Reader Wonders What Types of Parasites They are Dealing With

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EXCITING UPDATE! We have recently come across a new medical provider who actually believes what is going on, and has said they are happy to work with anybody experiencing these symptoms, including remotely. Please see their information by going to our resource page here and looking for “Lighthouse Complex Care”. We are not affiliated with them, and we do not receive compensation or anything else from them, we just have been impressed with how caring they are.

“What kind of parasite is this?” is all this reader asks in their submission regarding the various organisms pictured below. The creatures range in color and shape: some white and some black, and most of them worm-like in shape with the exception of one that looks more ovate.

Right off the bat, we unfortunately have to tell our reader that we will not be able to answer their question. Even though they have not specifically asked if this is a parasite that they think is infesting them and causing them problems, we have to assume that this is the reason for the question. As such, the situation becomes medical in nature.

Identifying a parasite is essentially diagnosing a medical issue, and since we are not medical professionals, we are legally unable to make diagnoses or to provide an opinion related to any human symptom or condition, or what may be causing it.

What we can do is help point our reader in the direction of medical professionals who will be qualified to help them.

Naturally, our reader could consult their primary care doctor, but they usually do not receive training in medical parasitology, so if they go down this route they might have to prepare for dismissal or outright rejection.

It sounds horrible, but many of our other readers have experienced such things when they have come to their doctors with concerns about parasites. Some readers have even been called crazy.

As such, we are more keen on recommending that our readers consult a medical parasitologist when they have concerns about parasites. This is because a medical parasitologist specializes in the field of parasites, so not only are they equipped to diagnose and treat such issues, but they take them seriously.

So, what we can recommend is that our reader do one or more of the following:

1) Search for a medical parasitologist in their area using this directory of medical parasitology consultants:
2) Search for a local parasitologist by doing a Google search for “medical parasitologist (name of the closest big city)” or “tropical medicine specialist (name of the closest big city)”.
3) Get in touch with Dr. Omar Amin at the Parasitology Center at

Additionally, when our reader does consult a medical professional, we recommend that they show their physician all the same photos they sent us (and more if they have any) and also that they give as much context as possible.

When one is trying to identify any organism (of any kind), having as much context at one’s disposal is incredibly helpful and makes the process of identifying the organism much easier and faster.

To conclude, we unfortunately are not able (or qualified) to tell our reader what kind of parasite these organisms are, or if they are parasites at all. Only a licensed, medical professional would be able to tell them that with any degree of credibility. Nonetheless, we hope that we could help in some way, and we wish our reader the very best.


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Reader Wonders What Types of Parasites They are Dealing With
Article Name
Reader Wonders What Types of Parasites They are Dealing With
"What kind of parasite is this?" is all this reader asks in their submission regarding the various organisms pictured below. The creatures range in color and shape: some white and some black, and most of them worm-like in shape with the exception of one that looks more ovate.

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Author: Worm Researcher Anton

12 thoughts on “Reader Wonders What Types of Parasites They are Dealing With

  1. I’m also suffering due to these creatures. Along with Carpet Bug Beetles, and pantry moths. I’m exhausted. It took 4 months for my BF to finally see one move. I’m covered in scabs from “bites”. Some of these have tiny splinters in them. Others have black or red bugs; yet others have white or translucent whitish worms with red insides, inside them. them. I seem to be allergic.

  2. Im dealing with this right now. I believe it has to do with mold growth. A night security cameras in the house shows these objects come out out the wall and morph into what looks like a jellyfish and begin swimming thru the air. Craziest thing ever. But until I can be sure of what it is, all I can offer is keep strong, if you pay attention it’ll only get stronger

  3. I am too! I went to 4medical practitioners last summer who said I was crazy, while I was on short term disability. I have lots of bites all over and I can see them under my skin and on my mucous membranes. They have gone up into my bladder and of course now I have “interstitial cystitis”. They leave a sticky yellow residue if they don’t leave white stuff everywhere. It’s been almost a year now, and I am going to ENT next month and I pray they see the little fast wiggly ones on the back of my right nasal septum. By the way, I lived in Florida and right on the beach. I developed this hard thing on my scalp. Not sure if it hypernated but now I feel a thick coating on parts of my scalp and my mastoid glands are enlarged and painful. I had my doctor try to excuse the “cyst” on my head. All day today I felt something crawling on or in my head. When I first went to doctors the first two gave me Ivermectin and I had several little bloody specs coming out of my nose and then I could feel something crawling! I blew and blew and used my magnifying glass to see a tiny red thing with legs. Horrified. Then I had a sore spot in my ear. The Dermatologist not believing me went ahead and gave me more ivermectin. I felt crawling in my ear. Q tip after tip was blood until I finally got some lump out and the crawling stopped. Im convinced this is going to kill me. My circulation is so bad my feet look purple black sometimes when im in the shower.

  4. I see the exact same thing at my house, I think sometimes, it’s just the air moving some hair, or piece of cotton string, and then the black ball of hair, makes me really wonder, all I know, I see these mainly around the tub, and I’m scared of them. I poured different things on them, and they reflect iridescent, or glow. Then it will look like it has 2 eyes. Ppl think I’m crazy when I say something about seeing these things. Sometimes with the clear or cotton hairs, I will block air flow from getting to it, just so I can see it move, and know it’s not air. I wish I knew what they were and where they come from.

    1. Steffine Sutton,
      Hello Stef I have a good idea what they are I have pics video and can show in real time please contact me
      If I can’t publish my email how can I leave my info to you…please this is no jokevand your nor crazy Jay

      1. Hello Jeffrey,
        I seen you posted about having information on these hair like parasites or whatever they are….please tell me what you have come up with so far…I am suffering here, and the fact that any one else is experiencing this or even believes is a positive step for me

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