Worms in Bread are Pantry Moth Larvae

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Today we will discuss two questions we received from one of our readers. He explained that he was enjoying some Hawaiian rolls when he noticed a few worms in the bag that the rolls came in. He had already eaten one entire roll before he noticed the worms. The experience really shook him up because he wrote, “My scalp is tingling right now from revulsion as I write this.” Here is the photograph he sent us:

Our reader’s description of these worms is pretty spot on, “They are little cream colored worms with brown heads.” He has two questions he would like us to answer. First, what are these creatures? Second, are they safe to eat?

We are confident that these worms are pantry moth larvae, which are also called Indian Meal Moth Larvae. Pantry moths and their larvae are likely the most common pest found in the kitchen. Since they feed on such a wide variety of food items, a pantry makes an ideal home for these pests. They eat cereals and grains, flours, dried fruit, bird seed, pasta, bread, candy, pet food, nuts, and dried herbs.
Pantry moth eggs often travel into a home undetected, hiding inside food packages. People often discover them in the larval stage, like our reader did. The larvae feed on whatever food items are available, leaving a silky webbing behind as evidence. When the larvae are ready to pupate, they often crawl to ceilings or walls. We don’t think our reader has a full blown pantry moth infestation on his hands, just a few larvae that were already in the Hawaiian rolls bag when he brought them home from the store. He can dispose of the rolls, and check other food items in his pantry to make sure there isn’t other evidence of these annoying creatures!
Finally, we don’t think our reader will get sick from accidentally eating a pantry moth larvae (or two!) That being said, if he is experiencing any odd symptoms, we encourage him to see a doctor as soon as possible.


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Worms in Bread are Pantry Moth Larvae
Article Name
Worms in Bread are Pantry Moth Larvae
We don't think our reader will get sick from accidentally eating a pantry moth larvae (or two!) That being said, if he is experiencing any odd symptoms, we encourage him to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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Author: Worm Researcher Dori

5 thoughts on “Worms in Bread are Pantry Moth Larvae

  1. Hi. .. please forward to. Teri anne scott. You are not crazy. These are a tiny mite that bind/attack together. Unless you are allergic to them they will not hurt you and it is strange and funny to see all these things moving around. What’s freaking me out are BREAD MOTH LARVE. I am finding these now in just about all the bread,pastry , biscuits. Guess they can look like worms and or more like horned flat worm and can pretty be pretty big. People think I am nuts.

  2. I’m not sure how old this post is but I’m having the same problem . Exactly to the T. I have no animals but I’ve thrown out $200 wiorth of food. Had my sprayer twice. Had my carpets professionally cleaned and the company that cleaned saw them but after that when I had my stool sample sent to the lab I plainly saw Worms and these little white larvae . The results from the lab were late and came back negative. I could go on and on.

  3. I understand about cleaning out the pantry to get rid of the moth eggs, but how do I actually kill the larvae? they are not attracted to the traps, but I want to kill them before they become moths. They are crawling all over my pantry ceiling

  4. I think I found worms in my ham and bean soup. The beans I bought that same day at the grocery store

  5. I thought i had moth infest but then all i mean all my cloths have them (almost ) looks a caterpilar moving through the clothes…all the food has something in it. But the couch and hard wood started to move….my dogs hair as it fell ssomething somehow was attaching to it and making a weird insect from it…. No one beleives me…and my hair which i thought had lice but treated 3 times…was still actually moving and making out those shapes and if i let it go long enough it almost looks like a nest…its best i can describe it..NOBODY believes me and it nips at me when im on the couch and stings my feet when i step on the hair . i have video and pics but they always say it must be something else…i want to leave the house and if i do than do i bring them with me? Ive also seen in my stool and a few weeks ago i got tested (resuls shoud have come back 3 days but took 12 days and they said nothing)i dont know where to go and dont know what it is …my husband is in denyial and wont let me get a exterminator. If you can help a bit id fall to my knees to thank you. Thank you
    Teri anne scott

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