Worm-like Bugs with Lots of Legs Probably Centipedes

centipede in coffee maker

One reader of ours recently emailed us about some worm-like creatures that she found in her home. She is very creeped out by these creatures. She was moving furniture in her living room and she said she found a cluster of small worm-like bugs clustered together in an area near the floor boards. Most of them were black and some were a lot bigger than others. She also said that there were some smaller ones that were white and translucent in color. At first, she thought they were millipedes, but she said they moved very quickly and were difficult to kill. She did say that once she cleaned the area where they were, she has not seen one there since. She did not include a picture, but from the sound of it, these worm-like creatures could be centipedes.

Centipedes are often confused with millipedes because of all of their legs. They do move fairly fast so that is why we think they could possibly be centipedes and not millipedes. Millipedes are not known for their speed.

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centipede in coffee maker

Centipedes have anywhere from 15 to 177 pairs of legs, depending on the specific species of centipede, and they are usually brown
and red, but can also be other colors like black and white.They range in size based on their species and there are quite a few different species of centipede in North America.

The adult centipedes hide in moist, dark, and very well hidden places when they are in the home. They will get into areas that are usually infested by other insects so that they have a food source. These places are usually basements, attics, and closets. Centipedes eat spiders, worms, and even other centipedes. Their bite is venomous to other creatures, but not to humans. A bite from a centipede can be incredibly painful however.

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Our reader has more than likely found centipedes in her home. By cleaning the area, it seems to have helped to get rid of them, but she can also make sure her floors and walls are sealed tightly to help keep them from getting back into her home.

Worm-like Bugs with Lots of Legs Probably Centipedes
Article Name
Worm-like Bugs with Lots of Legs Probably Centipedes
One reader of ours recently emailed us about some worm-like creatures that she found in her home.

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2 thoughts on “Worm-like Bugs with Lots of Legs Probably Centipedes

  1. Hi my name is John and I have found one just like the one the woman found. It was in the sink bowl in my bathroom. Around 5 years ago i found one undenith one of my pillows on my bed I thought maybe my dog had brought it in cause she was laying down under some shrubs that day but my baby girl isn’t here anymore so I know it wasn’t her that brought it in. I hate bugs that’s why i like winter time I am in northern Pennsylvania.

  2. Hi, im Adrian from sri lanka, ive also witnessed the same like insect at my home in colombo. And I accidentally trampled on it and it gave out this luminous like colour for a while. Does any one have an idea about this?

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