Mysterious Plump Worms

plump worms
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A reader recently sent us a picture and asked us one straightforward question: “what the hell is this?” What the hell indeed. The picture appears to depict some sort of plump worm, by which we mean the worm has a relatively thin posterior and anterior end, and a fat middle. However, the image isn’t very clear, and in fact it is hard to tell if the fat middle is actually a part of the worm itself, or if it is something covering the worm (like mud or something like that). Below we attempt to address our reader’s question to the extent that this is even possible.

We’ll begin, as always, with the picture:

plump worms

As we said, this image obviously isn’t very clear – it looks like some sort of filter was put over it to mute all of its details. To further cloud the issue, the reader gave us no information about this creature. He didn’t say where he found them, and he didn’t indicate where he lives. We also have no idea how large the worms are, and again it isn’t clear if the worms themselves are fat in the middle, or if they are covered in something. It therefore goes without saying that we can’t offer anything like a definitive answer to our reader’s question. We aren’t working with enough information.

One thing we can say about the creature is that despite our use of the word “worms,” which we did only in keeping with common usage, they could be larvae. We are far more frequently asked about larvae than worms, actually, and larvae are generally what people find in their homes. People tend to find worms in places like gardens, not in, say, the kitchen pantry or bathroom, where larvae are commonly spotted. We bring up bathrooms in particular because one of the only things we can say about the creatures pictured above is that they kind of look like they are covered in soap – the glare in the photo appears to be coming from something like bubbles. If so, perhaps the reader found the larvae near a sink or shower drain, and in which case he might have found moth fly larvae, although this suggestion requires that the creatures are covered in something and are not themselves fat. If this seems like an extremely tentative suggestion, that’s because it is, and we mention moth fly larvae in particular only because they are found frequently.

Overall, then, we simply have no idea what our reader found. If he sends us more information, we can update this article, but in the absence of more details, we can’t say anything else.


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Mysterious Plump Worms
Article Name
Mysterious Plump Worms
The picture the reader submitted appears to depict some sort of plump worm, by which we mean the worm has a relatively thin posterior and anterior end, and a fat middle.

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