Translucent Organisms with Serrated Tails Plague Family for Three Years

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“These things have been plaguing my family for 3 years plus” says this reader in Kalamazoo, Michigan, who worries about the “mostly translucent” organisms which “have completely brought down [her family’s] quality of living.” Our reader states that she “needs answers”, and has thus come to us.

To begin with, we must make clear that we will unfortunately not be able to provide the answers that our reader is looking for. This is because our reader states that the organisms have caused digestive issues, constipation, loose stool and itchiness in her three year-old son, which tells us that this situation is medical in nature. As such, we are not qualified to identify the organisms, as doing so would be tantamount to providing a diagnosis, and we are not medical professionals.

Instead, what we will do is point our reader in the direction of where she can go for help from a qualified physician. Before we do that, we think it important to relay the rest of our reader’s story.

Our reader’s submission begins with her informing us that she “read the clothes moth larvae article because it sounds very similar and the pictures look like the countless photos [she has]in her phone.”

Firstly, what we will say here is that we have not included most of the photos and videos in order to protect the privacy of her son, and because some of the photos are too explicit for our website. Nonetheless, we appreciate that our reader did send in as much material as she did, as this is the rule of thumb when submitting a question to All About Worms.

Secondly, clothes moth larvae are not harmful (being neither venomous or parasitic) and will thus not cause the symptoms our reader is referring to. They are also not translucent, nor do they look like “hair with a sharp point at one end” and have a “serrated tail”.

Clothes moth larvae are a cream-white color, with short, grubby bodies and are visible to the naked eye. So at the very least, we can tell our reader right away that whatever is causing these medical issues are not clothes moth larvae.

They are indeed pests that will chew holes through people’s clothes, and sources do indicate that their presence can aggravate preexisting allergies, but they do not cause symptoms such as the ones our reader outlines.

Furthermore, she has noticed that her son will act as if something is “crawling on him”. “I believe they’re in our ears, nose, mouths, eyes” and “every hair follicle” states our reader.

She has herself experienced crawling sensations in her hair, as well as noticed that her hair has been “doing strange things like grabbing the edge of the sink with just the tip of the hair and standing straight up or moving around on [her] head like it’s alive and almost vibrating to the point where it appears blurry.”

Additionally, her eyelashes and hair have been falling out, and her skin looks “horrible.”

Although translucent and hair-like at one stage, the organisms look like “Y-shaped thread” at another stage.

Now, what we suggest is that our reader and her family consult a medical parasitologist. As opposed to GPs and ER doctors, who receive little to no training in the field of parasitology, medical parasitologists know how to treat problems of suspected parasitic infections, and they take their patients seriously.

What we can recommend is that our reader do one or more of the following:

1) Search for a medical parasitologist in Kalamazoo, Michigan using this directory of medical parasitology consultants:
2) Search for a local parasitologist by doing a Google search for “medical parasitologist Kalamazoo, Michigan” or “tropical medicine specialist Kalamazoo, Michigan”.
3) Get in touch with Dr. Omar Amin at the Parasitology Center at
4) Contact Dr. Vipul Savaliya of Infectious Disease Care (“IDCare”) at

Whichever way she chooses to go, we think it would be a good idea for our reader to show the person she consults all of the same photos and videos she shared with us, as this may aid the physician in diagnosing the problem.

To conclude, we sympathize for our reader and her family, and wish that they did not have to be going through something like this. We truly wish we could provide more direct help, but alas, we are neither capable, nor qualified to do so. For that reason, we hope that the resources listed above will lead to the answers our reader is looking for, and a solution to her family’s medical concerns. We wish them all the best!


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Translucent Organisms with Serrated Tails Plague Family for Three Years
Article Name
Translucent Organisms with Serrated Tails Plague Family for Three Years
"These things have been plaguing my family for 3 years plus" says this reader in Kalamazoo, Michigan, who worries about the "mostly translucent" organisms which "have completely brought down [her family's] quality of living." Our reader states that she "needs answers", and has thus come to us.

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Author: Worm Researcher Anton

11 thoughts on “Translucent Organisms with Serrated Tails Plague Family for Three Years

  1. I call mine MADUSA hair. It crawls in my mouth and is very hard to catch before going down my throat. Don’t expect a MD to do anything more than flag you with a diagnosis of
    PARASITOSIS. Deutions that one is infested with an imaginary parasite.
    EMAIL ME ANGRYMANTODAY at jee male dot com
    God help us all
    Mizby Haven

  2. its a condition called morgellons go on facebook there are groups that can help.they will give you protocols to help.

  3. I’m dealing with the same issues . It looks like lint, translucent and I can see it move in my hair from the side of my eye. My head itches , I see it in food when I take pictures. Something is also coming out of the carpets. When I take photos and zoom in at the wall I see a ton of larvae shapes with stripes . I took a picture under my stove and see larvae but not with the naked eye. My clothes have been ripped like fabric hanging. My bristle hair brush had my hair from each open section pulled onto the bristle part. My entire family thinks I’m crazy. I also take a video of my carpeted floor and I see movement , like a swarm of something , yet nothing is there . I have yet to find any evidence of an insect .

  4. I beg someone to please please Message me.I am only 27 years old and Have this same exact issue and jta ruining my life. I recently had to cut a huge chunk out of hair and I can’t barely shower my skin hurts so bad I find myself trying to get them out for hours and crying uncomfortably. Please o beg someons who knows what these are and any treatments.
    Email: [email protected]

  5. I was praying a comment had found an answer !!!

    Have any of you seen a parasite doc or a dermatologist? I am at widths end my frigging hair is destroyed and it moves! I’ve been down the crazy road and even told its normal like really to who? Both my son who is only 3 and I both have it ..

    Id love to connect with you guys and compare and perhaps save myself some time with certain avenues I haven’t tried or have been done and provide nothing

    Email me at
    Charmainemccarthy7676 (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. I as well have had the same thing going on for 3 years. Dr’s dismiss me as delusional.. So aggravating no one will help. I’m tired of being labeled crazy and at the same time it’s all driving me crazy . Please contact me with any new information at [email protected] outlook.cpm

  7. Im also having the same type of issues but there are some other things that are going on I have been to countless doctors only to be told it’s nothing. Please if either one of you gets any answers let me know. Thank you and good luck.
    [email protected]

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