and my body with disinfectant and then bug spray. After that I stand on paper towels and rub from top to bottom,wiping them into a pile by my feet and then wiping with alcohol and another coat of insecticide so that I can finally lay down on my bed before the sun rises. I am literally living in hell ??

  3. We recommend contacting the Parasitology Center (PSI) at https://www.parasitetesting.com/, 480-767-2522, which is run by Dr. Omar Amin. Another resource is Dr. Vipul Savaliya, founder of Infectious Disease Care (IDCare) at https://idcarepa.com/, 910-729-6552, who also has a great deal of experience with parasites that affect humans. Each of these doctors will work with people remotely, and neither of them will consider you crazy – they understand that people actually get infected with these things.

    If you want to try to find a local doctor who will understand what you are going through, you can try consulting the directory of the American Society for Tropical Medicine here: https://www.astmh.org/for-astmh-members/clinical-consultants-directory

    Good luck!

  4. Omg omg omg omg i had been spitting out the same things recently! I went to my Dr and they looked at me like i was crazy. They were talking about getting me to the psych department. I have been spitting out whole egg sacs. I have this slug like creature under my nails that only comes out when I’m eating to try and drop it’s eggs. It was once sitting there on my nail with a ton of eggs on its back. They fly out if i drink anything. I’m so stressed i don’t know what to do. They are burrowing into my hair. They are eating my dogs too. I think they drop from the ceiling. I’ve seen some really weird slugs before.

  5. Wow I have something like a worm made of hair in my rock fireplace.would love to show pic an hear ur advice.

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