Worms found in dog food

One of our readers sent us a video of some worms that he found in his dog’s food. He lives in Malaysia and asked us if the worms he found were larvae and if he should contact the manufacturer. He also wanted to know how to get rid of them.

We were able to get a screenshot of the worms in the video and it is possible that they are Indian meal moth larvae.

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Indian meal moth larvae have also been called pantry moths. They are also known as waxworms and they often feed on items found in the kitchen or pantry that contain grains or oats. These larvae have been found in dog food on occasion.

These larvae are off-white in color with brown heads. Once they are full grown moths, they are brown and white in color.

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Our reader asked how to get rid of these larvae and it is very important to make sure all of the food in the pantry is in tightly sealed packages. Once a package is opened, it should be stored in containers where the larvae cannot get into. If these larvae are found in food products, the food should be thrown out immediately.

The problem with our reader’s dog food seems to be from the manufacturer. The larvae more than likely got into the food inside of the warehouse. They should contact the manufacturer and get this all sorted out. It is quite possible that the bag was infested in the warehouse and the manufacturer should be aware of what is happening inside of their headquarters.

In summary, one of our Malaysian readers sent us a video of worms that were found in their dog’s food. They are more than likely Indian meal larvae.

Worms found  in dogfood
Article Name
Worms found in dogfood
One of our readers sent us a video of some worms that he found in his dog’s food.

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