What is Tiny Orange Worm Found in a Bed?


From the photo she sent in, we see that the “worm” is small and orange, and appears to have a red head. It appears to be segmented, but it is hard to say for certain based on the photo quality.

Going off the photo, we think that she is not dealing with worms, but larvae. To be specific, we think she has found carpet beetle larvae. These larvae are usually rust-colored and are often identified by the hairs that cover their bodies. We cannot see these hairs in the photo, but we think the hairs might be what make the larvae seem segmented.

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Our readers often find carpet beetle larvae, and they are not harmful to humans! However, they can be destructive to linens and fabrics as they feed on these materials, as well as dust particles, fibers, and animal hair. Getting rid of carpet beetle larvae relies on cleaning thoroughly and removing all the potential food sources from her house. She should begin with her bed linens, because that is where she discovered the larvae. Our reader should also make sure all the fabrics in her home are used and washed regularly, so that carpet beetles don’t make a home in one of her old coats or blankets! Sweeping and vacuuming on a regular basis will keep these creatures away as well.

To conclude, our reader found orange “worms” in her bed. We believe these are carpet beetle larvae!

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What is Tiny Orange Worm Found in a Bed?
Article Name
What is Tiny Orange Worm Found in a Bed?
We recently heard from a reader who found a tiny orange “worm” in her bed. She is hopeful we can identify this creature so that she can sleep in her bed with ease.

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

3 thoughts on “What is Tiny Orange Worm Found in a Bed?

  1. I have found the exact same worm on my mattress while changing bed sheet. What exactly is this. Can it be harmfull ??

  2. I had to have my carpets sprayed (difficult because a cat lives here). Had it done on two different occasions as they came back twice. Told they were carpet larvae and found a couple of my fuzzy housecoat.

  3. Worm found in bed . This as happened before I cleaned the room and mattress changed the bedding sprayed the mattress with fle spray left the bed room clear for weeks .the lo and behold there was one under the pillow yesterday .do I need a new mattress and pillow ?if not how do I stop this from happing in my daughters room again ??? Thank you

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