Fat White Larva with Brown Head

grub larva

A few days ago, a reader sent us a picture of a fat white larva with a brown head. The larvae is quite plump, and its head looks like a small brown ball that is pressed into the end of the larva’s fat body. The reader sent in a couple of nice pictures of the larva in question, and asked us to identify what it might be. What is the fat white larva our reader is finding?

We’ll begin as always by looking at the picture our reader sent in:

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grub larva

An additional picture was submitted, but it essentially shows the same thing, so we didn’t post it.

Although this is a clear image that shows the larva in question quite well, the reader sent along no additional information to help with identification. The detail we would most like to know is where the larva was found. In the picture, the larva is clearly on some sort of wooden floor that is presumably inside, but we aren’t sure if this is where the larva was originally found. This is especially relevant in this case because the reader appears to have found a grub, and where the creature was found would help us identify what kind of grub it is. Regardless, though, we think she found a grub and will proceed accordingly.

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The word “grub” is quite vague and is used to denote a wide range of different larvae. It is most commonly used to refer to the larval form of beetles, especially the larval form of scarab beetles (of the superfamily Scarabaeoidea) because several of these species are so-called “lawn grubs,” but some people essentially use “grub” as a synonym for “larva.” Although we can’t name the precise species of grub our reader found, it looks like a root weevil larva. Root weevils, and by extension their larval form, are occasionally found in homes, and this appears to be where the reader found the creature in the above picture (or else she carried them inside to be photographed on her floor, which seems unlikely). Root weevils don’t cause any harm to people or furnishings, and they will leave on their own in almost all cases. They seem to come inside only to escape dry, hot weather, although other factors (like a source of moisture) could draw them to a house as well.

We aren’t certain our reader found a root larva weevil, but it looks a lot like one, and it also wouldn’t be unusual to find one in the house. The reader expressed no alarm about what she found, and this is just as well because she almost certainly doesn’t have anything to worry about. She can sweep out the beetles or larvae when she comes across them, but they will most likely soon leave on their own.

Fat White Larva with Brown Head
Article Name
Fat White Larva with Brown Head
The larvae is quite plump, and its head looks like a small brown ball that is pressed into the end of the larva's fat body.

14 thoughts on “Fat White Larva with Brown Head

  1. Finding the exact same things in the middle of my wood floor over the past few days. I have no idea where they’re coming from?!

  2. I found several of these creepy things under my dogs pool .. they were burrowed in the mud.. they scared me and didn’t want my dog to get them so .. are they harmful to animals?? ..

  3. I keep finding these little guys on my living room floor, it’s been 3 days now and they keep coming back. I’ve been looking for the source and no luck yet.

  4. i think I’ve found a little one of these, well 2 actually;
    I was collecting acorns and I noticed a little worm crawling on my floor then an infestation of tiny little worms in my carpet and I was horrified, after googling it I found it was a “coconut worm”, after even more research I found out it wasn’t, I didn’t know the source and im glad to know they’re harmless but just found number two near the acorns and it frazzled me. if I throw away the acorns will the worms go away??

  5. This is something called an acorn weevil. This is at a larvae stage, but they burry themselves in acorns!

  6. Found one of this after it had rained and it was on the pavement next to the grass crawling towards the door.

    Please help to identify it and should i be worried?

    Thank you

  7. HELP!! I saw big fat grub in my bedroom with brown head. The body was white I saw it to late it had disappeared. It ate a purse I had stored under a bench in Bedroom. The purse looked like something was eating on it. Read Grub site realized what it was. How do I get rid of it An are there more?? I haven’t seen any others so far.

  8. I found the same looking grub instead it was on my bed rather than my floor. My dad and I have no idea how it could’ve gotten there and we for awhile thought it was a maggot. I had no food in my room, no flies and the ceiling has no cracks it could’ve fallen. My dog sleeps with me at night. I was wondering if maybe she brought it in? I would appreciate it dearly if you could help.

  9. Found two similar worms on my computer key board in my computer room. How did they get there? No plants near by; closest at about 10 feet.

  10. Hello. I am really concerned about what I found today. My son is two years old. And of course you think nose picking is normal. He pulled a grub like parasite out of his nose. I would like to send a picture but need to know how. Thanks for the help. Yes we have notified the doctor, I am waiting on the call back.

  11. Hi, I’m just a guest here, but I used to have a picture of one of these saved, never knew what it was called, I just called it a gloworm because it was so cute and fat (turns out, a gloworm’s a very different thing, lol). It is in fact a May Beetle grub, also called the Goliath Beetle (the fat white worm with the brownish-red head sector would be the grubs of the Goliath Beetle, “Goliathus goliatus”). Hope I could be of help. -Sev

  12. Hi,

    I also found something similar to the post but I’m not one-hundred percent sure. Can you please take a look at it?

  13. Hi, I found white worms in my room (on the wooden floor ) and I took a pic. Would you please tell me how to send it over to you. I really want to know what is it.
    Thank you!

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