Mysterious Worms That Love Plastic Storage Containers

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We recently received a message and several photographs from one of our readers in Northern California. She explained that she has found worm-like organisms in clear storage boxes, vacuum compression bags, and vacuum sealed food bags. She has also found them in clean clothes and linens. She said, “they can be seen in photos and movies, but not with the naked eye.” Apparently the creatures look “baggy and wrinkled.” Some of them just have heads, but some have either eyes or eyespots. She has taken many photos but believes this is the best one:

This photo looks like a beautiful watercolor, but unfortunately we are unable to see the worm in it (can you?) Our reader that explained that this photo captures what the worms look like because they appear to “have ripples and look like they are wearing hoods.” She thinks this particular specimen would be about 8 inches long straightened out, but believes that some of them are much larger than this. Here is another photo she shared with us of the creatures in a plastic storage box:

We aren’t entirely sure what we are looking at, but it might be the dark objects in the middle of the photograph. Our reader apologized for the photo quality, and explained that it is easier for her to know what she is looking at because she took the photos. Here is another photo of a creature in a plastic storage box:

While we appreciate the photos and detailed message, we aren’t entirely sure what to make of it. We are confused about a few details, such as how the organisms aren’t visible to the naked eye but can be seen in photos and videos. In addition, we aren’t sure how to visualize some of the descriptions she included, like “has ripples” and “baggy”. Frankly, we are stumped! If any other readers have found similar mysterious worms or recognize the creatures in the photographs, we invite them to comment on this article and share their experience!

To wrap up, one of our readers has found some odd worm-like organisms around her home. Unfortunately, we don’t know what she is dealing with.


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Mysterious Worms That Love Plastic Storage Containers
Article Name
Mysterious Worms That Love Plastic Storage Containers
One of our readers has found some odd worm-like organisms around her home. Unfortunately, we don't know what she is dealing with.

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Author: Worm Researcher Dori

1 thought on “Mysterious Worms That Love Plastic Storage Containers

  1. Hi Dori. Having dealt with parasitic worms for the past 9 years, I think I can see the worms in these photos. It would help if she could draw a circle around the worms or place arrows pointing to them. She must have meant that the worms cannot be seen easily with the naked eye. If they couldn’t be seen at all with the naked eye, she would not have discovered them. My questions for her are:
    1. How big around are these 8-inchers?
    2. Are all the worms in all three photos the same color? What color(s)
    are they?
    3. Do the worms seem to wrap around each other in a big tangle?
    4. Do you see the worms mostly at night?
    5. The next time that you have an opportunity to take a photo, use just a little bit of zoom. The photo of the plastic bag has too much “noise” in it. Too much zoom makes the pixels visible and they wiggle, causing distortion.
    6. Do the worms move quickly, or do they seem to “freeze” when you see them?
    7. Do you live near a fresh water lake, or in a warm and humid climate? It appears that you found some of the worms while doing laundry. Worms are always seeking water.
    I wish you all the best. Don’t let people make you feel foolish and/or crazy. You do not need confirmation of your sightings from anyone. You discovered the worms and I cannot imagine anyone inventing worm infestation and/or infection to get attention. It is not the sort of problem that makes people want to give you a hug. Try not to be overly concerned about identifying the species of the worms. Call an exterminator now and tell them to use something powerful. This is not the time to use essential oils or Safer Soap. I wish that I could go back in time and follow my own advice. But it helps me
    if I can help you. Good luck and God bless you.

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