Woman Asks for Help After She is Told She has Head Lice

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“I was told I have head lice” says this reader, who sends in multifarious images of organisms, her hair and what appear to be wounds on her skin. Our reader asks us for help, and states that she has “no insurance.”

We are not told who told our reader she had head lice, so whether this was a diagnosis provided by a doctor or a guess given by a friend, we cannot say. Regardless, we would not be able to confirm the validity of this statement, as we ourselves are not medical professionals.

Since this situation is clearly medical in nature, it requires someone who is a qualified medical professional to identify the organisms that are bothering our reader.

She has taken ten treatments to try to solve this issue, two of which have been treatments of kerosene, and the rest of which are “many other treatments”. We are not entirely sure if she means to write kerosene, which is not a medication, but in fact the flammable liquid found in gas lamps. If she is applying kerosene, then we urge our reader to check with her doctor to make sure that this is the correct treatment she should be taking.

“Whatever I have, my dog has to” states our reader. “I have about 1000 photos. I have photos of my skin, head, poop, spit” and “snot out of my nose” she reports.

While we cannot identify the organisms that our reader is concerned about, we will say that lice are only external parasites, so if our reader is finding organisms in her faeces, mucus and snot, then she really needs to consult a medical professional.

We understand that this may seem like an impossibility, financially speaking, considering that our reader does not have insurance, and while we cannot tell our reader to get insured, we will say that whatever the cost of healthcare, it does not amount to the cost of one’s health, or potentially one’s life.

It is not our intention to scare our reader, but we only want to stress how important it is that one consults a medical professional as soon as possible if they suspect they are infested by some type of organism. Parasitic infections can become really serious and have grave consequences on one’s health and life.

Now, since primary care doctors and ER doctors do not receive training in the field of parasitology, we instead recommend that our reader contact a medical parasitologist. What we can suggest is that our reader do one or more of the following:

1) Search for a medical parasitologist in her area using this directory of medical parasitology consultants: https://www.astmh.org/for-astmh-members/clinical-consultants-directory.
2) Search for a local parasitologist by doing a Google search for “medical parasitologist (name of the closest big city)” or “tropical medicine specialist (name of the closest big city)”.
3) Get in touch with Dr. Omar Amin at the Parasitology Center at https://www.parasitetesting.com.
4) Contact Dr. Vipul Savaliya of Infectious Disease Care (“IDCare”) at idcarepa.com.

In conclusion, we cannot confirm or deny the identification of these organisms as head lice. We also cannot provide alternative identifications, and for this we are sorry. Nonetheless, we hope that the information that is provided in this article comes to use and that our reader is able to get medical advice and potentially treatment soon. We wish her the best, and welcome any health updates she can give us once she has consulted a physician.


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Woman Asks for Help After She is Told She has Head Lice
Article Name
Woman Asks for Help After She is Told She has Head Lice
"I was told I have head lice" says this reader, who sends in multifarious images of organisms, her hair and what appear to be wounds on her skin. Our reader asks us for help, and states that she has "no insurance."

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Author: Worm Researcher Anton

6 thoughts on “Woman Asks for Help After She is Told She has Head Lice

  1. So is there anything, I can use because I have had this since 2015.in it’s not fun at all…I almost wanted to put acid on my scalp..all the crawling. N feel like something is biting me..omg..I’m going crazy..
    Please help me..

  2. TG I am not alone! I had the same issue in my scalp started out about little over five years ago extremely itchy and I felt crawling sensations. After washing my hair with lice shampoo numerous times and combing relentlessly with a fine tooth lice comb which I never found not one lice bug basically only things similar to this woman’s photo. I collected samples and jumped on a plane to see one of the best dermatologist in NYC. After looking under a microscope his response was ” These are not living organisms” …. Hmmmm Ok! I was prescribed a cream called Dioperene (not sure if thats spelled exactly right), also ketoconozole 2% shampoo which is an anti fungal shampoo. I was instructed to apply the cream to my scalp and leave on overnight and then followup by shampooing daily with the ketoconozole shampoo I must say the ketoconozole seems to help but I still have the same issues. I must add a bump that has been on my head since I was approx. 8 years old which was from a tick suddenly had this red ring that resembled a ringworm!! I went to my dermatologist where I currently reside in SW Florida in which a biopsy was performed, three days later I received a phone call that it was positive for Basal cell cancer . I had a Mohs procedure in which they cut out about the size of a half a dollar to remove it approx. two weeks later. My stitches opened up twice and I thought that wound was never gonna heal. After seeing all the people like myself suffering I feel as if we are being failed by our own government and CDC.

  3. Nicole, we can never legally say any sort of diagnosis because we aren’t medical professionals, we aren’t even scientists. We are just regular people who have a love of garden worms and caterpillars, and somehow this site became a magnet for people with parasite issues, and we’re happy to give them a space to talk, and to point to some resources, but that’s really all that we can do. If we gave even a hint of a diagnosis the AMA and lawyers would come after us because we are not qualified to diagnose people or their issues.

  4. What do u all have to do to legally say ” moregellons.. god bless. Google it” and maybe get back to ur field of study? This is all medical. Specifically, lyme disease dr…. Ohh help wanted. Lyme dr needed for worm website. Answer basic questions and ease minds of patients while directing them to a local physician.

  5. I am dealing with the exact same thing and want to know if this lady ever found out what it is she is dealing with?

  6. If you have them the best way I found them was taking pictures of my head with my phone camera. They are opaque at first but you’ll notice the shape. Any suspicion at all and start using Kwellada shampoo. It’s over the counter and about 75 dollars a bottle which should treat twice. Be extremely vigilant with bedding and towels. Clean, clean, clean. Can’t be overstated! Good luck!

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