tiny worm in shower drain

Little Brown Worms in Tub


We will do our best to help this woman, but without a photo or more details we won’t be able to make any firm identification. That being said, we are pretty sure that she is dealing with the moth fly larvae commonly referred to as drain fly larvae. People find drain fly larvae in showers, bathtubs, and sinks fairly often, so our reader shouldn’t be too alarmed. They also don’t harm humans, so her health and safety aren’t at risk. While these larvae are often gray, they might be darker in color depending on what they are eating.

Drain fly larvae feed on the grime that resides in the drain and pipes. In order to get rid of the invasion, our reader should follow the next steps. First, she should clean the drain from the outside, and then run hot water down it to loosen up the grime lining the pipes. Then she should use a pipe brush or a plumbing snake to clean the pipe with a pipe cleaning gel. She should make sure the pipe cleaning gel is specific to killing organic matter, because that is what the larvae feed on. Once the pipes are clean, the larvae will not have a food source and they won’t find her shower a nice place to live.

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Although we didn’t have a photo or detailed description, we are fairly confident that our reader has found drain flies!

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Little Brown Worms in Tub
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Little Brown Worms in Tub
We recently heard from a reader who found some very little brown worms in the bottom of her tub. She added that her shower wall is detaching from the wall. We aren’t sure how this relates to the creature she found, but perhaps the broken shower is the source of the worms. She said that she isn’t fond of bugs, so she washed them down the drain and didn’t really look at them up close.

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