Mysterious Beetle and Worm

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The first photos are of the beetle. It is very small, dark brown, and has four long legs. The other photos are of a worm-like organism. It is also small, has a dark backside and a lighter underside. It has little hairs lining its sides.

Our reader said he is 99.9% positive that these aren’t carpet beetles. However, both the beetle in the photo and the larvae in the photo look exactly like carpet beetle and carpet beetle larva, respectively. Unfortunately, we don’t have any other suggestions of what these could be.

If any of our other readers have ideas other than carpet beetles and carpet beetle larvae, we encourage them to comment and share!

To summarize, a reader sent in some photos of a beetle and larva he found in his home. He doesn’t think these are carpet beetle and carpet beetle larvae but we believe this is a match!

Mysterious Beetle and Worm
Article Name
Mysterious Beetle and Worm
We recently heard from a reader who keeps finding little worms and beetles and is curious of what they are. He sent in photos of both.

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Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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