Blue Worm Found on the Beach

We just heard from a reader who found an interesting worm on the beach in Baja Mexico, Magdalena Bay.  She sent us a photo in the hopes that we can identify this creature.

blue worm

The worm is long, turquoise-blue, and very thin. Despite the photograph, we are unable to figure out what species this creature is. We couldn’t find any other similar looking worms that would be found in Mexico, or anywhere else in the world. We invite our readers to write in the comment section if they have any ideas about what this worm could be.

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In summary, a reader sent us a photo of a curious blue organism she found while in Mexico. We aren’t sure what this creature could be, and we invite anyone with an idea to share it in the comment section!

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Blue Worm Found on the Beach
Article Name
Blue Worm Found on the Beach
We just heard from a reader who found an interesting worm on the beach in Baja Mexico, Magdalena Bay. She sent us a photo in the hopes that we can identify this creature.


  1. Alexandra Evans-huntington

    Found one during high tide in Newport Beach California yesterday.

  2. Tom

    I believe it was previously identified as a GREEN PADDLE WORM. I found the same thing on the beaches of La Paz on the Sea of Cortez

  3. Jo

    I have some cool videos of them. We caught two in Puerto Peñasco in November 2019.

  4. Lucy

    Found a few of these at low tide in Nusa Dua Bali , super quick and long

  5. Brittany

    Found similar worm in gulf shores Alabama swimming in beach water July 5, 2019.

  6. Susan

    In May 2019 at Puerto Penasco on the Sea of Cortez these were everywhere in the sand at low tide. They came up and slithered into a puddle. They were almost translucent. They appeared to have a stripe down their middles. Seemed like great fish food.

  7. Dora A. Hueck

    In Nicaragua there are a lot in playa Tupilapa


    Sea of Cortez, La Paz, MX. Same kind of worms the last several years. No one seems to know exactly what they are. If one is dropped in front of another, the one in the sand will react with a very quick striking type reaction with the front of it’s body turning white for just an instant. So fast it’s easy to miss. The worm in the way certainly doesn’t like it but isn’t killed either. Very bizarre. After a few hours they just disappear back into the wet sand.

  9. Found the same this morning in Manta, Ecuador. Found in the wet sand above the tide line.

  10. Bernal Cordero

    There are lots of them on Tambor Beach on Costa Rica

  11. jake

    I saw one like this the other day on the Pacific side pf Panama. It was about 4 inches long, maybe 2.0 mm round and a beautiful shade of dark turquoise blue. It was in the sand where the tide had just rolled out.

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