Worm in Unused Toilet Likely an Earthworm

We recently received a long message from one of our readers which we will summarize into a paragraph: A reader was cleaning the bathroom in her basement when she came across a worm, or worm-like organism, in the toilet. She explained that since this bathroom is in the basement, it doesn’t get used very often, maybe 2-3 times a week. She was shocked to find this creature because she keeps her house fairly clean. She is worried that the worm might have come from her husband or herself. She is very confused on how this specimen ended up in her toilet. Here is the picture she sent us:

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Since this toilet isn’t used very often, and she didn’t use the toilet and then notice the worm right away, we don’t think the specimen came from our reader or her husband (or any other human for that matter.) However, we are not medical professionals, and if our reader is concerned about her own or her husband’s health, we urge her to see a doctor as soon as possible.

That aside, we think that our reader has found an earthworm. Earthworms end up in toilets more often than you might think. Since earthworms need moisture to survive and can live submerged in water, the earthworm might have sought out the refuge of the water-filled toilet after accidentally getting into the house. The worm might have crawled in through an open door or window, or gotten dragged in while attached to a shoe or pet. Since our reader only found one of these worms, she shouldn’t be too concerned. If she does continue to find earthworms in her toilet, they might be getting in through a crack in the pipes. If that is the case, she should contact a plumber.

In summary, one of our readers discovered a worm in her toilet. We believe it is an earthworm and she shouldn’t worry about finding it.

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Worm in Unused Toilet Likely an Earthworm
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Worm in Unused Toilet Likely an Earthworm
One of our readers discovered a worm in her toilet. We believe it is an earthworm and she shouldn't worry about finding it.

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