Earthworms in the Bathroom

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A reader of ours sent us quite a few pictures of the worms that she has been finding in her bathroom. She said that she has been doing her own research to see if she could find out what they are. She has been unsuccessful, so she turned to us. She wants to know exactly what these worms are. She said that they are red and thin like earthworms. She did say that they look much thinner than regular earthworms. They are about 3 inches long and they seem to only be able to move on very moist surfaces. After looking at all of the pictures that she sent, we believe that these are possibly earthworms.

Here are the pictures that she sent to us:

Earthworms4 Earthworms1 Earthworms2 Earthworms3

The pictures that our reader sent to us show these worms have a clitellum which is strongly associated with earthworms. It is the band that is in the middle of the worm. This part of their bodies is very noticeable and works as part of their reproductive system. It is one of the features that makes earthworms stand out.

Our reader said that these worms were thinner than regular earthworms, but there are thin types of earthworms depending on what species they are. Earthworms are very rarely found in homes, so when they are, there is usually something that is drawing them into the home. We do not know what our reader’s home is like so it is hard to tell how they are getting in. She did mention the moist surfaces and if she has quite a few of these, this could be a very hospitable environment for them. This could be what is drawing them in.

Earthworms usually get into homes through cracks in the walls and floors. These cracks will help the earthworms to get in from the outside soil. In that case, our reader should look for and seal up any cracks in her walls, floors, or floorboards that she may find. If the reader continues to find them, this could be the reason that they have not gone away.


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Earthworms in the Bathroom
Article Name
Earthworms in the Bathroom
A reader of ours sent us quite a few pictures of the worms that she has been finding in her bathroom.

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