Reader Suffering From Worm-Related Health Issues Should See Specialist

A reader recently reached out to us with a startling message. We will share the message with some minor editing, ” I have been dealing with these worms that are in my carpet, furniture, clothing, and me. I have been to several doctors in the past fifteen months. I have skin sores all the time that have worms in them, and the worms are in my hair, eyes, nose, and mouth. When I bleed they are in my blood. I feel them penetrating my skin. My blood is thick dark and sticky. I clot very fast sometimes I don’t even bleed when I have a open wound. I’m short of breath and whistle when I breath at times. It seems to feel like a stinging sensation. Please help.” As you might imagine, we were quite startled to read this message and we understand that our reader is truly suffering and concerned about her health.

ATTENTION: GET PARASITE HELP NOW! At All About Worms we get a lot of questions about skin parasites, blood parasites, and intestinal parasites in humans. Because we can't diagnose you, we have put together this list of doctors and labs who understand and specialize in dealing with parasites in humans! That resource is HERE

She sent us a few photographs. The first is of a small, black worm-like organism burrowing into the carpet. The other photograph is of her fingernails, though we aren’t sure what exactly we are supposed to be noticing in this photo:

Unfortunately, despite her reaching out to us for help, there isn’t much comfort we can offer her. Here at All About Worms, we aren’t medical professionals and therefore aren’t licensed to give medical advice of any kind. We know she said that she has already seen a doctor, and since she has seen several we are guessing she hasn’t found them particularly helpful. We encourage her to see an infectious disease specialist rather than a general physician. To find a specialist, we recommend she do an Internet search for “travel infectious diseases doctor (her location or nearest big city).”

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Today we responded to a reader’s potentially worm-related health concerns. We can’t offer medical advice, but encourage her to reach out to a specialist.

Reader Suffering From Worm-Related Health Issues Should See Specialist
Article Name
Reader Suffering From Worm-Related Health Issues Should See Specialist
We responded to a reader's potentially worm-related health concerns. We can't offer medical advice, but encourage her to reach out to a specialist.


  1. Erika Williams

    I’m looking to find out wat it is that Tammy used to get rid of theses worms out of her body and skin we moved into this apartment complex in Albuquerque New Mexico the eagle Ranch apt and it was infested we thought at first it was bedbugs but pest control said no then thought it was carpet beetles but I’ve done Google lens several times and it has said worm but the Drs don’t believe you wen u go to the Drs or hospital and my skin and bones and muscles and body hurts and it hurts wen they hit u omg my husband always says it’s my imagination but me and my 2 dogs are suffering from this and our apartment want to charge us $1,500 for pest control I’ve tried boric acid we’ve staid in a hotel for a week and a half cause of this crap and we vaccumm and steam clean every day I’m so exhausted I can’t think I want this crap out of my hair and nose the most my stomach hurts all the time I lost so much weight I went from 225-125 in 3 months and still losing weight it’s hard to eat now cause I think there’s bugs in my food cause they get in my mouth so gross I just cry all the time especially cause I feel like a bad mommy to my poor dogs they don’t deserve to go thru this it’s not fare I’m supposed to protect them and I can’t protect myself please help anyone I’m desperate

  2. Priscilla S.

    Tammie T,

    Have you found any answers. I have been dealing with this for 2 years and finally found a way to rid them of my body
    My hair, nose, mouth, hand, nails and feet
    I can hopefully help in some way, but I do not have a name for them. The doctors all told me I was fine and a couple wanted me mentally evaluated. It has been very stressful

  3. Oh my God, I was so happy to read this article. I also, I’m dealing with the same problem to be exact as she has described. I’ve been to doctor after doctor to get the same result as it must be all in your head. Even though you have the marks on your skin to prove otherwise. I am desperate to know what these little black bugs are that seem to turn into worms when penetrating the skin. I have them in my scalp nose eyes arms hands legs. It has even deformed my feet. Please, if anybody has any info I am desperate. I have been on all five of the best parasite medicines they seem to help a little but does not fix the problem as the bites and bugs and worms are still visible and biting and pain. These black bugs that are in the carpet I’ve also attacked my dogs my two teacup Chihuahua‘s.Been to the vet and as usual I dead end with no answers.Please help ASAP.

  4. Stscey e

    Any way it could be flea larvae? This is what i believe my problem to be and i have the same type of thing going on.

  5. karen

    You might want to look at the Nielsen Clinic under .parasites. I like this doctor and he tells us to go to Dr D’Angelo out of Colorado at para Wellness. He test for things like this. many people have parasites and don’t even know it hang in there.

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