Hair Loss-Causing Worms Live in the Scalp and Eyes of This Woman

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EXCITING UPDATE! We have recently come across a new medical provider who actually believes what is going on, and has said they are happy to work with anybody experiencing these symptoms, including remotely. Please see their information by going to our resource page here and looking for “Lighthouse Complex Care”. We are not affiliated with them, and we do not receive compensation or anything else from them, we just have been impressed with how caring they are.

“I have worms but they are all different looking,” says this reader, who seems to be struggling with some sort of medical condition. The worms are on her scalp, in her eyes and both her and her boyfriend have taken pinworm medication to try and counteract them.

Our reader says that she is not sure they are pinworms, despite having taken medication for them. She adds that she has not been able to see a doctor about her issue because of the ongoing pandemic. The worms are making “holes” in her skin and also causing her hair to fall out; in the photos below our reader shows us her hair loss. She does not pose any direct questions in her submission, but we will try our best to point our reader in the right direction for where she can go to seek help.

This brings us to our first point. Giving our reader advice on where to seek help is unfortunately the most we can do. Since we are not medical professionals, we are not qualified to directly help our reader by diagnosing her problem or recommending any form of treatment. For that reason, we cannot identify the worms that are bothering her. What we will say about her current situation is that we do not recommend taking any medication unless it has been prescribed by a medical professional. We assume that since our reader was unable to see a doctor, she and her boyfriend took pinworm medication without being sure that was their problem. And our reader did say that she does not think they are pinworms. As we all know, medicine can have all sorts of side effects, so one does not want to be taking something that has not been prescribed to them.

Naturally, our reader could also look for an infectious disease specialist in her own area if she would prefer to have an in-person consultation, but if her doctor is unable to see her because of the virus, then the same might go for a lot of the specialists. But in the case that there are physicians who are accepting patients, then our reader can find her own infectious disease physician by simply doing a Google search for ‘infectious disease physician (name of her closest big city)’ or ‘travel disease doctor (name of her closest big city)’.

To conclude, we are not able identify what worms are plaguing our reader, as we are not medical professionals, and we sympathize for her and recognize that she has tried to get professional help, but was unfortunately turned away. However, we are confident that if our reader is able to book a consultation with an infectious disease physician, she will have her answers and treatment shortly. We wish her the best of luck!


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Hair Loss-Causing Worms Live in the Scalp and Eyes of This Woman
Article Name
Hair Loss-Causing Worms Live in the Scalp and Eyes of This Woman
"I have worms but they are all different looking," says this reader, who seems to be struggling with some sort of medical condition. The worms are on her scalp, in her eyes and both her and her boyfriend have taken pinworm medication to try and counteract them.

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Author: Worm Researcher Anton

15 thoughts on “Hair Loss-Causing Worms Live in the Scalp and Eyes of This Woman

  1. I have the same thing. If you look closer at the black specs they actually move. I use my microscope to look at everything.
    Apple cider vinegar gets the parasite out of my hair and off my skin.

    I was just informed the brown/ black spots in my mucus is lung fluke worms.

    There is too many people with the same symptoms for the doctors not to believe us and help us.

    Also I used my dogs itch shampoo to wash my body and it helped as well.

  2. Myself and family have been dealing with this nightmare for 3 yrs. Grandchildren now have it. Wos coming out eyes,nose, ears. Our stools have worms and black specks in it. Along with mucus. I have pissed out white worms, black specks and tons of bubbles. Terrible terrible stomach pain, headaches, constipation, brain fog, confusion, pain in joints, bloating, depression. Can fell them coming out of skin everywhere, losing hair terribly. Their in har too. Etc….. Been trying to research for over 3 yrs. Drs all say it’s in our heads. Want us to take anti psychotic drugs and anti depressants. We started changing to eating and drinking healthy. Taking so many different supplements. This is literally killing me. I know it is. I’m about to just give up. Nobody will help us. These sorry Drs took an oath to help the sick. They are killing us all. How depressing. I pray a lot about this.

  3. Peledera stronglyoids. I’m probably not spelling it right. Look that up, and horse hair nematoma.
    If anyone can tell me what parasite is flat, striped, black in the center and white on the sides that can live in the skin and curl up and flatten out and become string like I’d love to know. There is a white work that sits atop of it and sprays or flings a long tongue idk which. I have pictures I just don’t know where to post them.

    1. Take one from your head by the root and put it in the toilet. It will look like it inhails the water and becomes black and white stripped and a solid black head and long sticky tongue. They swim and move like a snake. Boiling water kills them but you can’t pour that on your head. Bleaching your hair, peroxide, sulfur, lice shampoo, alcohol absolutely do NOT kill them in your scalp. Shave your head and they come right back with your hair. Showed up after
      horsehair worms did in her house. Good luck…

  4. Go to your doctor and tell him about peledora stronglyoides and that you want to be treated aggressively for it. Second thing, ask if you can be tested for this, as well as horsehair worm. I think it’s the first one but you could have both, it looks familiar. Ivermectin and praziquantel should help me out of this misery.

  5. Look up the Gullet worm. It’s very rare and hard to diagnose. I have had the same symptoms described for about 2 years. I was recently diagnosed with this parasite. Once identified it’s common to treat

  6. OMGG don’t get me started I have almost no hair left there when I get my hair wet it’s like slime and when I come it it like stretch’s my hair till it just breaks of my stool is full of them I can see them in my blood I yack them up out of my throat All the time .. there in my mouth my ears nose finger nails toe nails all just thick and diSfigured sores with holes in the middle all over my skin I will attach pics
    I’m so very desperate for any help advice anything at all I’m so grateful I found this web site I will be donating b4 I leave .

  7. I have fame problem. I put tape over my ears because I think it’s coming from ears or vice versa. Did you ever find a answer? Iv had it over 1 year, also moved from home, but still have it. Isnt it disgusting feeling the crawling in the scalp? Conditioner really helps get them from hair. Going to dear th using s flat iron to see if it will melt them .

  8. Here too .was exposed to black mold had to leave my home of 14 yrs .I’m homeless now .my family turned on me ,don’t believe what I’m saying,drs hasn’t helped me ,I’m isolated away from 8 grandchildren ,I don’t want them to go thru this .,killed my rag doll hymilan ,my yorkie is suffering with me .pit holes in skin ,and skin scarred bad, hair fell out, in hair n scalp, cradle cap looking stuff on scalp ,n fuzzy stuff comes out of skin. Skin stings looks sliced.wuth pit holes in please help me In The name of jesus going on 3 yes dealing with 5hud .I’m afraid it’s gonna kill me

    1. I’m so sorry, have you tried different doctor? Have you tried researching online your symptoms and what you see on your body vs what you can find online?

  9. OMG! SOmeone experiencing something similar to myself and though I have it worse. I wish I could take it all from them. I cry every night because I was told ER. Which is also what covid patients are told. I’m the only one with hair loss. But my hair was 20xs thicker and longest than theirs. The hair loss I’ve had is enough for about 5 child’s wigs! In my nose!ears! It’s several types we have. Just a visual of the toilet so many n different types of things not normal. The kids just seem to have the toilet ones. What is going on!? This is America!? Right!? In October I had a severe case of mesa. This entire house had covid beforebit was vivid. Severe upper respiratory infection unexplained. That’s was what they called it. And on the heels of that is a out when I started noticing this junk. Seriously need whatever is going on to stop.

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